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  1. Ghost Palace Instance Ending Bug

    Tested and the npc conversation does stuck as the image shown if u choose the 1st option of cancel, but if choosing the cancel button on the bottom option beside "ok", then it doesnt stuck @Yuuki
  2. jitterbug npc talk bug

    was that your first time enter jitterbug using that char?
  3. Crystal mirror disappear when i loot/put them in inventory

    how bout fave tab?
  4. How do you catch Mistress

    ikr, its really annoying to kill mistress XD well some mvp hunters use convex mirrors tho
  5. Add New CE to BG boxes(both classic and war)

    Too much TT on this topic But anyway -1 for adding more CE into the bg boxes.. It will make the costume which is already rare to get - become more super duper epic rare because of the long list costume, its gonna be hard for a players to get what they wanted for D: I would prefer swap the bg boxes costume content once in several months with a new content so its more interesting and fun to collect all those costume tho O:
  6. Gladiator Tournament Jan

    If your char still at top 5 until the tournament ended, u will get the reward for sure, just wait Lai to give out the reward. And the box is tradeable
  7. Limited Cash Shop revamp

    +1 or enable npc to convert cp to cash point bag or even better vip
  8. about comodo event stuff

    Im sorry, but what do you mean by that? The npc comodo event is active from friday to sunday 🤔🤔 Please refer to this guide
  9. Remove 5M Fee from Lottery boxes

    IMO, I agree that every small changes if it is possible, put it out in changelogs, so every players here will know what will happen on the next maintenance. This is like we are wildly guessing over ninja changes LOL
  10. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    Name: Angela Ingame Character (Main): Ellenia LimitRO Experience: 2 Years + RO Experience: 5 Years 😇 Languages Spoken: English / Indonesia / Chinese / Hokkien / Cantonese Timezone: GMT+7 What inspires you to be a Helper? Helping people always been my hobby, there is always new comers in LimitRO but they seem lost, wondering around to find help end-up quit within a week. This make me really want to help them to keep playing and enjoy in LimitRO 😊. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? I believe with my experience and knowledge in LimitRO, i could brighten up or guide new player. Since my AB is awesome, i can always been helping hand and guide them how to finish on every instances that i have completely done. 🤓
  11. Halloween Cauldron


    I'm signing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: Lucelle In. Point: Day 1: 70 Day 2: 120 Day 3: 375 Day 4: 220 Day 5: 110 Total: 895 Reward Given