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  1. William Cobb

    Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    The Rachel Pope by Whitegaruda I've been waiting for a while for limit to get that Arunafeltz Instance... So I decided to draw a 'older' version of Rachel's chibi pope for this event. Anyway, amateur entry from me. Haven't been practicing my anatomy for a very very long time... and its been a year since I touched my markers ...time flies without me noticing. Final product which I wasn't satisfied with but due to last minute time constrains... ...though, I was surprised to know that LimitRO is home to quite a number of artists, wow! Happy 2017 Limit!
  2. William Cobb


    Official Source: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Banding Currently adds attack even if there is no other RG in banding status around you. (Bug) Currently does not inflict Overawe status at all (Bug) As the link states: Overawe status can be inflicted even if the Royal Guard is by him or herself with banding activated. Though the caster is included towards the total added ATK and DEF, the caster will not gain any ATK or DEF until they are near other Royal Guards in Banding. Hope you can fix it soon GMs. TQVM.
  3. William Cobb

    Buff Gemstone(Pluto)

  4. William Cobb

    Refine of weapon level 4 past +15

    From that link you posted, the euRO GM indicated that: When refine of Level4 Weapon is +1 to +15, each refine (+1 to current refine) grants 7 Atk. When refine of Level4 Weapon is +16 to +20, each refine (+1 to current refine) grants 10 Atk. That explains the extra attack when jumping from +15 to +16.
  5. William Cobb

    LF WoE-Guild

    Drop by El Dicastes if you're interested in joining the "Eternal Playmates" Guild.
  6. William Cobb

    WoE 2016 - Treasure

    ^^ My suggestion
  7. William Cobb

    Reduction of Bio HQ Enchants

    Updating the game is inevitable... accept reality guys. Better adapt now than never
  8. William Cobb

    Hello 2016!

    Happy New Year!! IGN: Whitegaruda Comment: May this be a happy year for all. FB Link
  9. William Cobb

    Increase Bloody Coin Reward for HTF

    My suggestion is not about making HTF easier to do. I am suggesting the instance rewards to be increased like what happened earlier with the Bios/Mors Instance. (Pls increase Bloody Coin Reward by 10~20) Imo the difficulty doesn't scale with the current rewards...
  10. William Cobb

    Increase Bloody Coin Reward for HTF

    since proposals from this thread got rather good responses... I would like to propose increasing rewards from HTF (Bloody coins) to about 50-60 coins, considering the high difficulty of this particular instance....
  11. William Cobb

    update OCA

    It's the 'Contains' tab.
  12. William Cobb

    Team Zenith

    Sadly, no.
  13. William Cobb

    Halloween 2015 ~~ ( .)(. ) ~~

    Pic was taken in a wok, and the black thing in the middle are sardines. How it looks in a bowl:
  14. William Cobb

    Halloween 2015 ~~ ( .)(. ) ~~

    Cooking Contest: Bloody Hotpot of Hell Char Name: WhitegarudaDescription: A savoury stew of sautéed tomatoes, mushroom, onions and sardines with poached eggs and a dressing of spring onion. Best paired with rice or bread. Eat it while it's hot! Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, sardines, eggs, spring onion, flour, salt, pepper, katsuobushi and soy sauce.