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  1. Akeru'O

    VVV Guild de volta a ativa!! ~~R>Brasileiros

    Bem vindo fiote....
  2. Akeru'O

    185/65 or 181/65

    the max lvl is 185 or 181?
  3. Akeru'O

    Prominence Kick

    How do you release skill union? I put all my star emperor skills points except 1 in the star gladiator's skill tree and did not release it.
  4. Akeru'O

    Prominence Kick

    in 15 days??
  5. Akeru'O

    Prominence Kick

    Now solar burst no works!!
  6. Akeru'O

    Suporte em PT-BR

    bem vindo fiote!! LimitRo 4ever...
  7. Akeru'O

    Star emperor Skills

    Reduce the SP consumption of Star Emperor's skills, affs, do not use with these skills, use 3 times and finish SP.
  8. Akeru'O

    Toy Syringe

    For days I'm trying to make this equipment, they said it's included in the game, precisely in limit island but I'm going to the NPC. It shows me that it makes the equipment but it does not give me the option to make it .... Or do you have to do it somewhere else? Can someone help me?
  9. Akeru'O

    Deepsea City Treasures

    Can you enter the items or not?! @Lai
  10. Akeru'O

    Donations and ninja skills

    No answers?! Or administrators are on vacation?
  11. Akeru'O

    Deepsea City Treasures

    could implement the items:
  12. Akeru'O

    Donations and ninja skills

    Hello! Suggestion 1 Why not open the option to pay the donations in Bank slip, or more forms of payments? I need to get vip coins, but they are getting harder every day to buy in the game, and I do not have an international credit card, and I do not even use paypal. My father imposes limits on what I can and can not do on the internet, and using his card is forbidden! Suggestion 2 Kunai splash ... We all know that this skill consumes 8 kunals per use, with each kunai weighing 3, limiting the use of the skill. Tip 1: Why not reduce the weight of kunais to 0.1. Tip 2: Have only 1 kunai instead of 8. Tip 3: Customize an equipment to decrease the use of kunais. Suggestion 3 Release the @gstorage command.
  13. Akeru'O

    16th Anniversary Update & Episode 17.1

    Will these modifications come with Star Emperors? I mean here in LimitRo? I play guillotine and Mecanic, and I was seduced by these improvements, especially the GX.