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  1. Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character Name: Killtrocity FB link :
  2. Mercenary giving errors

    After opening a mercenary scroll from the shady dealer this error popped out.
  3. Hii

    Welcome! Glad to have you here.
  4. Halloween Cauldron


    I'm sighing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char name: Genetic Gaaab/Mr Gaaaaaaab In. Point: Day 1: 10 Day 2: 89 Day 3: 1665 Day 4: 370 Day 5: 150 Day 7: 370 Day 8: 105 Day 9: 550 Day 10: 240 Day 11: 1000 Day 12: 2160 Day 13: 320 Total: 7029 Reward Given
  5. Missing Guild Base

    So I just bought/rented a guild base yesterday and then right after maintenance this morning I tried the command @warpgb I was surprised to see that it was telling me that I have no guildbase. I asked a few people around.. there were some people who have the same problem as mine. They have lost their Guildbase right after maintenance.
  6. Hello. :B

    Hi I'm new here too. Welcome to Limit-RO. Have fun!~ ^-^
  7. Be our partner! =D

    IGN: Mr Gaaaaaaab. Youtube/Vimeo video name: Limit-RO: Bakunawa Instance by Mr Gaaaaaaab. Youtube/Vimeo link: Your post on facebook:
  8. January Fashion Contest

    Theme: Funny Screen Shot: Caption: No Mr Wolfie dont eat the poring!!~~ (Red Riding hood alternate Universe) In game name: Killtrocity
  9. Hello 2016! IGN: Killtrocity Comment: Banana
  10. LFG > Social, Instance, Abra, BG

    Tried to message you but you went offline on Limit-RO
  11. LFG > Social, Instance, Abra, BG

    Are you online right now?
  12. LFG > Social, Instance, Abra, BG

    S/he never stated that s/he is a woman nor a man. So what you said about I am fast with girls is not valid here.
  13. LFG > Social, Instance, Abra, BG

    Wanna try our guild then? Well just have to make you stay
  14. LFG for 2> Social MvP.

    Yea we are using skype. Im off when you replied to this thread. By any chance are you online right now?
  15. LFG > Social, Instance, Abra, BG

    So you want to find temporary guild?