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  1. hello mikoto! i'd just like to say thanks for your very kind reply here http://www.limit-ro.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3840-halloween-event-these-mean-fb-comments/

    more power :)

  2. Halloween 2015 ~~ ( .)(. ) ~~

    Delicious Bloody Strawberry Gelatin! Charname: Mai Husbando Description: Cut a watermelon in half, it should look like a bowl, and remove all it's fruity inside (I didn't throw it away, eat it if you want), then it's time to heat the water and add the strawberry gelatin, but don't let the water boil, just heat it up enough time until the gelatin dissolve completely in the water for 2 or 3 minutes. Now carefully pour it inside the cut watermelon. Chill it on the fridge until it's firm. Receipt: Half watermelon, any artificial gelatin, water And remember to taste it while it's still fresh straight from the source... Mwahahaha! Wish I could do that with a pumpkin.
  3. New Year Doll egg not hatching

    I didn't know that, so thanky you! All fixed.
  4. I got a New Year Doll Egg from another account of mine and whenever I try to hatch it the egg just disappears until I log in again. I mean, is this an old pet that doesn't work anymore? I remember it's from a event, but it's supposed to still work, right?