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  1. heartlesswretch

    2 years away from Limit.

    I never found amy solid guide to equip and stats anywhere for any class, and now that Ive been away this long I feel like theres a lot of new things I dont know, Whats the current go to build for pvm and pvp? without donations etc. Where can I find these guides? Ive being playing ragnarok for more than 10 years, and I always miss something and doing a build, some secret card or formula or combo stats and equip. I just wanna know these things, help me help this game.
  2. heartlesswretch

    R>Hyrule Kingdom

    We're recruiting new active members. MVP killers come!!!! pm me here or in game (Thanos The Demi God) We do mvp rounds, et, infinity, soon ghost palace, all of the other instances. We need rangers, sura, ab, sorc, gx, etc. Don't be shy and let's build a great guild!
  3. heartlesswretch


    Looking for mvp guilds. IG> Thanos The Demi God (ranger)
  4. heartlesswretch

    Is there any way to get aura (donation) without paying real money?

    Oh nice, thanks!
  5. Shadow Gear for example, you don't get the full attributes without an aura. That's a bit unfair I think