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  1. I am getting the same issue unfortunately. I followed the instructions - downloaded the recent patcher, replaced the old files, and still the same
  2. Hi folks! At first, I decided to create this very short link compilation for my own use, but since I will be making one, I might as well share it to the whole world. NOTE: I am quite a noob, so if you guys find any wrong or missing information on this thread, please just tell. I will be happy to edit and update it thoroughly. My goal in creating this is to collect ideas on how people can maximise their time in collecting these Splendide/Mora Coins. Also, credits to iROwiki site and other various RO sites linked in here. Minor Notes: @go 32 teleports you to Midcamp @go 29 teleports you to Eclage @go 33 teleports you to Mora Mora Coins can be used to purchase these good equips plus enchant them. Splendide Coins can be used to, well the only good way to use them right now is by exchanging them into Str/Dex/Vit/Luk gloves, and to convert several headgears into CEs. Splendide Coins Daily Quests (24-hour cooldown) Collecting Draco Eggs - gives 1 Manuk and 1 Splendide Coin. requires access to Yggdrasil Dungeon (Two Tribes). Alfheim Perfume - gives 2 Splendide Coins. requires Ring of Ancient Wise King Laphine Craftsman - gives 3 Splendide Coins. requires 15 Crystallized Teardrop and 15 Fluorescent Liquid, plus access to Yggdrasil Dungeon (iRO Wiki says it has 18-hour cooldown, so I'm unsure) One-time quests: You can only complete these quests once per character Two Tribes - gives 15 Manuk and 25 Splendide Coins. requires Ring of Ancient Wise King Guardian of Yggdrasil - gives 10 Manuk or 10 Splendide Coins. requires Ring of Ancient Wise King and Report of New World Quest. also, this is where the dragon who drops Proxy appear resides. Mysterious Robbery - gives you 2 Splendide Coins. requires access to Eclage (@go Eclage, /lol), plus hunting 30 Petal and 5 Menblatt Mora Coins Daily Quests (24-hour cooldown) Knights of the Neighborhood - two components: First, you will get a one-time quest which gives you 2 Mora Coins but requires 30 Lope's Clue plus Helping Lope and Euridi quest Then, it becomes a daily quest which gives you 1 Mora Coin but requires 200 Mysterious Seeds Bow-Wow - gives 1 Mora Coin. requires a set of any of the following: Insect Feeler - 4 Immortal Heart - 5 Rotten Bandage - 1 Orcish Voucher - 3 Skel-bone - 3 Woof-grr gives 1 Mora Coin. requires a set of any of the following: Memento - 2 Shell - 3 Scale Shell - 3 Venom Canine - 2 Sticky Mucus - 5 Elephantine gives 3 Mora Coins. requires you to hunt a sent of any of the following: Pom Spider - 3 Angra Mantis - 4 Parus - 5 Little Fatum - 6 Miming - 7 Soul Guide - gives you 0 (yes, 0) to 20 Mora Coins. requires you to go to Hazy Forest and find random people. More information in this very good guide, maps and all. One-time quests: You can only complete these quests once per character Theore's Request - gives 10 Mora Coins. requires Ring of Ancient Wise King Helping Lope and Euridi - gives 10 Mora Coins. requires 30 Lope's Clue Find the Research Tools - gives 37 Mora Coins. requires Wandering Guardian Quest (aka Hazy Forest)
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    Costume Headgear List

    I still think that the change is good. Besides, there are still things which cannot be acquired anywhere else unless via Donation (e.g. Costume Garments, and the Gemstones themselves). I'm not pro enough to determine if that is enough to satisfy the people who donated, but if it isn't, then maybe, new items can be introduced in the future that will cater specifically for them. ---- Going back to the topic: Thanks again for the list. What does rainbow poring look like when worn?
  4. I couldn't post a topic in Report section, since the fields display "Required" even if I filled them out properly. So I am reporting it here. ----- Name: Otani Support Violation: BG AFKing Time: 11/5, 3:32PM GMT+8 He was there, standing the whole time. I also asked him if he was AFKing and told him that it was a violation, to which he did not respond.
  5. 1. Do we have a guide that lists down all possible headgears that Event Boxes drop? I am targetting a specific costume top/mid/low, and I want to know which box should I open. 2. Just to clarify: If I recycle my current costume top/mid/low, I will get 100% CP, and then I can use the CP to buy costume garments/amulet, right?
  6. ChoChoCho

    Items in Vote Point/Event Point Store can be discounted

    Thank you guys!
  7. Items in Vote Point/Event Point Store can be discounted Is this normal?
  8. ChoChoCho

    question about costume headgears and recycling

    Thank you Lai.
  9. I have several new questions, I hope you guys won't mind: I am an AS Ranger who only do PvM/Instances/MVP. 1. How many VIPs will I consume to get my "+9 WW Suit with EA1" to EA3 EA3 EA5 enchant? Will it be 15 VIPs? 2. Perhaps you can help me decide on which gemstones to get for my Costume HGs? I'm thinking 4 Destructions, etc. Thank you in advance
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    where can i get advanced binoculars?

    Thank you Guarho
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    where can i get advanced binoculars?

    Hi! Question: Where can I get Advanced Binoculars? It's not in Mr. Wise Thanks so much! (Reason: I'm targeting Hawk Eyes)
  12. Questions (Farming for my farmer ranger) 1. How much is a fair price for thanatos card, so I know how much I should save? 2. I just visited BG yesterday, and noticed that the equipments are changed. IS Scatter Shadow Set (armor and weapons) better than the 1st/2nd-job specific shadow set (armors and weapons)? My aim is to be able to solo instances, if possible (because, farming). I don't worry much about PvP/WoE for now. Thank you so much
  13. Thank you very much. You have been very helpful I have been reading on; more questions. 1. I cannot see the Archer Shadow Earring/Pendant in the Classic/War BG shop. Any ideas? 2. There is a statement that says What set is he referring to? (I was thinking the 2items for Archer, 2 items for Hunter, and 2 items for Ranger set, but I might be wrong).
  14. Question:  What can I do with "Donation Token"?  I forgot what it is for.

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      It currently doesn't serve any purpose.

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      Thank you Akin!

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      Mou man tai.

  15. Thanks Caphleo. I appreciate very much the answers. Oh, I see. Forgive me for asking more, but perhaps you can help me on this one: Here are my equips: I saw Zohan's Ranger Guide and that gave me a good idea on what I should work on. My only worry for now is that I want to progress as pragmatically as possible so that I can "feel" the benefits of what I bought/farming. I used to have AHB but I broke it I'm planning to get another one as well once Comodo Quest is opened again. Thanks for the info about Shadow Gears. Since I only PvM, I'll probably get Hunter Shadow Armor and Hunter Shadow Shoes, then Scatter Shadow for everything else. ------ Maybe you can shed some light on the following: 1. Given the amount of zeny that I have/will have, what would be the most beneficial way to spend it? I was thinking Thanatos, but since you mentioned it won't help much, I was thinking that the 9-10B zenny spent to Thanatos card is better spent somewhere else given my current state. 2. For my +9 WWS/WWB/WWM. I heard that we can now safely enchant it with the stats that I want using VIP coins (via Asgard Godly Enchanter). Would you suggest going after there first? (VIP = 125m) 2.a. I am planning to upgrade the bow to +10 before enchanting it. And then I'm set. 3. (I'm about to google this) Where do I get Hawkeye/Golden Fish or Spiked Scarf/Pendant of Maelstorm? 4. You mentioned about the instances worth farming here. What are the newer instances that are worth farming? I saw your Instance Guide and I was only able to enter some of them since I just came back. ----- The thing that frustrates me the most (yet gives me the excitement) is that for some instances, it takes around 2-3 AS to kill the monsters. Even dungeons such as Dragon Nest level 3/Scaraba are like that. And I had to kill fast; otherwise, I'm the one that will get killed. And hence, I created the thread. Once again, I really appreciate the help. Thank you so much
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    [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    This is fun. Is it an "Equip" item?
  17. I see! Thank you very much. 1. I backread a bit and there was a post about making lots of rangers to farm Mora Coins. Maybe this is possible for Autumn Headband. After all, it's not that hard to level to 100 anymore. 1.a. Thank you for the info. I'll research a bit more. 2. Thanks. The VIP Coin to have 100% Success Rate at Godly Enchanter is something new to me. I'll look into that. 3. Thanks! Thanks for the help
  18. Hi, Thanks so much for creating the guide. Very very useful. I am looking at the Intermediate Setup part, particularly for hunting/farming purposes. I have some questions, some of which are a bit noobish sorry. But I hope you guys won't mind me asking: 1. Autumn Headband. We can only do this quest once, right? How do people get around with +7/+9 Autum Headband when there's a chance of breaking? I tried upgrading mine, and it broke at +5. 1.a. How do I get this? Essence of Evil STR Level 3. It's the first time that I saw it. Also, can an Autumn Headband contain both Essence of Evil and a Card? 2. +7 Great Big Crossbow [2]. ex: EA1 EA2 {Expert Archer, Sharp, and or Crit Enchants} Same question with #1. I guess people really do risk a lot by enchanting those stuff and then upgrading it after. How much do these cost nowadays (those +7 with enchanted ones?) 3. I'm about to Google this one but I might as well ask: How do I get those Shadow Armors? ---- On a personal note, I find hunting with Rangers really superb. The only thing that does not make it enjoyable is that: a. I die, a lot. And so whenever I farm, I had to return to Asgard every 3-5mins or so just to get the full HP/Buffs again. b. The ArrowStorm cooldown is too long. Was there a change in the cooldown within the past few months, or was my hiatus just long? Last time I played, I was farming Stones in Thanatos tower while occassionally doing Bifrost quests (e.g. Wandering Dragon) to earn Zeny. Anything more than that is a lot harder (I die a lot). Now that I am back, I want to take it up a notch and try to do harder solo-able instances. And so I went to this thread to try building up my gears first. Thank you! ------ Addition: Just to give you guys more idea on my current status: I started playing a Doram, and it was fun. I tried hunting for his gears (the elegant ones, aka those which drop in Lasagna Dungeon 3). My hunter is having really a hard time dealing damage and taking hits in there, and coupled with a low drop rate, I don't find it enjoyable.
  19. i just came back after around a year?  what did i missed?

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      Hmm.. Just check changelog for the past year? /heh There's a lot to mention.

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      Thanks Akin :D  I remember you, and your Mushishi Profile Picture

  20. This is going to be a whiny-but-decent post. Please bear with me. Hey guys! As you know, I joined Halloween 2015 Halloween Fashion Event. For my entry, I posted a picture of mine in the most glaring post that I can think of. I borrowed a couple of red and white face powder, covered my whole face in it (with red in between the eyes to give that "menacing look" effect), and that's it. Lai posted it on his Facebook page. I decided to take a look, and I got a bit surprised (and downhearted) on the comments thereafter. Snapshot of Facebook conversation: Page 1 Page 2 And now, for my comment (which is the whole point of this thread): Anyone knows these guys? If you do, tell them that they are immature and impolite, and tell them I sure hope they do not treat strangers like this outside RO/Facebook. I would have told them this personally thru Facebook, but I reserve my Facebook account to very important matters concerning my close/intimate friends and acquaintances. I think Limit RO/forums is a more proper venue for these kind of messages since technically, I do not know those people in real life. And my sentiments: I do not really understand these kind of people. I am not butthurt or anything; being another man, I tend to be like this as well when I am with my close friends. We tease each other (hey, you're ugly; hey dipshit, you look ugly; hey stupid guy, you failed the exam, haha!). But those kind of harsh words are supposed to be reserved to those people whom you mingle with everyday. You say those things because you know them and they know you; that you did not really mean those things and it's just a some sort of expression to make fun of another. In short, you should only say these to those people who will not take your harsh words seriously. But if there's a stranger in front of you (e.g, you are in a business meeting): no matter how ugly that person is, you do not bluntly tell him that he does not look well. You say words which are related to the topic in a very prompt way. If you really need to say bad things to him, you do it in a very polite manner in such a way that he will not take it against you. I think this kind of behaviour should be what Bry Yan, Nicolie Fabian, or Loui Dela Cruz Penalba did in the Facebook post. If you do not know the person in real life, you have to be careful of what you are going to say to him. In fact, what they did was a very cowardly act; they probably thought the person in the picture will never see their mean comments or something. tl;dr version: Those guys are mean, and I sure hope that that is not how they act in real life. I am not being butthurt; the whole point of this post is to vent out my thoughts on the unruly behaviour that those guys did. If anyone is going to tell me that this is not CarebearRO or go play Hello Kitty Online, so be it. But just so you know, this is not about being sensitive; this is about being civil and polite in nature, which is what the society demands when you're in a public situation and is talking to/are talking about a person who you do not know. And someone needs to tell those guys the real deal, or else, they will continue to act like this. And if you guys are wondering how I look like in normal situations, without scary stuff and all, here is my real picture ( I like playing RO, but I also love going out with my buddies and playing tennis. I am a software engineer specialising in UX/infrastructure, and I do astronomy-physics-calculus-logic readings/exercises in my spare time. I play drones (quadcopters) and build robotics. Now I daresay tell you that I am definitely a lot more decent-looking that those people who posted mean comments. Thank you so much for bearing with my lengthy and really unnecessary post.
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    jRO Shadow Chaser

    It looks so fluffy. Anyhow, artwork is nice, although I do miss the time when Myungjin Lee was the one doing the artworks for the characters. He was really really good.
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    gotta love those topless guys in teh banner