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  1. FXFreitas

    Old Glast Heim Beginner Mode

    HTF will recieve a Beginner mode too.
  2. FXFreitas

    My Screen Turns Like This After Updating KRO Patcher

    /Lightmap /fog or just zoom in your screen because you can't see or click that much
  3. FXFreitas

    So... 'The Sign'

    Account Bound means can be stored but cannot give to other player. Character Bounf means cannot be stored and cannot give to other player.
  4. FXFreitas

    What made you who you are

    I started as swordsman in 2008 without any sense of game mechanics, When I discovered the Second class, I've search about how they work, knight and crusader, I changed to Crusader and like the mechanics. Tank and supportive, but can do damage and have nice dps with spear. Now I still playing as RG with PvM Build, classic Inspiration> VPS (Vanishing Point Spam).
  5. FXFreitas

    Imagining 4th Jobs

    This thread makes me remember someone: https://rathena.org/board/topic/83446-where-can-i-get-this-sprite-guys-4th-job/ Unmei is a Spriter from Vermillion Skies, I do not meet him personally or even talk to him, but his work is a inspiration to other RO Spriters.
  6. FXFreitas

    vanil not autocasting

    Try change the Previous Homunculus Option to Filir. Well you can check the configuration of Vanil Skills, maybe you set a condition or something else.
  7. FXFreitas

    [[Smithing]] Super noob question!!

    Please so much drama... First the question of the player includes SMITH not only UPGRADE. Yes he messed up a bit the descriptions and "potato" is known to post certain things for no reason... @topic A mastersmith must need to have high dex and luk to Smith things, the advantage of a player-made weapon is the special enchants. With a Hammer (like oridecon Hammer dropped by the teddy bears) a anvil and some steels you can forge a weapon, normally these weapons are the the same of npc weapon shops. But a blacksmith can add 2 types of emchants in the weapons, with a star crumb you extra atk for the weapon, and with a elemental stone (like Red blood) you can add the properly element in the weapon. I personally use A +10 very very strong glacial stiletto (2 star crumb + 1 blue crystal) on My super novice (because Is more easy than get a badass weapon or goes link him every time I login). To know more about the Smith try to visit the irowiki.org and type in search "Blacksmith".
  8. FXFreitas

    Meteor Strike weapon

    Lai how a weapon with less atk can give more damage with a weapon with higher atk? (remember: both are maces and have the same modifier) Probably the card in pile bunker or the higher refine level but I'm not sure.
  9. FXFreitas

    Scaraba Queen Card - Not dropping Scrolls

    This feature does not get implemented yet even in oficial servers. When this card get released the Korean description says "Chance to give a scaraba summon scroll when kill monsters (not implemented)". I'm not sure if they added it after.
  10. FXFreitas

    RG Queries

    Just look the yt videos of rg playing with the 3 builds. But ignore the high damage, hp, recovery rate of these oficial servers videos becuse they have some exagerated consumables.
  11. FXFreitas

    RG Queries

    As I said before, you don't need the best end game gears to make a RG you can stay with the bone plate for now, but looking for a better armor in the future, I see you want the Reflect Damage Build, so try to avoid High defense armors, because to reflect high damage you need to recieve big damage, MaxHP =/= Def then try maxhp gears and reflect gears. I don't talk about the Tao Gunka Card, Deviling Card, etc because is more end game focused, and you don't need it now (but got one is a good deal). Oh yes, the "Tank" Build is basically part of most rg builds (except reflect damage one, because in this one you need to recieve the full damage) you naturally have high hp, but need to invest in def and hp on almost all.
  12. FXFreitas

    RG Queries

    Vanishing Point build consist in high dps and ranged damage, this build isn't much expensive, you can make it with a Valkyrian Armor, A Naght Sieger flame Manteau, and a Variant Shoes. Basically, you use a Overupgraded Imperial Spear (+8~+10), enchanted with EA or attack speed, and carded with AS. Take the shield with most Def/Mdef (I use Imperial Guard, but the other shields will work) and overupgrade it (+7~+9) card it with a hodremlin or with a race resist card for diferent types of monsters. Any armor with gigh defense or with a good HP Bonus the card depends of what your need, if you need more aspd, damage, or HP, Peco Peco, Porcellio, etc (I use the Glorious Suit wich doesn't have any card slot but offer MaxHP +20%). For the manteau Nidhoggr's Shadow Garb, Naght Sieger Flame Manteau, Giant Snake Skin (Sloted and enchanted and overupgraded e.e), cards like cenere for damage or raydric for resistance. The boots are Variant shoes/Enhanced Variant, Temporal Boots with firelock solder (+9 only), ferus/matyr. Accessories are Silversmith Bracelet, Orleans glove, vit or str or agi gloves, bradium ring, etc... Cards are Gold Scaraba, mantis, spore, smokie. The helm here basically is the CP thing, but you can use a Rideword Hat for SP leech and a Suc/Incubus pet for leech too. For Reflect Build (More expensive and work only for some situations) Any Armor with Orc Lord (IF POSSIBLE) or peco peco Thanatos Spear [1] or grimmtooth or moonlight dagger or a Gungnir [2] Carded with hunter fly or manananggal. Thorny Buckler with High Orc. Overupgraded Valkyrian Manteau with any +MaxHP card Variant Shoes / Temporal Boots Accessories are bassically for HP purposes, vit gloves or something wich gives damage. You will use reflect damage or reflect shield, for reclect damage you'll need SP leech gears so Rideword Hat ever. Exceed break is a PvP focused Build I did not explored this build much. Use WoE set with a good upgrade pvp deffensive and offesnive cards (they are basically the same for almost all jobs), take the heavyest spear you have and try the luck.
  13. FXFreitas

    Flying Side Kick

  14. FXFreitas

    [Rebellion] Quick Draw Shot - Misc

    QDS does not Have any cooldown or delay, it is a spammable skill who can be used everytime chain action procs. Like double attack or triple combo this does not cancel the autoattack, this skill does not remove the crimson marker when used, and procs with any active marker (even of other rebellions) like Dragon tail and Hammer of God, but does not remove the mark. This procs only with chain action, does not work with double attack or any other multi hit autoattack skills. This skill works with eternal chain's chain action procs with any weapon. Well thats all I know about this skills, phew how much info...