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  1. rvmanzanojr

    Hell Plant is BUG

    2 Bugs 1. Damage Bug - My Stats and Skill (120 Int with level 5 Bio Cannibalize (Summon Flora) Baselevel 200 JLevel 70 Damage is only 653 Before the Rework, the damage 10x higher 2. Skill Behavior The Hell Plant disappear immediately after hit by Mobs
  2. rvmanzanojr

    The Tales of The White Wolf Scholah Part 001/???

    I hope one day i can find you and join your journey towards to the new world.
  3. rvmanzanojr

    [Guide] playing LimitRO on Ubuntu 18.04

    Help. Failed to download components. Fie mismatch.
  4. rvmanzanojr

    Madogear cannot proc the auto skills and status ailments

    @Inkfish should this be still pending and not closed since thisnis subject for the test of gm. @Emistry @Lai
  5. rvmanzanojr


    @Lai this is fixed long time ago
  6. rvmanzanojr

    Madogear cannot proc the auto skills and status ailments

    @Inkfish @Lai bump for the New Year
  7. While on Mado gear and using flame launcher and ice launcher and knuckle Boosters, the status ailment cards dont proc. While on Mado gear and using normal attack, dispel and SG dont work, auto cast skills. https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-kro-classes-improvement-project/&do=findComment&comment=6839
  8. rvmanzanojr

    VM weapon Suggest

  9. rvmanzanojr

    Item Release Suggestion

  10. Test Result: Front Slide - Fixed Back Slide - Fixed Flame Launcher - Fixed Analyze - Fixed Camouflage - Fixed Shape Shifter - Fixed Magnetic Field - Fixed Stealth - Fixed Self Destruct - Fixed Cold Shower - Not Fixed (Should consume also Mado Gear Fuel) Hovering - Not Fixed (Not working even with Mado Gear Fuel + Hovering Booster Accesory are in inventory) Acceleration - Not Fixed (Not working even with Mado Gear Fuel + Accelerator Accesory are in inventory)
  11. Source: Divine pride skill Tree: https://www.divine-pride.net/tools/skilltree/4064