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  1. Costume Headgear List

    I still think that the change is good. Besides, there are still things which cannot be acquired anywhere else unless via Donation (e.g. Costume Garments, and the Gemstones themselves). I'm not pro enough to determine if that is enough to satisfy the people who donated, but if it isn't, then maybe, new items can be introduced in the future that will cater specifically for them. ---- Going back to the topic: Thanks again for the list. What does rainbow poring look like when worn?
  2. I couldn't post a topic in Report section, since the fields display "Required" even if I filled them out properly. So I am reporting it here. ----- Name: Otani Support Violation: BG AFKing Time: 11/5, 3:32PM GMT+8 He was there, standing the whole time. I also asked him if he was AFKing and told him that it was a violation, to which he did not respond.
  3. Items in Vote Point/Event Point Store can be discounted

    Thank you guys!
  4. question about costume headgears and recycling

    Thank you Lai.
  5. I have several new questions, I hope you guys won't mind: I am an AS Ranger who only do PvM/Instances/MVP. 1. How many VIPs will I consume to get my "+9 WW Suit with EA1" to EA3 EA3 EA5 enchant? Will it be 15 VIPs? 2. Perhaps you can help me decide on which gemstones to get for my Costume HGs? I'm thinking 4 Destructions, etc. Thank you in advance
  6. Items in Vote Point/Event Point Store can be discounted Is this normal?
  7. 1. Do we have a guide that lists down all possible headgears that Event Boxes drop? I am targetting a specific costume top/mid/low, and I want to know which box should I open. 2. Just to clarify: If I recycle my current costume top/mid/low, I will get 100% CP, and then I can use the CP to buy costume garments/amulet, right?
  8. Question:  What can I do with "Donation Token"?  I forgot what it is for.

    1. Akin


      It currently doesn't serve any purpose.

    2. ChoChoCho


      Thank you Akin!

    3. Akin


      Mou man tai.

  9. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    This is fun. Is it an "Equip" item?
  10. I see! Thank you very much. 1. I backread a bit and there was a post about making lots of rangers to farm Mora Coins. Maybe this is possible for Autumn Headband. After all, it's not that hard to level to 100 anymore. 1.a. Thank you for the info. I'll research a bit more. 2. Thanks. The VIP Coin to have 100% Success Rate at Godly Enchanter is something new to me. I'll look into that. 3. Thanks! Thanks for the help
  11. Hi, Thanks so much for creating the guide. Very very useful. I am looking at the Intermediate Setup part, particularly for hunting/farming purposes. I have some questions, some of which are a bit noobish sorry. But I hope you guys won't mind me asking: 1. Autumn Headband. We can only do this quest once, right? How do people get around with +7/+9 Autum Headband when there's a chance of breaking? I tried upgrading mine, and it broke at +5. 1.a. How do I get this? Essence of Evil STR Level 3. It's the first time that I saw it. Also, can an Autumn Headband contain both Essence of Evil and a Card? 2. +7 Great Big Crossbow [2]. ex: EA1 EA2 {Expert Archer, Sharp, and or Crit Enchants} Same question with #1. I guess people really do risk a lot by enchanting those stuff and then upgrading it after. How much do these cost nowadays (those +7 with enchanted ones?) 3. I'm about to Google this one but I might as well ask: How do I get those Shadow Armors? ---- On a personal note, I find hunting with Rangers really superb. The only thing that does not make it enjoyable is that: a. I die, a lot. And so whenever I farm, I had to return to Asgard every 3-5mins or so just to get the full HP/Buffs again. b. The ArrowStorm cooldown is too long. Was there a change in the cooldown within the past few months, or was my hiatus just long? Last time I played, I was farming Stones in Thanatos tower while occassionally doing Bifrost quests (e.g. Wandering Dragon) to earn Zeny. Anything more than that is a lot harder (I die a lot). Now that I am back, I want to take it up a notch and try to do harder solo-able instances. And so I went to this thread to try building up my gears first. Thank you! ------ Addition: Just to give you guys more idea on my current status: I started playing a Doram, and it was fun. I tried hunting for his gears (the elegant ones, aka those which drop in Lasagna Dungeon 3). My hunter is having really a hard time dealing damage and taking hits in there, and coupled with a low drop rate, I don't find it enjoyable.
  12. i just came back after around a year?  what did i missed?

    1. Akin


      Hmm.. Just check changelog for the past year? /heh There's a lot to mention.

    2. ChoChoCho


      Thanks Akin :D  I remember you, and your Mushishi Profile Picture

  13. jRO Shadow Chaser

    It looks so fluffy. Anyhow, artwork is nice, although I do miss the time when Myungjin Lee was the one doing the artworks for the characters. He was really really good.