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  1. lincolntee

    Bounty Mission Options

    @Caphleo That too can be a way to make this bounty mission easier to complete. Any ways that could make players easier to complete the bounty mission for class A should be taken into consideration too
  2. lincolntee

    Bounty Mission Options

    Topic Name (Your idea in short) Reset Daily Bounty Mission Options Character Names: LincolnR Describe your suggestion What is this? Generally, to allow reset option for the monster hunt bounty mission to ease the players completing it based on their preference. For example, players can re-roll the options until the mission they think capable of finishing it. Class A selections like Buwaya, Bangungot, Fallen Orc Warrior is kinda difficult for players to finish alone and time consuming to form up parties. Eventually the party might fail completing it. However, Outrageous cookies, Corrupted guards is the selection I could complete. Why do we have to add it? To encourage more people to do bounty mission for limit badges. To save time for people with limited time to play Limit Ro. Who will benefit this? All players who are in need of limit badge / limit points. Since its not tradable, its the only way to obtain. Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Allow re-roll the options until favorable/preferable mission for players to complete it. Make use of limit coins, or allow conversion of limit coins to limit badges. Thanks in advance.
  3. lincolntee

    New Donation Headgears

    WOOO YEAH now only open forum and notice. Thanks for the hard work ?
  4. Topic Name : Requesting Matk%,Spell Enchantment for Empowered Mace of Judgement Character Names: Lincoln Bishop Describe your suggestion What is this? Empowered Mace of Judgement with only Atk%, Fighting Spirits enchantment is just odd. Furthermore reaching +9 only unlock spell 1 which is quite sad for reaching this state with little bonus. Why do we have to add it? Because fighting spirit and atk % doesn't help in adoramus damage. Thus adding Spell, Matk% will really helps boosting the damage in PVM. So that more players would try to play this style in the future. Who will benefit this? Every players who wish or plan to play Battle Archbishop will benefit from this. Will this change the system drastic? Yes I believe, adding spell to enchant 3rd and 4th slots will help a little in damage. It's better than just Fighting Spirit, or ATK%. Spell 1 MATK +6, reduces Variable Cast Time of skills by 4% Room for improvement? 1. To adding Spell 3, Spell 4 on +9 Empowered Mace of Judgement. 2. Godly enchanter for Spell 5 and Spell 6 on +9 Empowered Mace of Judgement. Thanks in advance.
  5. lincolntee

    New Donation Headgears

    Topic Names - New DP headgears into Vip/Cash Shop Character Names - LincolnR Describe Your Suggestions What is this? 1. This is an idea to suggest adding new (mainly hats)/wings/auras. To encourage more people to donate 2. I hope we can cast votes on which headgears to be added to the Vip/Cash Shop. 3. There are nice looking headgears in the Deluxe Hat Gear Npc I think its nice looking but not under the category of costume. It's a bit wasteful to be left in a shadow 4. In shorts thought of GM's workload, by adding existing head gears can save a lot of time 5. Official Headgears also have nice looking designs as well. Could take into considerations Why do we have to add it? 1. Due to stylist and fashionable senses, somehow part of the game is dressing up our character and looks smart, cool, cute, attractive, charming and etc. 2. To encourage more people to donate once again Help support this server too Who will be benefit of this? 1. LimitRo Players in advance, so people will look unique in their own characters and signature impression 2. LimitRo Server of course, to support the growth of this server. 3. GM Lai too Will this change the system drastically? 1. I have no idea whether it will change the system drastically or not. But I think as a personal humble opinion also the benefits of Limit Ro Server. As a player, I think everyone would like to have a different and unique look on their characters. Thus, as a donator I felt the money are worth spending to purchase something we like in the game. Room for Improvements? 1. In my humble opinions, adding more new DP Wings and Auras. Auras to be preview-able Thanks for reviewing!
  6. by the way Zohan, do you plan to play about bomb traps build in the future?
  7. lincolntee

    Couple's Memory

    Char Name - Muse Genesis and NekozChan Combo Name - Vivaldi Four Seasons Love Advice - Finding the suitable one instead of the best one. Best one may not be the suitable ones but the suitable one will always be the best one. Facebook share link - Happy Valentine's Day !
  8. Best guide ever. Ranger Maestro ! Thanks for making various build for ranger fun to play with!
  9. lincolntee

    Orc Warrior Pet Effects

    Item Name / Item ID : (Orc Warrior Egg / ID# 9017) Describe the bug - how you tested. Step 1. I've tested by removing all the equipments. Before hatch condition. Step 2. Hatched the egg, Stats ATK + 15, but DEF didn't deduct 3 def. Suppose to ATK + 10, DEF -3 Step 3. To show my pet is in Loyal Phase. Give your source (why you think it's bugged or according which website?) I refer to and also Your Char Name / Your Char Stats LincolnR