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  1. Rabi

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    i mean i played it fine, jia did it as well, maki did ok for that small amount of time that he came back and if anything i played the class way way more due to being more active than these other 3 i mention, so ya plenty of people did it the fact that ur only way to have any impact what so ever is to hit blind unexpecting people walking into a castle by themselfes kinda speaks for itself on your skill level(not the mention that the concept of gear swaping just seens to be alien to you given ur complains about bos and aoe skills lmao) but yeah im with you on the whole gx placing in the meta atm, honestly dont think gx is a problem class at all, people complaining about it just need to learn to play around it, i just want the bugs with ci to get fixed right now cause it creates some really dumb scenarios here and there
  2. Rabi

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    i tested it again just now and got completely different results from when i tested it when i came back :thinking:, then again i did it back when that ranged ci nonsense was happening so dunno if this also got fixed by proxy when that changed(unless i got ridiculous rng and just crited every time on all the tests i ran at that point, should have just played the lottery that day if that was the case ) but ye crit rate seens to be fixed now as for the gtb and bos comparison, thats a really shitty comparison but given ur mediocre track record as gx on this server i can see why u need every crutch u can get 😂 we had mayap on silk before and no cd bos and we still had people being able to play gx just fine back then when the class was arguably much weaker so...
  3. Rabi

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    as mentioned by someone else above already, ci is currently not making gx's jump to their targets in woe so that lets gx players get free picks on value targets with 0 risk from safe ranges and just cloak away safely unpunished and the other bug is one that affects not just ci but affects all these physical skills that got changed to be able to crit in the past months on kro, they all are supposed to have their crit chance halfed meanwhile here in limit they get full crit chance and that just makes their damage spiral out of control since people can just go full damage on their gears and still get 80-100% crit chance vs most targets just relying on consumables/buffs so really the problem with gx right now is that the current ci bugs + the fact that sunlight is custom nerfed on a woe format where you have no access to mayap just lets gx snowball out of control since they get a bunch of free damage on their build in an eviorement that gives gx all the safety in the universe
  4. Rabi

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    came back like 3 weeks ago, geting a bunch oldies to come back as well might start my own guild again dunno
  5. Rabi

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    honestly silk is fine as it is, only class that is somewhat out of hand right now is gx and thats due to CI not working properly here just fix that and get rid of that stupid ass cooldown you put on sunlight boxes years ago for god knows what reason and things should be fine this thread is legit just idiots that dont know how the game works complaining about shit they dont understand
  6. Rabi

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    he's inside your heart
  7. Rabi

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    i was hoping someone would follow up with that
  8. Rabi

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    no skill, no brains, no castles, no dignity dang i wonder if this kid has anything left to lose at this point
  9. Rabi

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    i wouldn't say most hated, it's more like most hilarious all this talk and 0 woe impact to back it up, you can't even tell when he's online and when he's not since he makes 0 difference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Rabi

    Mini Boss Card WoE rule change

    it's a pretty solid mech/sorc card
  11. Rabi

    Mini Boss Card WoE rule change

    now that you get 2 hg slots, there's no reasons to not main mayap on everything gratz pao your low iq suggestion finally made it in, time to sell my gx gears ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Rabi

    Support characters in WoE

    if you let a melee rk get in melee range you deserve to die, there's so many ways to stop that from happening...no one plays this build on officials for a reason again you people need less bitching and more improving gitgud
  13. Rabi

    Support characters in WoE

    a sheep's brain is pretty similar to a human brain and they are surprisingly cheap on the organ market and easy to find(around 12-20$ usd ea) and in your case it would be a huge upgrade, better having a sheep's brain than having no brain
  14. Rabi

    Support characters in WoE

    yeah right because giving extra 10% reduction to sura/sc/sorc is totaly not game breaking... lmao buy a brain pls @thread woe is fine as it is, either get good at it or get out simple as that
  15. Rabi

    Lightning Walk

    it shouldn't snap in woe