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  1. Fredox

    Well, well, well

    Welcome ! I begin RO ages ago too on kRO with my first char: a VIT merchant. What a pain lol
  2. Fredox

    Hello LimitRO World!

    Welcome back and have fun here
  3. Fredox

    [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    You forgot to say it's only a 30 day rental hat... Don't bother to do the quest guys, unless you want an useless Lai AFK on your head And since it's not written in the first post, you need to EQUIP the cutter for the last part. The quest is account bounded so you can begin it with a char and finish with another char.
  4. Fredox

    Finally *Sigh* >.<

    Nice one guys ! But this is really an annoying quest. I remember last week when Hilmir said "We know you are tired about gathering quest" LOL
  5. Fredox

    Hello, LRO!

    Welcome friend
  6. Fredox

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    ^ This. One year later, and always sooo accurate. I play on another server with around 2k people online and there is no cooldown or fee to speak on main and it is MUCH MUCH better. On Limit, you can't speak on global chat, period. Huge cooldown and if you try to socialize with people by using other chat, you get a warning by GM "use proper chat blabla" so yeah, no one speaks This is a MMO, and socializing is the most important thing in those game but killed in the worst and lazy way for prevent spammers. Sorry but I prefer to see spam in main than nobody use main/help at all. Only Recruit and Trade are active :/