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  1. cchilds


    Wow, that was really helpful. Thank you. So let me see if I understand this correctly. Let's say I want a basic item from the cash point store. I'm not in the game right now, but if I remember correctly, most of the stuff I saw in there was around 250 points. In order to get 250 points, I would have to buy 3 bags of 100 points each for 30 donation credits. 10 sek = 1 credit. That means I would need 300 sek for 30 credits. 1 sek ~ $.12. 300 x .12 = $36 USD You're telling me I need $36 to buy an ingame hat? That seems kinda insane to me. Am I doing my math right?
  2. cchilds


    I have been considering spending some money on Limit-RO, but I'm confused about what I get for my money. I looked around the forums and couldn't find a single location with all the information I wanted, so hopefully someone can help me out. I'm confused by all the different currency and conversions and whatnot. I was thinking I would spend some money, get some coins, and buy some stuff with it. After just a few minutes of looking, I see it is not that straightforward. There are coins and tokens and points and 3 or 4 different places/npcs to spend/convert them. I was interested in getting something like a FAW from the coin store in game, but am having a hard time figuring out what that would cost me in USD. On top of that, one of the npcs says he will only work with players with "donation headgear". So how does donation headgear play into all this. Do wings/auras count as well? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!