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  1. Reydou

    KVM Reward

    Before the old forum got wiped I kind of remember we got at the point that it was because of people going to one room and clicking on the chatbox of the other room and the other way around. Might be a lead to fix it.
  2. Reydou


    I just got one question. DID YOU GUYS CRY? Haha. Small reminders: 1) All that talking of yours over years to end up like this... sad. 2) I invented "QUITKAT", now it's a fatality, you shall quit forever. 3) I'm glad I used to rape you in woe, with a clean soul & account. Oh sweet karma..
  3. *Opens the door* WAHAHAHAHA nabs got ban. *closes*

  4. Reydou

    Sura Best Accessory Int Glove or Str Glove for Asura

    I'd say: - 2 bakonawa tattoos (switching to anything with marine sphere card to cast magnum break then switch back to tattoo) In case your cast is too slow and is getting interrupted: - 1 bakonawa tattoo (same thing for magnum break, but then switch to phen card inside str glove[1]) Forget about int gloves.
  5. Reydou

    Mechanic issues

    It will trigger when you or your homunculus get hit. Try to lure some monsters, use magma flow and see what happen.
  6. Good work I guess for satisfying player's requests with the easy refiner, atom, etc..

  7. Come on it doesn't take much time to revert changes to get the old atom back... Would be nice to do it for the next maintenance.

  8. Reydou

    Custom nerf 175/60 skills

    Let's first see how it goes. But nerfing only the ranger class is not fair. Rangers deserve to have "that skill", that thing giving them the advantage they never really had. It would be really overpowered if the cooldown was low enough to use it everytime they meet an enemy (talking about woe). So let's implement everything and see how it goes first, then we can, if necessary, adapt de cooldowns. (talking about all classes here)
  9. Reydou

    Feedback needed for Our NEW Client. (Including Q&A

    MUST FIX BEFORE WOE Tiger Cannon double hit @Edit Already report it to Inkfish. --- GM Future
  10. Reydou

    Feedback needed for Our NEW Client. (Including Q&A The timer might be gone on some other skills, but I didn't really had the time to check. @Edit Already report it to Inkfish. --- GM Future
  11. Timers(on some skills ex: Raising Dragon) and cicling on status icons are gone

  12. Hiten hiten :( even after loosing so many times in silk, and also right now 10-2, you keep crying that i use buffs? Here it is~

    1. Reydou


      even forgot autoguard :x

    2. F a i z

      F a i z

      LOL tht giganto is hiten?? Haha gotta report him :p