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  1. Arm Cannon Text

  2. Faceworm Nest

    Hope this will help. An Axe Mechanic soloing Faceworm
  3. Arm Cannon Text

    See attached photos
  4. Faceworm Nest

    damn mid gear gene can solo Faceworm. Is that Official kRO Video? +1 on this. (I noticed the the poison smoke stage doesnt cover all the land while in our server it covers all)
  5. Arm cannon (no animation delay when instant cast)

    @Inkfish you are not talking to a wall. We do undesrtand that you are requesting packets which for me or us are quite impossible to get. Since i dont have a frien in iro that plays mecha. I ask @Akin and @FXFreitas if they have a friend playing mecha but unfortunately they dont have one. As a players, we already done our part to search the bug for the skill behaviour thru the shared links, and now i think, you as a GM and as a developer, it is your part to source the code packet. @Lai @Yuuki @Pacifiqo @FreyaI think we need extra help on this bug.
  6. Arm cannon (no animation delay when instant cast)

    @Inkfish I attached the No Animation For AD of Genetic and Cold Shower of Mechanic. I hope these can resolve and fixed the issue lro_2017-06-30_00-33-34-511.mp4 lro_2017-06-30_00-36-33-200.mp4
  7. Arm cannon (no animation delay when instant cast)

    Ok I will try to look again for source.
  8. @Inkfish @Lai @Yuuki Here is the more clearer information regarding the updates and Mado Gears. Thanks @Akin for your help. https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/212669-kro-madogear-improvement/
  9. Arm cannon (no animation delay when instant cast)

    @Inkfish @Lai is it possible to adapt or copy the packet send by Kyrie Ellison to do the same with Arm Cannon?
  10. Arm cannon (no animation delay when instant cast)

    @Caphleo @Ssechtre do you have any friends in kRO that have access on this. Need help bros. I already message the youtube uploader on the video links, but still no reply from them.
  11. Hmm. Atm i dont have info but i suggest to adapt the distribution like Cart Boost of Gene.
  12. Thanks, ive been looking for two hours with that item in divine pride. hehehe I guess im not good in searching items.
  13. yup. also in the patch, Teleport skill can be use
  14. 1. When you ride a gear, the basic movement speed increases. → Existing gears can not be increased by the speed of movement, depending on the level of the [ There is a difference in the movement speed, but at the 5th level, the basic movement speed is increased. (This is the same as the default speed when boarding a conventional Pecophone or Gryphon.) 3. When you ride a gear, add the effect of increasing the amount of possession. → Because the weight of the items required for existing gear gear skill was considerable, In order to improve this, we are improving so that the possession amount is increased by 1,500 when boarding gear. DEV Link https://translate.google.com.ph/translate?hl=en&sl=ko&u=http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp%3Fcategory%3D1%26seq%3D3652742%26curpage%3D1&prev=search PATCH LINK( @Yuuki FYI, related to my post in Suggestion Forum) https://translate.google.com.ph/translate?hl=en&sl=ko&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fro.gnjoy.com%2Fnews%2Fnotice%2FView.asp%3FBBSMode%3D10001%26seq%3D6774%26curpag http://ziu-ro.blogspot.qa/