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  1. sorry sir, -1 for this topic sir
  2. MudaMuda

    DP Top Hat -> DP Top Costume

    still can we refine the DP Costume to +9 later, if this implemented?
  3. MudaMuda


    @Sheep Po.. LOL AT U SIRRR... No guild has beaten u? when was that? DO U MEAN when u WIN WITH WPE?? and anyway why do u think this is all about make KK lose sir..?? there are other ppls who get banned too.
  4. MudaMuda


    sir, if u think u are all innocent, better u give us ur char/storage SS as a proof that u are innocent than u just expose more weird SS which we dont know from wer u guys got it. so we can help u or help lai to judge.
  5. MudaMuda

    Change WOE Castles

  6. MudaMuda

    Show yourself!

    @Rohail : pls show us Mira's Pict.. i am sure all LIMIT need it. hihi.. or pls convince mira to show his in this thread.. hehe
  7. MudaMuda

    Update Castle Treasures

    Woe is dead might be bcoz Chloe Demej is too OP sir.. no one can tank it. and i got someone who has same think with me. hehe
  8. MudaMuda

    Update Castle Treasures

    Higher chance for +10 food please
  9. MudaMuda

    Split current silk FE WOE into 2 timeslots

    Keep Trying Mr. JIA <3
  10. server closed?

    1. F a i z

      F a i z

      LOL as always it crashed yet again, try logging in after a few min . hahahah