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  1. my character name is Edrahil Darkwood and I forgot my account name... pls help I still know my password..
  2. Stinky gayfin soaked in pee and full of noise~ ew.... 

  3. Splendid Box 2 wrong items

    What a reason... Whatever the situation lol... *clap clap*
  4. World Fishing - Season 6

    What can I do but support you for all your deeds good or bad.. for I have no choice I'm just a free player for your server....
  5. How's your butt hun? :3 

    1. chliz


      wot? nothing's wrong with my butt. I just checked it. Can you check yours? i think it got hit tons the whole time you've been here in the forums. hahahahaha/oops

    2. Senapi


      HAHAHAHAHHA~ ok. xD you always makes me laugh. thx

    3. Kyohai


      True love is always just found among men.... :D

  6. one last step to be an executive xD psyche....

  7. A fool once said to the poor.


    I will not respect you, even if you are a poor, hopeless, young or old. I will never accept any of your opinion because I have no respect towards you. if you want my respect work for it earn it! because our level of conciousness is not in sync, I am so much awesome than you are. I got my values, and education on the higest frequency... You will never get my respect nor any other living being till you prove your "worth".

    The poor man's replied:

    ...stop romancing your self, or should I say your awesomeness stop f***ng your self :) we are all just made up of the same energy from the BIG Bang. even that poo pedo shits, ow thats an exception he is out of the equation ! hahahahahhah xD

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Senapi


      Ok, doesnt matter anyway at the end of the day I see you are alone there facing your computer. You guys takes it seriously, as if I have done wrong in your great great ancestors.

      I got no regret from all the things I've said, because I stand my ground I stated my thoughts and I never failed my self. :) 

    3. chliz


      You failed yourself, I tell you. You failed the world. You're a complete failure for admitting that you are a retard. You're a complete failure for being stupid. You're a failure for being such a laughingstock.

    4. Senapi
  8. Brace yourselves.. autumn is coming.

  9. B> Blue Ship Captains's Hat (CE) [PM ME] NONR <3

  10. Farm Fiesta will END today..Looking forward for much exciting event :) 

  11. Mitzi... man she's so dedicated to this server xD
  12. Don't be such a baby~