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  1. Yoru9215

    Hashield cant connect to server

    as the title says it's just basically it, Lai doesn't know why is this happening exactly... this is what it says "Failed to attempt connection to the server (1). Code: S:0."
  2. Yoru9215

    I can not log in

    ok, I added you to FB already and sent you a few screenshots
  3. Yoru9215

    I can not log in

    I already updated my drivers with the Intel(R) Driver Update Utility and I it didnt help me at all as far as I can see... also another thing is that I get this when I open the "Opensetup"
  4. Yoru9215

    I can not log in

    @lai I downloaded the torrent full client yesterday and I didn't block the connection as far as I know @aramiden I updated the drivers yesterday, let me take some screenshots about what I'm using and what I updated, I might have done something wrong Brand: Gateway Product Name: DX4870 Serial Number: DTGDDAA002219039959200 SNID: 21901474192 and this is what I downloaded ChipsetIntelChipset Driver9.3.0.10192.9 MB2012/05/16 which I downloaded from here: http://us.gateway.com/gw/en/US/content/drivers-downloads . for some reason I couldn't upload screenshots... it says they were "too big' to upload for some reason edit: i'm using a desktop by the way
  5. Yoru9215

    I can not log in

    this also happens, I think it has to do with the grahic card
  6. Yoru9215

    I can not log in

    I just installed this on another computer and I had no problem, but when I try to install it on this computer that is way better than the other one, It just doesnt connect to server... this happened with other RO servers already, but it said that the hashield expired, I downloaded the hashield from their homepage but now this is what happens, I hope this is no big deal, thanks in advance for reading