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  1. Boon

    Refining items with different value

    Okays, thanks again for the clarification
  2. Boon

    Refining items with different value

    @Maguiia @Sephylon would Enriched Oridecon be better than whitesmith after +7? since the chance increased
  3. Boon

    Refining items with different value

    Thanks both! I would start to use +5 +6 tix now I should start stocking up on HD Oris/Elus, haha!
  4. Hi all, Just out of my own curiosity and some other newbies might want to know, what are the most efficient or affordable way to refine to +16? For example, if i have the following items Old Parasol (clean - around 10m) Royal Bow[2] (clean - around 50m) Haze Demon Blade (clean - 300m) Gxbow +0 Ea6 Illusion Ballista (god knows what value) Or Flattery Int6 +0 vs Heroic Plate Mail?? Just for value comparison Obviously it's not worth it to use say +11 ticket on Old Parasol in comparison to Illusion Ballista, I am curious how would ppl normally refine? Appreciate any advice and suggestions or link to some guides. Apologies if there is already a guide somewhere. Thanks a million.
  5. Boon

    Jupiter Thunder?

    Hi all, I keep getting crashes when i got hit by IS Infinite Osiris Jupiter Thunder, Anyone know how can i resolve this please? Thanks guys
  6. Boon

    Back to the game!

    Thanks guys! I am still trying to get my head around the market All prices changed so much
  7. Boon

    Back to the game!

    Hi all, I started LimitRO in 2009 and stopped around June 2016, almost 3 years now, Just downloaded it back today! hope to be active back soon! Can someone please suggest a post/quick guide on how i could improve my ranger/runeknight/sorcerer, my 3 favourite jobs, I am still in the era of Big Crossbow[2], Mental Stick, I would appreciate if someone could show what is the best gears for AS ranger, DB Runeknight, and Psychic wave farming sorcerer? Thanks
  8. Boon

    Guess the card

    Character Name : thealchemistry Card #: 1 Answer: Dolomedes Card
  9. remember to change the fruit basket to reward before maintenance ^_^just a warm reminder

  10. Hi... i saw u r buying +8 faw?

  11. Boon

    Help Romeo to get laid!

    you can choose to give flower list or fruit list.... you need all the 5 items in the list...
  12. Boon

    Rideword Hat

    okay, thanks
  13. Boon

    Rideword Hat

    Hi all, Can we still make Rideword Hat with 7 of each elemental books? I know we can hunt it straight from rideword but im still having 14 of each books >_< Additional question: Does Rideword Hat has the +9 Bonus in LimitRO ??
  14. Boon

    Baphomet horns and Large baphomet Horns

    follow the sealed shrine quest on iRo in Limit, you can warp straight to the place using Warper -> Instance -> Sealed Shrine It suggested to go with a party. Alternatively, you can just buy it from other players at Vending Harbour (@go16)
  15. Boon

    Error on DP Headgear?

    I'm not sure why too >_< it just sometimes... not always... hopefully no more trouble from now... thanks a lot for your help, Lai... Appreciate it