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  1. Grieffy


    Confirm your account on your email.
  2. Grieffy

    Hundred Spear Dmg Reduce 30%

    ATK [{(600 + (Skill Level x 80) + (1000 - Weight of the Spear)} x (1 + [(Caster’s Base Level - 100) / 200])] % + Clashing Spiral level x 50% > 1400% came from [{(600 + (Skill Level x 80)] -- I think what Inkfish fixed was, that is if we go with the 1.75 modifier (1 + [(Caster’s Base Level - 100) / 200])] % Before: (1 + [(Caster’s Base Level - 100) / 100])] %
  3. Grieffy

    Returning Player

    Hi, welcome back! 1. Infinity Space (instance) gives really good exp. I always see people running this instance a lot so finding a party should be easy, and sometimes helpers organise parties (: 2. Ranger DB RK And of course, full matk sorc
  4. Grieffy

    Couple's Memory

    Char names: Gucci and Chef Aiya Aiya Combo names: Aiycci Your love advice: Always trust before you love, because love is nothing without trUSt.
  5. Grieffy

    BG C Adjustments

    +1 nogloompls
  6. Again, some of the Helpers and Yuuki have explained it IN GAME and have answered some questions. Don't know if you were on that time, but sad to say if you weren't, it's not our issue, nor should it be yours, just the difference in timezone. Also, the point of the Changelogs is to make it brief and easy to understand. No one wants to read a wall of text explaining every update that's been made. If you want the guide edited so you can understand (what's already been 2-3weeks of change), then you have to wait. The staff and Helpers have their hands full IRL and in game. Going back to @Lamb Chop's suggestion for you. I have no idea when you asked to trade for badges, but if it's few hours ago, then it's no wonder cause majority of people who have badges are fast asleep at this time. --- Since this is a suggestion, I'll forward this to Yuuki and Lai, and we'll reach a final decision.
  7. First of, you need to calm down and try to rationalise. Really, if you don't visit the forums enough, that's on you, if you don't read the announcements that Yuuki and other Helpers make regarding this change, that's also on you. The guide will be updated and that's when you'll have your answers answered in FULL detail, but just keep in mind that it cannot be done in a snap of a finger. Regarding your oldBG badge-turned-Classic Badge: here. (Please don't say it doesn't explain anything, I know it doesn't I'm just proving to you that it wasn't a ninja change and that it was well announced ^^) There are shops in Battlegrounds for you to check what you can purchase from Classic and War Badges. And it's VERY straightforward as to what you can buy from which shop. Oh edited post. Introduction of Trans BG as well as part 2 of the Job Shadow Sets. -- Also if you converted them to KVM/BG Badges already, then you can convert them to Classic Badges at the Badge Conversion NPC --
  8. Not a ninja change mate. War Badges - Avenger Weaps, 3rd Job Shadow Set, and BG Consumables.
  9. Grieffy

    Daily chance to get 1st and 2nd job shadow armor

    It's random.
  10. Grieffy

    Spring Festival 2017

    You need 21 Flours (but it only takes 20). So I've heard..
  11. Grieffy

    Where can I buy cash equips/headgear equips?

    There is no slotted mid-lower headgears, just top and donation top. The donation headgears can be enchanted with Gemstones(top headgears) or Shards (low/mid/masks), and these can be purchased from Mato Mato in Asgard. Anyhow, closed. But if you need help feel free to pm me on forums or ingame (Grieffy)
  12. Grieffy

    ASG + Horn Card

    Can close, just a misunderstanding (:
  13. Grieffy

    ASG + Horn Card

    Item Name / Item ID ASG + Horn Card Describe the bug - how you tested Step 1 what did you do? Tested w/o shield - Damage: 13416 Step 2 what did you do? Tested w/ shield (no card) - Damage: 8720 Step 3 what did you do? Tested w/ shield + card - Damage: 8720 etc... Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) According to Yuuki, ASG + Horn Card should negate Horn Card (35-35 = 0% Redux from Range Atks) Your Char Name / Your Char Stats Irrelevant.
  14. Grieffy

    Assassins ability to equip arrows

    Follow the format please.
  15. Grieffy

    Cant enter GMT

    Hi there, please follow this format for this report and be sure to be as detailed as possible, since as it is we can't identify what the issue is: Also, if you could publish the screenshot somewhere (facebook eg. Send the screenshot to yourself and copy and paste the image here or make an imageshack account). Not sure about everyone else, but I cannot see the screenshot.