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  1. Blasphemer

    Fantasmagorica & Memory Records [140+]

    NPC in the instance asked me to bring 4 Explosive Powder. Where i can find it?
  2. Blasphemer

    Fruit Farm

    What's better/expensive to take as a reward? Bloody Branches? +7 Certificates?
  3. Blasphemer

    Cash Points for instances

    Thanks! Don't know about this command.
  4. Blasphemer

    Cash Points for instances

    Posting in the Hazy Forest and Ghost Palace thread: but how i can get Cash Points for being top 20?
  5. Blasphemer

    Can this new Pile Bunker be implemented here?

    As far as I know, it's a part of new mechanic equipment from 15.1 episode.
  6. Blasphemer

    Cultivate Plant

    iROwiki description says, that: 1) this skill can't be used in towns, and 2) created plants and mushrooms disappear after 5 minutes, even if they've been transformed into something else. How it's work on our server?
  7. Blasphemer

    Guild Dungeon

    How can I get to Guild Dungeon 1F? I need Sound Amplifier from Creamy Fear (Valk GD). Playing on the official servers, I went into first floor without guild, when investment period is over with enough amount of zeny.