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  1. JamirFasad


    Thank you GM Lai! it's now fixed
  2. JamirFasad


    Let me try putting back in the ACD Module please, I wanted to use it -Thank you
  3. JamirFasad

    ACD Module went missing

    Does this mean my armor has came to failed and can never be fixed? Lai gave me another 2 modules to retry and yet the NPC module enchanter robot did the same thing twice...
  4. JamirFasad

    ACD Module went missing

    Alright, GM Lai asked me to re-enchant the armor to see. However, I failed to record the first attempt. Here's the video for the 5th time enchanting this illu Armor
  5. JamirFasad

    ACD Module went missing

    Mine should be also showing same as this one, the 4th slot's ACD went missing
  6. JamirFasad

    ACD Module went missing

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...
  7. JamirFasad

    January Fashion Contest

    Theme: Fancy. SS: IGN: NothingToDO