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  1. sick and pretty..hoho...*cough *cough

    1. The Kiss

      The Kiss

      Take a good deserved rest... also medicine.

  2. Typhoon~~~

    1. The Kiss

      The Kiss

      You guy have had it really tough this year...

  3. Introduce yourself!

    HI!!! oh yeah! =D Yes to all those! (*except to the 3rd job equips not sure about that all I know is you've got to earn them hehe..) Play NOW!!! =) nice to meet you! see you in game! Zhafrina [AB] Amycus [Ranger] Khatnis [Gene] Whilhelmina [sorc] Catherina Sforza [RG]
  4. so many things to do...but I'm feeling lazy to to all of them...haha

    1. JiroSan


      me also.. 2day is my super lazy day~

    2. Zhafrina


      everyday is a lazy day!! bwahaahaha!!!

  5. Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone! I'm Miyuki aka Zhafrina(AB)/Amycus(Ranger) in the game... i'm an oldie in RO but a newbie in LimitRO...just started last June with my brother...=) I love the server! <3 a lot of nice people. Nice to meet you guys and gals (I hope the number of girl players will increase..haha..)