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  1. Mercenary giving errors

    After opening a mercenary scroll from the shady dealer this error popped out.
  2. Halloween Cauldron


    I'm sighing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char name: Genetic Gaaab/Mr Gaaaaaaab In. Point: Day 1: 10 Day 2: 89 Day 3: 1665 Day 4: 370 Day 5: 150 Day 7: 370 Day 8: 105 Day 9: 550 Day 10: 240 Day 11: 1000 Day 12: 2160 Day 13: 320 Total: 7029 Reward Given
  3. Missing Guild Base

    So I just bought/rented a guild base yesterday and then right after maintenance this morning I tried the command @warpgb I was surprised to see that it was telling me that I have no guildbase. I asked a few people around.. there were some people who have the same problem as mine. They have lost their Guildbase right after maintenance.
  4. Be our partner! =D

    IGN: Mr Gaaaaaaab. Youtube/Vimeo video name: Limit-RO: Bakunawa Instance by Mr Gaaaaaaab. Youtube/Vimeo link: Your post on facebook:
  5. January Fashion Contest

    Theme: Funny Screen Shot: Caption: No Mr Wolfie dont eat the poring!!~~ (Red Riding hood alternate Universe) In game name: Killtrocity
  6. Hello 2016! IGN: Killtrocity Comment: Banana