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  1. zhero15

    Fruit Farm

    This. Stop dreaming and stop calling them jerks just because they decided to not resurrect you and it's your fault to die in the first place. Just bring some pots or tokens inside because storage is unavailabe inside the map unless you have kafra card.
  2. zhero15

    Didn't received reward from Hellow 2016 event

    ohh i thought they were already been given
  3. Like the title said, no reward, checked my mail. You can check my post here in bottom page. http://www.limitro.com/forums/topic/4105-hello-2016/
  4. Got this error today. My Kro and Kro_renewal are patched to the latest. When i login ingame all items are either X marked icons no description or an apple icon with unknown title
  5. zhero15

    Hello 2016!

    IGN : xhate ============================================================================================================= Facebook Link: Comment : Hello 2016 !!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!
  6. zhero15

    Rolling Cutter in kRO

    any update on this? +1
  7. zhero15

    Instance Info timer

    It seems it's fixed now. It's working now, on/off, hiding/ showing the instance timer.
  8. zhero15

    Instance Info timer

    guys, is the instance info on/off function disabled? does not seem to work (Alt +B shortcut) Update: Not working again after the gepard update
  9. zhero15

    Weapon Overworld Sprite

    i already noticed it last November but forgot to ask. I thought it was a ninja update
  10. zhero15

    Weapon Overworld Sprite

    Just wanna ask if the overwolrd spriteof weapons was changed to a generic sprite. For example, after using cart tornado on my geneticist (mine was using a twin edge of naght sieger blue) your equipped weapon will be shown the same as the sprite when you view you weapon on your inventory. But now it's just showing a generic sprite for the weapon (a generic sprite for sword) instead of the color blue twin edge sword. Was it changed or is there an on/off function?
  11. zhero15

    @Main boradcast while on Public Chat Room

    OK, so not a bug. Changing status to closed without stating why is so... This.
  12. zhero15

    @Main boradcast while on Public Chat Room

    uhm so it's not a bug?
  13. Does not received any main broadcast while your on public chat room, only pet talking and pm are viewed on message window. (General Chat Window options are all on/checked) I'm not sure if this is bug or not.
  14. zhero15

    Big Bang Auction #4

    +1 to this only the rich can afford but a great way to sink those zennies down the drain.