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  1. ninjaface

    Limit HQ Michael's Equipment Upgrade

    Thanks for responding anyway man. Maybe they just missed this detail and it's not implemented in Limit. It's not very important anyway. It's just a little annoying that the upgrade quest remains incomplete. I'll just keep this question open until we hopefully get an answer.
  2. ninjaface

    Limit HQ Michael's Equipment Upgrade

    Ok. So I only have "Limit Manteau II", "Limit Uniform IV", and "Limit Boots IV" that I got from joining Limit Group. They do not have "Awakened"/"Awakening" in front of their names. My understanding is that Michael only upgrades the "Awakened" version of these equips, which I do not have and do not know how to get. I have done the Personal Request once and he does not let me do any more until I make an upgrade. When I try to upgrade, he tells me that I do not have the items. The HQ Gear Machine only sells "Awakening Limit Manteau III", "Awakening Limit Uniform V", and "Awakening Limit Boots V" -- not "Awakening Limit Manteau II", "Awakening Limit Uniform IV", or "Awakening Limit Boots IV". The numbers are different. My question is how do I get the "Awakened" equips that Michael is supposed to upgrade for me? Thank you for your patience with my question. 🙂
  3. ninjaface

    Limit HQ Michael's Equipment Upgrade

    How can I get the Awakened Limit equips needed for Michael's "Upgrade Equipment" in Limit HQ? Awakened Limit Manteau II Awakened Limit Uniform IV Awakened Limit Boots IV
  4. ninjaface

    LFM> Kokoro no Inryoku PVE, SOCIAL, INSTANCE, CHAT

    Hi are you still active? can I join?