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  1. Jimmy

    Moonlight flower card

    can moonlight flower card work with gatling fever?
  2. Jimmy

    how to go to nameless island

    how to go to nameless island i cant find that place in warp npc
  3. Jimmy

    Cheap Farming "Gunslinger" "Rebellion" Farming Guide

    thanos tower 10, I farm my arse off to get 50m/hr or lower since that place so crowded. Go to Thanos 12 if have big balls xD
  4. Jimmy

    After cast delay

    Is it possible to reduce after cast delay of fire dance to zero delay? i test heart wingshairband+7- geffen magic robe+7 combo with x2 enhance physic ring+YFS01 manteau (vit 125 for 10% after cast delay)-Applause sandals+7. I made and its seem doesnt work. Total i got 45% after cast reduction but when i use fire dance it seem reduced 10% after cast delay. And last question, is fire dance is range atk? or mele atk? i test with Dex manteu+7 combo with temp boots with or without both of it the fire dance dmg still the same no change at all. Skill decribe dmg depended on desperado lvl and caster lv i dont understand that part.
  5. Jimmy

    Fire Dance

    Hi all. What kind of range is fire dance? is it long-ranged or closed-range? is it by pass cicada skin shell ninja? i leave the source https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/188586-some-rebel-skill-notes/
  6. Jimmy

    pendant of maestorm cant EQ on Rebel

    omfg so sad
  7. cant equip pendant of maestorm [1] for rebelion class
  8. Jimmy

    Connection failed

    Hi Lai Why today after new change log 7-9-2018 i cannot log in game? this morning i can login normaly. Tried all server proxy and not work out. NVM ican log in now
  9. omg rebel scarf so hard to get
  10. hi guys, where did you guys get that scarf from?
  11. Jimmy

    Hat dont give stats bonus like discription

    aw, thanks, so where i can get the 3D glasses?
  12. the Disposable Popcorn hat discription say: All stats+5 Atk+30 Matk+30 ASPD+1 200% butter popcorn recovery When i wear the hat it dont add All stats+5.However it does add atk&Matk&ASPD. 200% heal i didnt test so i dont know. Can you guy fix this error? PS: i come back to Limit Ro after 2 years break meh.
  13. Jimmy

    Gunslinger shadow shield

    so is that mean its can use as normal?