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  1. Woah! Finally done with Lai's Bday quest.. Wow... Lai is 27yrs old. Woah.

  2. PC> Pharaoh Card :) 

    S> +7GXBow

  3. Where are my burgers?

  4. S>+7GXbow & +7Autumn Headband 

  5. server down???? if so... there goes my OGH run...... >.>

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Senapi


      wah, we can ogh nm solo later no worries.. get all the spells xD

    3. Animus


      hahahah we can?


    4. Senapi
  6. i do agree with this.... of we need 300pcs of one item. at least make its drop rate 50% or higher. or at least make the spawn number higher. just my opinion tho
  7. S>+7 Autumn Headband / +7 GxBow.... @mail Cosmina for offers :)

  8. so i need to do the quest 9times to get the ears.....