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  1. onlycalz

    DP items gone?

    hi, im old player and have just returned to limit ro i'm kinda shocked to see all my DP items were gone (upper ,Mid, and lower headgear) can someone give me an explanation why this situasion can happen? thanks a lot
  2. onlycalz

    Turn off game texture?

    this isnt illegal? wow
  3. maybe you can post a ss tht u hve the Donation Headgears?
  4. onlycalz

    installer included gepard?

    wow, thankies GM lai now i can log in easily thanks a lot! xD
  5. onlycalz

    installer included gepard?

    hello good players! xD i wanna ask, if i download the small installer, do i need to download the GePard again or the small installer included GePard already? thankies! xD
  6. onlycalz

    Hi! Warriors Of Midgard

    welcome to LimitRO!
  7. onlycalz

    Leaf Cat Donation Head Gear and more!

    -1 to this
  8. onlycalz

    Kagerou/Oboro - Shadow Jump (WOE)

    well, if u got nice equips and know how to play kagerou/oborou, theycan be super troll in woe, they even can kill some players in woe, kagerou can dodge some skills, kagerou can heal themself k, kagerou is useless xD
  9. onlycalz

    download link having problem?

  10. onlycalz

    download link having problem?

    Hello there, i invited my friend to play this server, so i told him to downlod the files using torrent, but now he can't open the patcher, tried to redownload the files, but the pather wont responses tried with run as admin, run with compability and even downloaded the hashield any help? thankyou
  11. onlycalz

    how to get green apple ring?

    but, still, i suggest you to be maxed 1st, cause you will get stats bonus
  12. onlycalz

    how to get green apple ring?

    well, I'm not sure you can do that, cause Limit have a custom npc which you can use that to change your 2nd class to 3rd class so, why you want to do the quest if you can be instant 3rd job? xD *joke and well, the ring is kinda useless for high level chars, cause it will reduce the stats of the player who use tht ring :s Limit RO is easy to level, you can reach 3rd job in 45 mins, and be maxed in 1 weeks (ET, abra , and MVPing), so if you get that ring via quest, it will be useless for you, trust me xD
  13. onlycalz

    Leveling beyond 160

    I suggest u to join et (endless tower) every 5 lvls, theres an mvp, just main for a party xD
  14. onlycalz

    ★ Jaz`s Art Shop ★

    so, u will send the link to us after it finished?
  15. onlycalz

    ★ Jaz`s Art Shop ★

    so, the picture will be on your tumblr? im interested: