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  1. Asami Amamiya

    Come Out, Come Out...

    i tried to type @hide but it doesn't work
  2. HASHIELD Down, cant connect to server >_< /hmm 

  3. Asami Amamiya

    Donation Equipment Tab

    well for those people who want to hide their DP headgears from anyone like in PvP/WoE (you don't want to wear CE on this) will take advantage of this
  4. Asami Amamiya

    Donation Equipment Tab

    I don't like Lai's idea of changing DP gears to CE, what's gonna happen to CEs? it will be useless. so i think of something that would benefit all, like i mean a WIN - WIN situation for everyone. How is that? that is to make a new EQUIPMENT TAB WINDOW solely for Donation Gears! DP players can now equip their Desired Head Gears, Costume Equipments, all together with their Donation Equipments,it's a win - win situation for everyone, so it works like this, DP headgears will override current headgear sprite, and CE Headgears will override DP headgear sprite. (Current Headgear Sprite < DP Headgear Sprite < CE headgear sprite). There are lots of Nice and cute CE headgears too (even if they don't have bonuses ). what do you think fellow limitronians? comment, suggestion, violent reaction are welcome!
  5. Asami Amamiya

    WL's Jack Frost will have 5 secs delay after use?

    +1 to that Lai Anti AFK ingame check is a better alternative solution, than changing the script of the skill instead. i just hope it won't become a nuisance to us players, in WoE, Instance, Dungeons
  6. Asami Amamiya

    WL's Jack Frost will have 5 secs delay after use?

    if it's regarding bot issues then, i believe that it is the duty and obligation of the GMs to apprehend and penalize people. without affecting other people besides not all Warlocks are bot. By the way, what's the essence of having Hack Shield? as Client-side security system
  7. Asami Amamiya

    WL's Jack Frost will have 5 secs delay after use?

    True +1 to that, this is a major impact to all WL in this server, they should suggest first and hear what the people has to say before implementing it.
  8. is that true that WL's Jack Frost will have a 5 delay now after maintenance? what's the purpose of this? to nerf Warlocks? GTB is already butt hurt, what more if you added delay on it. i hope this won't happen it will be hard for new WL's to level up and to farm since most of their skill rely on Frosty Misty and jack frost, Considering that they have low HP and low Defense, they have to rely on Frozen Status to prevent monsters from ganking on Warlocks further more, it's not even an official description of the skill, based on IRo Wiki. Jack FrostType:Offensive SkillLevels:5 (Selectable)SP Cost:40 + (10 × Skill Level)Fixed Cast Time:1 secondVariable Cast Time:1.5 + (Skill Level × 0.5) secondsCast Delay:1 secondTarget:SelfArea of Effect:11x11 ~ 19x19Property:WaterStatus:FrozenSpell Book:NoPrerequisites(Warlock) Frost Misty Lv. 2DescriptionReleases a wide stream of frost for Water property magic damageto all enemies around the caster. This skill inflicts more damage against enemies in Freezing status. It always leaves enemiesfrozen. LevelBase Damage (MATK)[1]Area of EffectSP CostNo FreezingVs. Freezing1600%1,300%11x11502700%1,600%13x13603800%1,900%15x15704900%2,200%17x178051,000%2,500%19x1990NotesJump up↑ Each damage is affected by Base Level, differently (No Freezing, Vs. Freezing)This skill requires line of sight in order to inflict damage and leave enemies frozen. (Retrieved from, on August 17, 2015)
  9. Asami Amamiya

    Player versus Player versus Environment

    PK will do too, since it's done on an open field with vast environment. just a suggestion, to have a PK day even just once a week? like for example Saturday or Sunday = PK day that would be nice Indeed! i think this feature would be a hit for those people who love to PvP. imagine PKing MVP campers to spice up more competition. but of course there's a rules to it too, example, a player can't PK to those who aren't above level 150 etc. so the lowbies won't get abused.
  10. Asami Amamiya

    Player versus Player versus Environment

    Hi to all PvP Enthusiast! are you guys tired for your usual PvP routine where you enter PvP arenas and kill bunch of people? how about we level up our PvP, just a suggestion, Player versus Player versus Environment, PvPvE in short, where players contend with each other, whilst contending with the vast area within the map, you don't just fight with skills you have to prove to them you have the brilliant strategy too. how would you use the environment into your advantage to beat your opponents, i.e. hiding under the tree to conceal yourself and use it as your advantage to pre-emptive attacks or to flee. how would you kill your opponent without getting killed by monster in the map. etc. does anyone like this idea of PvP?
  11. Asami Amamiya

    Gogo Magic powder bug

    Good day! can you please fix Gogo magic powder. i can't put it in storage nor sell it on NPC. It's Kind of annoying because it's taking up space in my inventory. Thanks! looking forward into this! Godbless!:)
  12. HS down cant play LRo :(

  13. Asami Amamiya

    Yet ANOTHER afk macro farmer

    I like the way how you made up stories with just a screen shot! I want to hire you as a script writer in our upcoming movie