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  1. Easter Egg Decoration

    You have fetuses hanging around your room? THATS DOPE !
  2. Easter Egg Decoration

  3. Easter Egg Decoration

    Process sis :D?
  4. Easter Egg Decoration

    Cute AF! Kindly send me one as a key chain por favor. @Hilmir will pay for me. Sankyu
  5. Easter Egg Decoration

    Ron did you just pust... tape... on your egg....wait no.. on .. er.. You know what i meant Still tho. +10 For Creativity hahahahaha @Lai Till when is this event po?
  6. Easter Egg Decoration

    I drew and painted on a raw egg tho. All gud la but ya use boiled Just to be sure. Hahaha
  7. Easter Egg Decoration

    IGN: InfinityBless ♥️ Process: End Result: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Xmas Event #1 - Selfie Showdown!

    If by "Todo Make-up" you mean Eyeliner + Mascara then sure kulas. This mofo = 3=
  9. Xmas Event #1 - Selfie Showdown!

    IGN: InfinityBless Facebook Link : Ola Habibis! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!
  10. Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    And the Effort award goes to......
  11. Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    @Reina Go join plox D:
  12. Xmas Event #1 - Selfie Showdown!

    Wont there be a price for effort? Cause if the winner gets chosen via lottery, we could just follow the instructions and haphazardly post our entry picture. idk po. Recognition for thepeople who's going to put time and effort plox .
  13. [MONSTER] Orc Hero = Red Plant?

    Thank you
  14. [MONSTER] Orc Hero = Red Plant?

    *Cant Find a monster bug report topic. NPC Name : Monster name : Red plant NPC Location : lasa_fild01 Screenshot of the NPC dialog (of the bug) Describe the bug Its just that the Orc hero in lasagna field looks out of place, I don't know if its supposed to be a red plant or not. Char Name / Job : InfinityBless , Arch Bishop
  15. Help Romeo to get laid!

    Yes, It is tradable.