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  1. Woah! Finally done with Lai's Bday quest.. Wow... Lai is 27yrs old. Woah.

  2. PC> Pharaoh Card :) 

    S> +7GXBow

  3. Animus

    How did you find LimitRO?

    welp im a returnee (as most of you would call someone like me.) after years of not playing RO, i woke up one day craving for that nostalgia. then i searched a private server with mid rates. not those OP servers where you can bitch slap someone with a 1b guillotine fist. and this was on top. tried playing other servers too. but yeah. i had fun playing in Limit-RO. so yeah. in-short i found it lying around RMS.
  4. Where are my burgers?

  5. Animus

    Well this is awkward.....

    ask senapi. hahahah
  6. Animus

    Well this is awkward.....

    im not really new. im not really an old player too. hahah. somewhere in the middle i assume. ive been playing for this server for around a month or so. i kinda adjusted to this server pretty quick. thanks to ONG (only those who partied with me at ET would know HIS HOLINESS). well catch me when im playing. Try finding Kratch, M ako, or Cosmina. well thats that. and this is this.
  7. S>+7GXbow & +7Autumn Headband 

  8. server down???? if so... there goes my OGH run...... >.>

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Senapi


      wah, we can ogh nm solo later no worries.. get all the spells xD

    3. Animus


      hahahah we can?


    4. Senapi
  9. i do agree with this.... of we need 300pcs of one item. at least make its drop rate 50% or higher. or at least make the spawn number higher. just my opinion tho
  10. S>+7 Autumn Headband / +7 GxBow.... @mail Cosmina for offers :)

  11. so i need to do the quest 9times to get the ears.....