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    hmm interesting. 😁 Lai treat everyone as equal regardless of Heavy donator and non-donator. Trust me i learned my lesson.
  2. Amon Ra (MVP) KS by Nephenee

  3. This was already implemented in iro. I wonder when can this be implemented
  4. Flamel AD too OP at BioN / Bio5

    Thanks so i guess this should be closed. @Inkfish
  5. Flamel AD too OP at BioN / Bio5

    Agree they have different AI but if quote The ranger mob AS at less than 4 cell still missed because they are ranged in nature. Same applies to wanderer and ministrel. On contrary to that, flamel AD never misses even if the location is greater than 5 cells and if i use NB after fly wing. Unlike mechanic mob, they uses axe boomerang if they are far and powerswing they are near. Same applies to RK and RK. They changed the skill to adopt the situation and should not be the other way around. So i guess their AIs they
  6. Your Char Name Lagnalok What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? Farming in BioN using Mechanic Mado Describe the bug as much as possible. Even I use Neutral Barrier Skill, and inside Pneuma the AD skill of Generic Flamel still passes through. But Arrow Storm and other long ranged skill such as arrow vulcan misses except for the AD of flamel. This bug happened in two instances; First was, after I used the flywing and using Neutral barrier after that, Flamel's Acid Demonstration can hit me while neutral barrier, and the second was when I'm on Barrier state when attacking him, his First AD attack missed, but after he use Mandragora Howling or Wide Sleep then I can be hit by his second AD attack. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) http://irowiki.org/wiki/Neutral_Barrier Have you tested? Yes, i attached the replayer file. AD_Bug.rrf AD_Bug2.rrf AD_Bug.rrf AD_Bug2.rrf

    Topic Name : Taekwon Mission Mobs Character Names: Lagnalok Describe your suggestion What is this? Remove or lessen the chance of champion mobs in the list of Taekwon Mission. Even i reset the mission, 90% I always get Champion mob. Why do we have to add it? There are only 2 champion mobs per map and the spawn time is 30s after kill. To get 1 rank points you need to kill 100 mobs. Who will benefit this? Players who wants to enjoy playing taekwon Will this change the system drastic? I dont think so Room for improvement? Other
  8. Arm Cannon Text

  9. Faceworm Nest

    Hope this will help. An Axe Mechanic soloing Faceworm
  10. Arm Cannon Text

    See attached photos
  11. Faceworm Nest

    damn mid gear gene can solo Faceworm. Is that Official kRO Video? +1 on this. (I noticed the the poison smoke stage doesnt cover all the land while in our server it covers all)
  12. Grettings my fellow limtiro, The tyranid queen returns.

    Wow scary.. but anyways welcome in LimitRO.
  13. Arm cannon (no animation delay when instant cast)

    @Inkfish you are not talking to a wall. We do undesrtand that you are requesting packets which for me or us are quite impossible to get. Since i dont have a frien in iro that plays mecha. I ask @Akin and @FXFreitas if they have a friend playing mecha but unfortunately they dont have one. As a players, we already done our part to search the bug for the skill behaviour thru the shared links, and now i think, you as a GM and as a developer, it is your part to source the code packet. @Lai @Yuuki @Pacifiqo @FreyaI think we need extra help on this bug.
  14. Include Friday WoE Schedule

    Topic Name: Add Normal WoE Schedule during Fridays Character Names: Lagnalok Describe your suggestion What is this? WoE Schedule Why do we have to add it? so some of WoE players working in Middle East can join Who will benefit this? Middle East Players Will this change the system drastic? I dont know Room for improvement? Other
  15. Instance Re-enter Ticket