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  1. Zodiac's Return #4

    Zodiac's Return #4 About Rabbit Zodiac: Rabbit is the fourth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Rabbit include 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023... For Chinese people, the rabbit is a tame creature representing hope for a long time. It is tender and lovely. The moon goddess Chang'e in Chinese legend had a rabbit as her pet, which stimulated the thought that only this creature was amiable enough to match her noble beauty. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are not aggressive but approachable. They have a decent, noble and elegant manner. Quest NPC Prophet K Location Asgard Guide This time, with easier drop rates =) The Prophet will give you an amulet. You need to hunt the monster described by the Prophet, with this amulet in the inventory. Collect the required amount of Souls, from the monster and talk to the Prophet for continues task. Usually, this task is to find the "Hero" in "city". You will have to find the "Hero" and fulfill the "Hero's request" and then go back to Prophet. Finally, you will obtain the token of appreciation for the last amount of crafting Fee! At LAST step, plz show the costume you made before, and you will see additional options to choice what you want.
  2. Easter Egg Hunt 2017

    Easter Egg Hunting Intro Easter is all about eggs, eggs, eggs and eggs xD It's time for us to HUNT 'em all! Hunting Methods Fishing for Star Easter Eggs. You are able to obtain Star Easter Eggs, from fishing. Sky dropping Happy Easter Eggs. On certain hour, the Asgard sky will drop down Happy Easter Eggs for everyone to pickup. Lovely Easter Egg baskets. On different towns, there are many easter egg baskets for you to collect! Funky Rabbits in the wilderness drops Stripe Easter Eggs. You can find Funky Rabbits, that drops those eggs. Easter Egg Collector Location: Asgard Collects Easter eggs that you hunt. Gives Alien Egg Shell and Joyful Easter Hat.
  3. Changelogs - 03.20.2017 Feature Gladiator Tournament *Beta* Beta release Ranking based PvP based tournament - daily server time 13:00 and 01:00 Buff removal when enter All vs All, players can party. No level, class or equipment etc restrictions. End game PvP Official Job Change Quests are all activated ~~ You may do them for fun Asgard NPC Added Kunai Maker, Potion Book Sale, Bomb Book Sale NPCs to Walk Street of Asgard. Event Shop VIP Coins will no longer be available in Genie Shop. Vending Harbor Revamps the Shop NPCs abit in Vending Harbor, more categorized and easier to browse. Removed several custom added items from Vending Harbor to increase economy between players. Commands Main Chats will now display Cool Down notice, Lack of Zeny notice if you use it while having Cool down or lack of zeny. Bug Fix Fixed Cookie Bar - not giving +111 ATK / MATK bonus. (It was giving max +33). Cash Service NPC Mato Mato - enchanting revamped, applies only to Cash Top, Mid, Low and Masks. You no longer need to buy "Gemstones or Shards" to enchant. You can now Enchant directly with 1 time fee of 10m zeny (compared to before 33m zeny in total). You can now Enchant directly even if you have enchants - (aka no need to unenchant). Cash Headgear Top refine bonus has been changed to - each 3 refines gives you All stats +1, HP&SP+1%, Damage +1% and Dmg reduce 1%. Added plenty of new Cash headgears ~~ Donation recycle will be decreased to 70% from 80%. Battleground Update BG Rush A and B has a map update - much more fun and easier to understand the game. Now, more like a Battleground, instead of "War of Emperium practice". Bug Fixes
  4. Doram Token Exchange Guide

    Right now it's all 2 tokens. Please do file a report under NPC bugs with your source
  5. Calling all artists! Our login screen contest is extended until the 20th! Join now and win VIPs: 


  6. Changelogs Commands Added @itemlist for public use. This command allows you to see your inventory items and item ids. (Ids are very useful) NPC Granpa is back to Limit Group HQ <3 Daily Slot NPC - now has chance to give you Lucky Coin(Bronze) - used for Lucky Roulette feature. Minor improvement for Helper Events Announcements with improved instructions. Bounty Board NPC sprites updated with new ones - thanks @Hilmir Tuhsnbi refine NPC has retired and Tengan refine NPC has arrived, in Asgard and Payon. Improved NPC dialog and.... Adjusted some zeny cost for the service. (armor same price) Level 1 = 80k zeny Level 2= 100k zeny Level 3= 120k zeny Level 4= 150k zeny Increased Token of Siegfried cost from Farrah NPC. Shadow Refiner is now called Shader Miria - Improved dialog and added option for Cash Oridecon / Elunium use for this refining. You can find her in HQ, BG Lobby and Asgard. Refine Master(Ticket) rename to Ticket Refiner - Improved dialog. Silk Mode Updates jRO Item Update None Cash version of HD Kalunium and HD Bradium will -2 refine when fail (instead of 1, if success it will still give +2) Cash Enriched Bradium and Carnium, now drops refine by -2 instead of -3, if fail. (Better than original Bradium/Carnium which drops 3.) Removed the refine max +10 Cap of following jRO Items: Crimson Weapon Removed current element options from all Crimson Bows and Revolvers as per official. All future crimson bows/revolvers won't have element options. Item Patch Added a item patch including item name changes: Guarantee Weapon+ and Guarantee Armor is now called Refine Ticket(Weapon)+ and Refine Ticket(Armor)+ Item description up to date. Commands Changed color for "Help" chats and increased cost of using it. Reduced Cool Down for Recruit and Trade chats. Website Released Vendor List on website. Able to see current items available in Vending Harbor. (Need to login to see) Released Ban List again. List of people getting punished ingame for bad behavior. Bug Fixes Fixed Cookie Bar extra bonus effect were not stacking with other normal item bonus. (Now it stacks)
  7. Zodiac's Return #3

    Zodiac's Return #3 Starting: 23 Feb - Ending: 3rd April About Tiger Zodiac: People born in the year of the Tiger are brave, competitive, unpredictable, and self-confident. They are very charming and well-liked by others. But sometimes they are likely to be impetuous, irritable, and overindulged. With stubborn personalities and tough judgment, tigers work actively and boldly express themselves, and do things with a high-handed manner. They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said. With great confidence and indomitable fortitude, they can be competent leaders. They will not make preparations for anything, but they can handle anything that comes along. Quest NPC NPC: Prophet K Location: Asgard (Twin Ballerina) Guide This time, with easier drop rates =) The Prophet will give you an amulet. You need to hunt the monster described by the Prophet, with this amulet in the inventory. Collect the required amount of Souls, from the monster and talk to the Prophet for continues task. Usually, this task is to find the "Hero" in "city". You will have to find the "Hero" and fulfill the "Hero's request" and then go back to Prophet. Finally, you will obtain the token of appreciation for the last amount of crafting Fee! At LAST step, pls show the costume you made before, and you will see additional options to choice what you want.
  8. Login Screen Contest

    Login Screen ContestEvent End: 2017.03.20
  9. Login Screen Contest

    @Entity 808 we insist on submitting using original artwork. Thanks!
  10. Changelogs - We hit 800+

    Changelogs Event Login Screen Contest - Forum Event started. Battleground BG C is no longer Silk mode and it's back to Trans Jobs only. Dominion is now part of the BG daily quest count. Cash Shop Added 'Guild Base Ticket' to cash shop. Feature Added Roulette feature, the icon under the Cash Shop. The Roulette coin not yet released to public <3 You will be able to obtain coins mostly from Forum Events, Global Events and special Donation Bonus Events. Guild Base Rental You can now use Guild Base Ticket (Cash) to rent. LimitRO Server Network improvement Added 6 proxy servers - free VPN for all, no packet loss, choose the proxy that suits you best. I will publish detailed pings on our website in near future. Server main location moved to US west coast (L.A.) instead of "Canada". This location is globally most "middle" place. Patch New gepard.dll and clientinfo.grf patch For new server network - proxy. Added over 90+ new hats waiting for release Added a patch for Lucky Coins. Bug fixes: Corrected Morroc Necromancer to be immobile and ranged. Also adjusted skills of Morse Cave mobs. Fixed minor Teleport Device NPC title issue for Guild Hall etc. (Now all Teleport Devices displays correct area name) Fixed Cookie Bar Strenght, Intelligence, Agility, Dexterity and Luck ( was giving % bonus instead of fixed extra bonus) Skill Bug Fixes
  11. New Year Doll Egg can't be hatched

    For everyone's reference, the Pet Egg Fixer is at 183, 163 of Prontera
  12. Highness Heal capped (or a visual bug)

    Changed Status to Closed It's a visual bug. I have encountered this with a player before. I tested (my HP's way beyond 32k) and when I highness heal'd it restored higher than that amount.
  13. About Because we aim to provide accurate game data that corresponds to actual in-game behavior and effects in our server, we've re-launched our online resources to help old and new players access information. 1. Limit RO Wiki More extensive than our existing Forum Guides, our very own wiki presents information regarding various topics in an organized manner. Check the wiki from time to time as we update it with newer content! We're also looking for wiki contributors. PM any of the GMs/Helpers if you want to apply. 2. Limit RO Mob Database It can get difficult to read mob info via @mi command, so here's the online mob database that you can access anytime. 3. Limit RO Item Database If you want to autoloot items but find it hard to check numerous item IDs, use our item database for searching.
  14. Looking for the Old Eden Group? Entrance is near Coin Exchange NPC in Asgard. And here's our new Limit HQ Guide!


  15. A new regiment of adventurers takes over to aid whipper-snappers! Requirements 5 jellopies (for exam retake) 1,000,000 zeny Base Level 100 or above Rewards Access to NPCs, quests, equipment and rewards exclusive to Limit Group members Earn Limit Merit Points (LMP) How to Visit Limit Group Headquarters Use @go: @go 38 or @go hq Enter the portal near Cash Service NPCs in Asgard: Talk to Limit Group Officer NPC found in major towns, and he'll warp you to the HQ: How to Become a Limit Group Member Limit Group NPCs: A quick tour Boya (100,17), the Headquarters Guide NPC, stands right at the entrance of the building. Granma (106, 70) gives quests and rewards to players with base level 1-99. Designed by GM @Hilmir, these bounty boards (113,87) are where you can pursue hunting missions and get reward. Central Bar has the following NPCs: Admiral - same as the Admiral NPC in towns Warper - same as Warper NPC in towns Kafra Staff - Provides basic Kafra services Iris - Exchanges items (Cat Invest Tickets, Old Purple Boxes, Limit Merit Badges) for Limit Merit Points Currently, these are items that you can bring to Iris to obtain LMP: 1 Limit Merit Badge = 1 LMP 10 Old Purple Boxes = 1 LMP 5 Cat Invest Tickets = 1 LMP You can also redeem the following items from her shop: Angel Scroll (30 LMP) An egg that contains one of the following: Ancient Egg Scroll (30 LMP) An egg that contains one of the following Mad Bunny Egg Scroll An egg that contains one of the following: Regneration Potion (15 LMP) Small Life Potion (10 LMP) Limit Merit Badge (1 LMP) Lucky Ticket (10 LMP) for Armor Lottery Boarding Halter Rent (20 LMP) Enchant Book (20 LMP) Deluxe Dress Ticket (100 LMP) ~~~~~~~~Back to the central bar~~~~~~~~~ Primo d'Buffer - gives +3 all stats for 30 minutes for 3 LMP. Combination Sets (127,38) teaches novices how to craft newbie items. Administration Michael and HQ Gear Machine (at 115,34) sells more Limit-exclusive equipment. Izaac (106,32) sells his soul gives white slim potion for items. Novice Supplies (102,31) provides basic items. Like other tradingNPCs, you can also sell items to her. Cheap Supplies and Cheap Weaponry (80,33) NPCs sell typical Armor Dealer and Weapon Dealer items. An Errand Boy (76,57) will you give five battle exp manuals (one-time only per character) for 100 jellopies. Eve Natalia (76,57), sitting next to Errand Boy, gives +5 Safety Certificates in exchange of the following items: Quest Maniac (71,85) gives LMP based on player's number of accomplishments. Catering Lady (127,86) gives LMP in exchange for basic food. Shady Trader (49,104) also gives rewards in exchange for guessed it, shady tasks. >.> Fallen Angel and Arch Angel (128,99) enchants FAW and AAW respectively. And here's (68, 103) where you can find Lucky Fairy for the Armor Lottery (where you can AAW, FAW, Upgrade Equipment, Heroic Backpack, etc) and Devil Enchant Master, who enchants Upgrade armor and Equipment using Enchant Books. Talk to Mercenary Manager (92,31) to hire mercenaries and earn loyalty points. Learn more about it here in our wiki. And last but not the least, we have Maids and a Butler to give archbishop buffs to our players! Good luck!