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  1. kisame13

    Changelogs - 200/70

    Stay safe and get well soon 😉
  2. hey are you still buying GTB card? if you are, I'm selling mine for 900m

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    2. kisame13


      gtb for 900m ??

      cool =)

    3. ekis


      sorry i've sold it yesterday. :(


    4. kisame13


      it's ok bro =)

      thx for informing me ^^

  3. i am interested Vanargand Helm , do you still have it ? 

  4. kisame13

    Couple of question (:

    that's mora enchants search irowiki mora quest and mora enchants on google
  5. kisame13

    gemstone update

  6. kisame13

    King's Honor Preview

    sounds good
  7. kisame13

    DP Top Hat -> DP Top Costume

    The only reason ppl bought the DP is for the gemstones effect i'm against reducing their effect
  8. kisame13

    DP Top Hat -> DP Top Costume

    i don't hate the idea as long as the bonus u get from the dp hat won't go down like why lower it from +15 all stats to +12 no point removing the slot then from +5 to +4 all stats per gemstone sounds quite reasonable u lose a slot but u gain all stats +1
  9. kisame13

    Mors and Bios Island CD

    it happened to me few times too :'(
  10. kisame13

    Making WoE God Equipment with Slot

    Smart move sir
  11. kisame13

    Let the Sunshine!

    +1 for the fruit basket event <3