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  1. JohnS

    Log in, Donations and tips

    Thank you so much ill check about my account
  2. JohnS

    Log in, Donations and tips

    Hello guys i have some questions i Will appriciate your help and tips 1. I dont log in my account for more than 1 year, im not able to log in, my account its blocked deleted or? 2. Im looking for donate can you help me about tips for get a good started set and prices 3. can i have tips for lv up and wich character should i use for start?
  3. JohnS

    Newbie from other server

    Thank you all, yeah im making a lot of farmings get cards its a little difficult but the skills of 3rd jobs are really awesome
  4. JohnS

    Newbie from other server

    Hello everybody im new in the server a friend tell me about this one and looks really cool well for start i need a little help about what can i do for get money for my equips u know about Quest,hunt items etc "if u want give me freebies are welcome too " haha im jk i hope stay here a long time and test the 3rd jobs thx u all ^-^