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  1. Movies/Books/Series Recommendations

    you make me hungry mode. hate you later have to go buy some.
  2. Movies/Books/Series Recommendations

    Action Series drama : Hawaii 5-O
  3. Introduce yourself!

    ofcoz you are a human unless you came from mars
  4. KVM - Fix KVM Batch

    Oh okey
  5. KVM - Fix KVM Batch

    uhm it happen during woe and after woe, okey i think i might have time to play kvm in that time by the way Malaysian time is +8GMT right ?
  6. Introduce yourself!

    hai ~
  7. KVM - Fix KVM Batch

    that is a nice idea, just put ur fix time when u do kvm, i might join you when i have a free time or bored time
  8. Introduce yourself!

    what's up everybody last time i play was when the server still have 2k-2.5k people, just back play ragnarok again last week, it sure got a lot of change.