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  1. CrazzyAj

    Halloween Cauldron


    I'm signing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: MiniNuke In. Point: Day 1: 100 Day 4: 323 Day 5: 135 Day 11: 990 Day 15: 195 Total: 1743 Reward Given
  2. CrazzyAj

    Sprite Error

    Hi, Issue is resolved by doing a Clean install of rag. Now facing issue with patch-20160830maps.thor. this never gets downloaded and i get a msg patcher failed. Do i have to Download full installer after every update? Thanks
  3. CrazzyAj

    Sprite Error

    Updated KRO to Max.. dosent Help. Also reinstalled Full installer after fresh download .... still same issue.
  4. CrazzyAj

    Sprite Error

    HI All, Need your Expert advice on how to Fix this Sprite error popup which crashes the game. Thanks
  5. CrazzyAj

    Iro Won't Start

    Hi, Please Tell me what did you do... I am also facing same Issue. Thanks
  6. CrazzyAj

    World Fishing - Season 6

    How do i get more Baits (buy from Event Clown) my points are finished !!Can we buy from any NPC ? or what else can i use . Thanks