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  1. Deepsea City Treasures

    Hi, In description of item Ring of Arc Priest it shows requirement of 150 Shards of Gigantes...but i have made one ring yesterday and the requirement was only of 100 Shards of Gigantes... Plz correct in description and item image is also not proper it shows of Rebel scarf...
  2. Hi zohan, Just hve few questions on this build.. I have same equips as yours but the point is i m nt getting 193 aspd with AB buffs and shadow equipments... And 100 or 110 agi is not working at all...i m getting 193 aspd when my agi is 123...this without foods.. I have +9 WW set...with enchants and +9AHB.. So i wanna ask that is it compulsary tht +20 food is the requirement... And is there is same situation with you ??? Please help me... And FS 13 is better or Atk enchant in WWM ??? Thankz
  3. Is server down...getting error failed to connect to server ??

  4. Dam so irritating again closed :(

  5. Whats Happng to server ??

  6. S >> RSX card mail offers on S i L k thankz :)

  7. Any GM online ?? Checking Server Problem ??

  8. whts happng server down ??

  9. hii can any help me which gemstone required for ranger dp hat and which shards are required..plzzz hlp thankz a tone :)

  10. hii guys...plzz hlp when i m using true sight skill my aspd should increase by 1...but its nt increasing...when i m using awkng portion by aspd increase by 3...and my aspd get stuck at 188...when i use buffs and food of reaches 192...i use atten cont and all buffs

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    2. S i L k

      S i L k

      My agi 120...can it be a matter of my lvl my ranger is 156 lvl...???

    3. Smiter of the Gods

      Smiter of the Gods

      Nope. You lack agi still. Get some agi gears or enchants or cards.

    4. raitard


      are you sure you're doing it right..? I get 193 aspd with sniper goggles without foods :o