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  1. Keep dreaming dude. We ain't scared. We really dont care what you think. Talk to me if you have something more to say about us, you keep saying the same shit. We waiting for u guys on gvg too, you dont know how hungry we are! In any case, less talk, more play. We'll see you guys this weekend.
  2. You dreaming bro. Never saw cats dominating silk. If you guys dominate, why leave server when loki was updated? And why comeback after talking shit about server? Did you just taste your own medicine? Cant find another server you can dream on? Lol And please stop crying about jabba quitting gvg, that's hella old. U cant say other shit about us? We never quit gvg? You guys said you can't fight us 2 weeks after our gvg with potato. Yet you guys woe every weekend? You scared because you dont want us to improve our gameplan. P.S. stop begging for 2nd castle. Makes you look pathetic.
  3. Burning status still applies even though my character is wearing Matt Drainiliar. Matt Drainiliar works fine on Demonic Fire, but not Comet.
  4. Roycee

    Scar of Tarou Cooldown

    Scar of Tarou has no CD.
  5. Roycee

    Magic Mushroom Bug

    Magic Mushroom gives 50% ACD reduction.
  6. used @battlestats and showed no increase on MDEF
  7. Roycee


    Up We are now open for recruitment. Mainly looking for Silk WoE players. PvM players also is allowed. PM me Silent Stalker or @go 22 PS - leave me a message since I will be afk most of the time lol
  8. Roycee

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Silent Stalker Time Zone: GMT -7 Time in LimitRO: 2014 Time in RO: 2006
  9. Roycee

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Silent Stalker Time Zone: PST, GMT-7 Time in LimitRO: 6+ years Time in RO: 13 years
  10. Roycee

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    Guys, lets all calm down and just watch me dance. 😅 Stop stressing and dance salsa instead. 😁 Life is all about having fun, same goes to playing Limit RO. Cheers! Reno2019.mp4
  11. Roycee


    Jabbawockeez We are a Silk WoE and PvM Guild. We offer monthly guild events with VIP Coins as rewards, on-going guild bounty quests (Deepsea Items), BG 2 committee, and fun/laughter on discord chat/voice. We accept newbie/experienced players. Our timezone is North America/Europe, but other timezones are also welcomed. We just play for FUN! PM Silent Rogue, Imperius Curse, w s N a y r, Claire Einfield when you're in-game. Recruitment Form Link: (Please fill out form. Thanks!) Jabbawockeez Recruitment Form Requirements to join the guild: Must be active (can play for at least 5 hours per week) Discord-active Must able to speak/write/understand English, especially in Discord Non-toxic player Instances (Common ones we do everyday, but we can also do other instances by request): OGHN OGHH HTF SkyFortress Infinity Space Isle of Bios Morse Cave TODG Other things provided: Guildbase Monthly Guild Events Guild Bounty Quest Trashtalk-Free Guild
  12. Roycee

    Looking for members~

    go 22 at anytime. some can accommodate you there. XD
  13. Roycee

    Make a Video

    Character Name: iFirst Video Link: Short Description: Solar Temple Run. PiruliNMECHA killing Solar MVP while we spectate. 😂
  14. Roycee

    The Memory Records Quest

    Grab another 5 memory records. And go back to the NPC beside the record player and talk to the record player. Go back to aureth and he'll give you the report
  15. Great guide! Was thinking of starting one too since there's no updated genetic guide out here anymore lol Just one thing, 90 base agi is more ideal, that way you utilize golden wings more, especially at +16.