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  1. Nice guide! Quick question, Is the Illu TGL enchantable?
  2. nniiice. Thanks @Lai
  3. Topic Name (Your idea in short) Reset Daily Bounty Mission Options and Adding more Recent Mobs to the Pool Character Names: Valdemir Describe your suggestion What is this? Giving an option to reset / refresh the A and S class bounty boards in Limitless Island The form of reset could vary and I will leave it to GMs judgement. It could be only once or twice a day. Or it could automatically reset every day or every few days. The point is to prevent the players to feel stuck because they can't complete the bounty. My personal suggestion is refreshing the bounty twice a day. Adding newer instance boss / mobs or nightmare/illusion dungeons mobs into the bounty board Why do we have to add it? Because of the current system, it makes player feels bad if all the bounties are field MVPs that are highly sought after by high end players or it's extremely hard (like bio 4 mvp hard). This could discouraged players from doing it, and because the bounty boards can't be reseted, it makes the player leave it alltogether, never touching the board again. My suggestion could mitigate that bad feeling when they absolutely cannot do the bounties. With this, if they can't do the bounties, they have a chance. Who will benefit this? All players who need the materials from tamago eggs. Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? With each update (like the upcoming 17.2 patch), the bounty board could be updated by adding mobs / bosses from they new update. Thanks in advance.
  4. kingtristan

    Bounty Mission Options

    Uuup. It feels bad if all 3 options are open world mvp that highly sought by high profile players and or extremely hard mvps (my s tier is filled with bio 4 bosses. Lel). While we are on the topic, adding new instance boss would also be a good idea. May I have GM's attention? @[email protected] It's been 3 years and there are no official stand from the gms
  5. kingtristan

    Returnee need some guidance

    oh my. thank you so much! this is exactly what I need. I'll work towards those things then~
  6. kingtristan

    Returnee need some guidance

    Hi there. Valdemir here Just recently returned and I found that there alot of stuffs changed and added to the game that it kinda overwhelmed me. Last time I play was around Terra Gloria update (abusive robe, sky fortress, room of consciousness). I've read the wiki here and there and I found there's limitless Island, illusion dungeons and nightmare dungeons, 16.2 and 17.1 update patches. I just wonder what contents do those update added? I play rk and trying to get into RG, so is there notable stuffs I can get from those updates? Any new instance added? cause I loooove soloing instances. Thank you in advance for kind players!
  7. kingtristan

    Immortal Dog Tag[1]

  8. kingtristan

    NOKS 2.0?

    kinda disagree with the proposed system. It opens up to new trolling tactics like pulling bunch of mobs, go hide, then some clueless newbie hit the mob and the troller can kill that newbie. Do we even need a new way to punish KS-er? I find the current noks system is okay. This is my farm, you can't take it from me. Simple. Just my two cents anyway, I'd like to hear from the others too.
  9. kingtristan

    16th Anniversary Update & Episode 17.1

  10. kingtristan

    16th Anniversary Update & Episode 17.1

    wuooh. The abyss lake one brings back memories. Used to leveling there loooong ago. Will definitely go there for nostalgia xD. PS: Whats that bone dragon? MVP?
  11. kingtristan

    Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    Yea, strangely its more than 150%. Around 180%~190% in practice. Well, I hope this can get settled. Thanks @Theodosia
  12. kingtristan

    Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    truly agree on this one. For the time being, our only proof is that link
  13. kingtristan

    Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    Refering to @Chester's link, our current live behavior is, if not similar, same with that one (last time I tested). I too thought that it adds 250% making it like damage+damage*250%. While the correct one is increase damage by 250% in a sense that damage*250% or damage+150%. I think the fact we are using google translate, which is not 100% correct, to translate the original text was the cause of confusion. And also that "increase by" part is quite ambiguous