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  1. Gonna miss my buddies ❤️ ❤️  Bibo, Wil, Papa Lagnalok

    Much Love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


    Edited by Ellenia
    1. Lai


      I hope you will get a new PC in future and we waiting for you <3

    2. S e n t i m e n t a L
  2. Ellenia

    sorry forgot to add

    Im sorry, but what are you trying to report here?
  3. Ellenia

    Costume Preview NPC disable Aura

    Well yeah, the npc remove your snowflake aura as you preview any costume headgear. I think the npc is meant to be like that, i dont think its a bug or not (?) correct me if wrong @Yuuki
  4. Ellenia

    Kill Stealing at Thanatos Tower F10

    I feel you, but as everyone would say "mobs are free for anyone", tho i also prevent myself to not ks-ing other players mobs. But when they start to ks me, i ks them back 😧
  5. Ellenia

    Geffen Magic Tournament Auto Pop Up

    Thats weird, it never happen to me. Maybe u accidentally click the npc when move near it?
  6. Ellenia

    Team Recruitment

    Char Name: Ellenia Age: 28 Gender: Female Fluent Lang: Indonesia, English Nationality: Indonesian Occupation: Finance Tax Staff Time in LimitRO: around 2 or 3 years Playing Hours per week: 10 - 15 hrs Possible helping hours per week: 8 hrs Personality: Im easy to talk, random, quite chatty at time. Favorite color: Pink , White , Blue Other comment why you suit for this: Im willing to help newbies and eventho i mostly afk but im trying to help ASAP. I hope to continue as a helper to help more newbie :3 PS . I wonder if it still included at 30th Apr LOL
  7. Ellenia

    Costume hat disappeared

    Contact lai personally since its about old donation headgear
  8. Ellenia

    Pet Mummy Food?

    You can try open your pet info status and try to feed it, there will be an info of what foods your pet needed
  9. Ellenia

    Is Iara Card Exist in the server?

    It suppose to drop based on
  10. Ellenia

    Enable Clearance to be cast on self

    +1 this gonna be so handy!
  11. Ellenia

    Hello There !!

    welcome back to limit RO
  12. Ellenia

    HI im new

    Aqua Orb is from mora, more detail at u can type @joinbg 1 or @joinbg 2 here
  13. Ellenia

    Rockridge Coin

    rockridge daily hasnt implemented yet
  14. Ellenia

    Ghost Palace Instance Ending Bug

    Tested and the npc conversation does stuck as the image shown if u choose the 1st option of cancel, but if choosing the cancel button on the bottom option beside "ok", then it doesnt stuck @Yuuki
  15. Ellenia

    jitterbug npc talk bug

    was that your first time enter jitterbug using that char?