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    IGN: Carealle Description: Well...I like blue :x Creative process: (step by step how you made the loading screen) Loading screen file 😐
  2. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Can you buy it from any NPC?
  3. Easter Egg Decoration

    IGN: Cehrina Process: Result: Tadaaaaaa! Those easter bunny eggs didn't see that coming ? Happy Easter
  4. Harassment by KS Queen

    Knowing that her fb profile picture is Arden Cho, shows that you do know who she is and showing from your replies to this report that you know well enough who your picture is. In cases you don't know, then you might as well take that picture down to prove that you are indeed just ignorant of the image that you are using thus not using it on purpose to make fun of someone.
  5. Harassment by KS Queen

    Calling her ugly doesn't even make you any better. You even steal her picture to make fun of her. That's probably more of a harassment than her TT the one who made this report.
  6. Harassment by KS Queen

    You know, you could at least talk it out with her? Did you try talking to her first? Or if talking to her doesn't work, there is a thing called exall.
  7. Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    Silent Night, Cold Night by Carealle A Christmas theme Yay! Chilling under the cold night skies with cute porings at lutie, while wearing a Santa Costume because why not? It's cute and it's Christmas (might get a high risk of hypothermia though XD) Anyway the fire gives the image a warm cozy feeling despite the freezing outdoors where the girl is (that's me :3 sexy eh? lol, I could only wish XD) Screenies:
  8. Frosty Mush and Mush Mush Not Working in Silk WoE

    ooh, okay i'll try to look for the ID, anyway thank you
  9. Frosty Mush and Mush Mush Not Working in Silk WoE

    Since he already mentioned that a lot of normal/events CE isn't working, I'd like to add more items that also can't be used. Top CE: Golden Poring Hat (2016 snowman poke) Costume Red Bonnet (HTF MVP Drop) Penguin Cap (fishing event) Costume Whisper Tail Hat (2016 halloween event) Costume Cat Santa Hat Costume Nekomimi Cyber Headphone (2016 February event) Mid CE: Costume Elven Ears Blush Low CE: Flying Galapago (fishing event) Big Deviruchi (2016 halloween event) Santa Angeling Balloon (2015 xmas event) LoveLove Balloon (2016 February event) There are probably a lot more, mostly CEs from events.
  10. Fake Seller

    How exactly is this called for a punishment? The seller/buyer has the right to change his mind in regards to selling/buying the item to who ever the person desires. They could demand to change the price or decide to cancel the transaction. This is all part of business. I don't see this "fault" fitting to any of the categories in the rules. It is even stated in the image below that Selling or Buying anything that is based off of trust is the "player's risk". There wasn't actually even a transaction in here. No money or item was taken. If the same character had been reported for another case thus your reason for jailing him, I think the player has the right to know what that other offense he has committed that is required of such punishment because this report clearly didn't break any of the rules. The player's only fault was making the complainant feel hurt for getting ignored. However if this really calls for a punishment then how about the Bogus Buyer Report? In that report, you choose to pass it as a silly report from the complainant.
  11. 2016 Fashion Contest #1

    Character Name: Ladyumi image: Screenshot: Theme: Sky Comment: Call me, I’ll be your angel. Wait for me who will love only you. I will be by your side, I’ll protect you.
  12. [Event] Pacifiqo's PoP Quiz!

    Character Name: Cehrina Date of Pop Quiz: May 4 2016 Answer: 1x Neko Mimi 1x White Drooping Kitty 5x Black Cat 15x White Dyestuffs
  13. January Fashion Contest

    Theme: Funny (How did I end up like this? Am I dead?!) SS: IGN: Cerrafina
  14. Wait, what? SELFIE TIME!

    Sorry for blurry hands : Sign kept on falling so I had to keep moving it then timer went off and click. hmm... -,- Happy Holidays