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  1. Kyohai

    Back on Track !

    Hey Guys! Its been a while. Somehow I missed playing Ragnarok and I finally do have time to do so. Wow... a lot of stuff got changed and added. Reading changelogs from 2016 till now is a bit much so I just did the recent ones and it is a LOT already. Lets see what to do and how to start again. I think I start with the basics first and create a new Character to get the Old school Ragnarok Leveling feeling I love and missed so much :D See ya guys and gals ingame !
  2. Kyohai

    Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft/Gilde

    Sorry Leute... Super stressig alles im RL q_q Hoffe kann Limit bald wieder mal zocken
  3. Hey Guys!
    Haven´t been here for a long time.
    Just passing by for now :)

    I hope you all have a pleasent, wonderful and very gifted Christmas time and enjoyed it with your friends, Family and loved ones <3

    I wish you all a good start in the new year ! Dont drink to much and if so, do not drive :D

    See ya Guys! I missed the community I have to admit q_q

    Best Regards, Kyohai

    1. Lai


      Heya Kyohai!

      Thank you for passing by! 

      Hope everything is well and wish you a happy new year! 


    2. Freya


      Welcome back! 

    3. S e n t i m e n t a L
  4. Kyohai

    What are you listening?

    R.I.P Nujabes Your music will never be forgotten
  5. Who is Chester Lum / Emperor Ryu in Forums?

  6. Kyohai

    Cart Weight Bug

    Awww to bad... would love to see how you destryoed the entire World with your Cart
  7. Kyohai

    Cart Weight Bug

    Skill 130 STR and do a Cart Tornado Pls
  8. Kyohai

    Bday Chester & mgiordano626 2016

    Happy B.Day guys!
  9. Ah okay, mistoken it for the Gain SP after enemy kill card. Did you try it with any other means of reflect? like normal Shield Reflect or Shield Spell Reflect?
  10. Kyohai

    The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

  11. Kyohai

    The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    I was really desperate... lost like 100 hairs thinking and thinking.... i was maining Royal Guard since December 2011... but found also love in Mechanic half year later and played both equally.... after 40 mins of mummbeling and grumbeling... I choose Mechanic but it was really a close one. Like if you would ask me what do you like more? Final Fantasy VII or VIII? Urban Reign or Beat Down: Fist of Vengance? Tenjo Tenge or Baki ? Hapkido or Taekwondo? Really hard decisions. If I would need to choose and vote in such voting poll's every day, I would be a bold head in a week or so xD
  12. Doesnt really matter. SP drain is too much with RD to even see a difference. Enemy must be killed not just physically hit. But okay if the OP think it is a bug, why not? even if it is just 1 SP, go for it, Duryahhh!!!! p.s. I didnt found anything either :/
  13. Kyohai

    The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    Let me guess.... hmmm... Amogh voted for.... Rune Knight...
  14. Works only, if the enemy is killed by Reflect Damage physical reflect, not by Magical Procs from Elemental Sword or other magical means.
  15. Kyohai

    The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    Mecha and Royal Guards Unite!!!