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  1. @Lai, can we do something about VH? Either expanding or changing the reset timer on it?
    It's gotten to a point where people are fighting for any spots *at all* in VH.
    I don't even think we should expand it, these people with 15 accounts are just gonna make more accounts and it fill it up, but if you lower the time to 2 or 3 days it should solve the issue.

    1. Lai


      Yes, we plan to add more lanes.

  2. Tsukihiro


    Some guild activity yesterday, 2/17 <3
  3. Fun guild activities today! <3



  4. After an year and half trying, I finally did it! <3 <3 <3 Managed to beat E.T!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tsukihiro


      It's kinda funny how Valkyrie is actually a lot tougher to fight in Endless Tower than pretty much any other MVP XD

    3. Jepuneh


      Grazzie ^_^.


      Valk is like 1 AS for OP rangers or 2-3 AS for non pro rangers.

    4. IshaDlwaTtlo


      /lv Congratulations ! Keep it up <3! 

  5. Tsukihiro

    Old Glast Heim Beginner Mode

    As usual Gravity just recycling assets from previous patches ^.^ seems fun enough for regular servers though.
  6. Tsukihiro

    NPC Events Suggestions

    Hey, thinking about the Christmas Calendar fiasco, I was wondering; would it be effective if we tied the events to computer / IP and limited the amount of accounts that somebody can create and abuse the special events like Christmas Calendar and Fruit Farming? It's kind of hypocritical of me to talk since I managed to get 2000 CP out of the event, but at the same time I could've gotten 6000 CP since I have 6 accounts between my wife's and mine. I'm pretty sure some people probably have walked away with 5k CP++, and in some other events there could be a massive imbalance influx of VIP coins and +6~7 upgrades as well. So should we do it, and if we did do it, how many accounts would we limit it to? 1? 2? 3?
  7. Tsukihiro

    Meteor Storm Global delay

    Oh wow I always wanted a dark lord + illusion combo for my gene, but having that cast delay really kills it X_x the point of CC is that you can spam it, skill delay kills it
  8. Tsukihiro


    Hey I'm looking for a PvM guild, may I join? ^^ IGN Shannaro (Ranger), Hannaro (Geneticist), Shannaroo (Alt Ranger) I'm tired of doing OGH Hard by myself and I'd like to do some more of the more advanced instances like Horror Toy Factory and Faceworm Queen =3
  9. Tsukihiro

    Ranger LFG>PvE, Instance, Social

    Looking for a guild to do instances with... Not really interested in WoE since I work a lot and can't really invest the time on it. I'm fairly active, probably play about 2~3 hours a day when my instances are not on cool down XD maybe would play more if I could do stuff like Faceworm Queen and Biolabs ^^ I can double client too if the party ever needs a crappy A.B I'm fairly geared at this point and can hold my own on =)
  10. Tsukihiro

    Nightmare Bio Headgear Enchantments - Now or Never

    I mean, I really think we shouldn't have added godly enchanter to the game, but what the heck? If we do add these enchants though, we really really really really really should not be able to godly enchant it.
  11. Tsukihiro

    Nightmare Bio Headgear Enchantments - Now or Never

    Sure, why not? It's not like people will ever get to +10 in a reasonable time limit anyway. Looking at it, the statistical chance of getting a +10 is ridiculously low anyway.
  12. screenLimitRO094.jpg

    1. Freya


      omg finally free cp and you buy those shades of all accessories? smh

    2. Tsukihiro


      I got a quad LONG amulet out of the CP, so I'm game. I had wings and top headgear before anyway :D
      The only thing that sucked is that because I thought i was gonna lose the CP I wasted all of my cash points buying star stone boxes and have like maybe 300 or 400 in useless cash point star stones ^^
      But then again, I got 4x LONG amulet, so I really really really can't complain

  13. Tsukihiro

    Snowman Calendar 2016

    Ay ay this is gonna be a big big big mess =(
  14. So.... Where is the rollback...?