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  1. I can't update my game to the latest version. Anyone know why?

    1. Sundark


      You need to re-download it from scratch, see new full client.

    2. marynightly


      ahh man. okay thank you very much :3

  2. damn allergies *,,*

  3. omfg its been awhile.

  4. Got my leaf cat! <3 Thanks Ragster <3

    1. Snafu


      cheeers~ a good start for this year :D

    2. iRagster


      pfff~ lol yea yea~

  5. Ragaster you butt, sell me a leaf cat egg.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. iRagster


      the food is available in the shop~ :3

    3. iRagster


      Im back in-game~

    4. Snafu


      congrats on geting yer leaf cat, Marry XD nice price drop XD

  6. If you need me...too bad because I'll be blazing it and stuffing my face with potato chips.

    1. Snafu
    2. iRagster


      then my leaf cats will leave you~ :3

    3. marynightly


      Its a good new years yes Myeongwol? X333

      And boo on you ragster! <3

  7. Happy New Years Eve from the east coast of the USA <3

  8. B> Leaf Cat Egg, offer price!

    1. iRagster
    2. marynightly

      marynightly your laptop fixed yet? Can you get in game?

    3. Fluffy Ribbons

      Fluffy Ribbons

      lets hack ragsters account :3

  9. stay chill, stay happy <3

  10. Then one day you find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

  11. marynightly

    Cat Santa Hat Christmas Event Item Doesn't Work?

    I tried running the RUS kRO patcher, but it keep failing :/ Never mind, I'm a dumb ass, I was logged on in game while trying to update, geeze.
  12. marynightly

    Cat Santa Hat Christmas Event Item Doesn't Work?

    Sorry do you mean download the patch client over again? The full one?
  13. marynightly

    Cat Santa Hat Christmas Event Item Doesn't Work?

    The little item image doesn't even show up for me.
  14. Alright so I finally managed to get a Cat Santa Hat item on my male account. And I see it doesn't work. Is that going to be fixed? I would like to give it to my GF but not if its gonna crash her game.