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  1. I think this is not yet fix. Still no graphics or animation of the white imprison
  2. When I have no Frost Nova the damage was this: When I learned Lvl 10 Frost Nova, 50% of Target's MDEF was not bypassed. The damage remained on the same range as having no Frost Nova:
  3. With the stats above, I should have 175/10 + 201/10 = 17 + 20 = 37 Mind Slots With that, I should be able to read at most 3 Earth Strain spells following this table Spell Book Rank Spell Book Mind Slots Beginner Spell Book (Cold Bolt) 7 Spell Book (Fire Bolt) 7 Spell Book (Lightning Bolt) 7 Intermediate Spell Book (Earth Spike) 8 Spell Book (Heaven's Drive) 9 Spell Book (Jupitel Thunder) 9 Spell Book (Thunder Storm) 9 Spell Book (Lord of Vermilion) 10 Spell Book (Meteor Storm) 10 Spell Book (Storm Gust) 10 Spell Book (Water Ball) 9 Superior Spell Book (Chain Lightning) 12 Spell Book (Crimson Rock) 12 Spell Book (Drain Life) 8 Spell Book (Earth Strain) 12 Ultimate Spell Book (Comet) 22 Spell Book (Tetra Vortex) 22 Earth Strain takes 12 slots; thus, 37 mind slots is enough to store 3 Earth Strain. Few Investigation Result: ES/CR/CL consume around12.5 slots LOV/MS/SG consume around 10.5 slots DrainLife consumes around 8.5 slots WB consumes around 9.5 slots Source: iRO Wiki Reading Spell Book LimitRO Wiki Reading Spell Book
  4. Your Char Name What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? Enter Sky Wave Mode Instance Describe the bug as much as possible. Each wave of sky wave has more than 10 monsters. Expected is that each wave should only have 10 monsters. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) iROWiki Wave Mode LimitROWiki Wave Mode iRO Sky Wave Mode Video Have you tested? Yes
  5. LimitRO Broken Mind does not drop Herb of Incantation
  6. Herb of incantation is not tradable. It can't be placed in cart.
  7. Currently, no graphic is showing for White Imprison Target as shown below: Without this, it's difficult to visually determine if the skill has worn off.
  8. GM @Lai, does this also apply to BG?
  9. @Lai, I think this is not a bug anymore because of this
  10. Nice. Report Center has better tabs

  11. Topic Item Report Items not allowed in BG Steps to reproduce. Join Conquest or Rush BG (new maps) Equip item with MVP card I was able to wear a shoes with FBH card * I wasn't able to test with KVM items nor Equip with > +10 refine. Screenshots to follow. KVM Weapon SS Affected Maps were written in the chatbox Give your source BG Revamp Your Char Name: test wl
  12. @Yuuki , New BG maps do not have item restriction... I was able to wear MVP. Is this intended?

    1. Yuuki


      A B or C

    2. tsukiko22


      New Maps of Conquest and Rush

    3. Yuuki


      Nope, not intended.

  13. Is BG still not playable?

  14. @Yuuki, thanks for finding a way to fix this! A Christmas Gift indeed