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  1. Gemini

    New Headgears

    is a great idea,but i was thinking on it,and maybe some hats are too op for ur lvl............for example,Small Evil Horn(ATK, MATK 5%,MaxHP, MaxSP + 10% mid head...)for me are too op,is a donation hat whitout a shard on MID... checking better maybe only that one,but how many of those hgats are not donation?
  2. Gemini

    Pet System

    I don't remember:Pets have feed bar under theyr HP bar?....bcz if not,feed them when they are angry:neutral(if i don't wrong).. Best result u have from 24 to 74% of feed
  3. Gemini

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    nono, it works,but it's the old first picture,that AI works good...the second picture,instade,has inside all files u download from version 6.1,but whit those files,in everyway i try(also as u told me),doesn't work.....maybe i do something worng,yes.....but are u sure it works really?....i don't wanna said it's ur guilt,but i think it doesn't work good...
  4. Gemini

    LimitRO Halloween Event

    first in france,at the end of the year....then celtic went from france to england,and for last in ireland,polish and austria
  5. Gemini

    LimitRO Halloween Event

    just to point it....from what year?....because the first confirmed appear of this event is in 1556 in england,called all-hallows-eve or the night before saint-day....... or by celtics it's correct,but we have the same date in 3 country:ireland,england and france,like as the finish of old year and the beginning of there were 3 correct answer:england,france and ireland.........and u considered only ireland,but we had 3 group of celtics in europe,born at the same time.. first in france,then in england and last population in ireland....then small group in polish..
  6. Gemini

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    This is my last AI,wanna have prev? This is it:
  7. Gemini

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    eh lol...i never did it..w8 a moment..
  8. Gemini

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    Can u plz post a pic of ur AI?...just to see if i wrong something..XD
  9. Gemini


  10. Gemini


    rly tnx.....i hope the owner on that Vesper(i prefer don't tell theyr names)will read this topic to calm them all.... i don't wanna report what they told me,i don't wanna ask them ban....
  11. Gemini


    Plz,to who knows it,post a simply rules for ks... I've been blame for KS because i hit a Vesper in Moscovia dun(less forest1)till 20%of his hp,and when i told to them(who in theory summon it) to join my party for full exp and loots he try to gain time to make it heal....and i kill him...this is a noisy situation,because there's no owner for abra mvp in public maps,expecially if u do it where all go to fast exp.... Then they foolish me on main,but this is not important...can u make this point clear if u know if there are rules for it? From what i know,Abra mvp are not consider property of some1,and if u found it u can kill.....
  12. Gemini

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    oh......omg,i'm using windows7.....but let me ask,when u download AI version 6.1,how many files u have in?...i had 7,my old AI had 10
  13. Gemini

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    yes,and i install it to make my homu auto version doesn't work on my pc.....
  14. Gemini

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    ok i solve this bad situation,i copy my other PC AI,but idk what was wrong before........i know only this new AI is bigger than 6.1 version,but it works better.........