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  1. sick and pretty..hoho...*cough *cough

    1. The Kiss

      The Kiss

      Take a good deserved rest... also medicine.

  2. Typhoon~~~

    1. The Kiss

      The Kiss

      You guy have had it really tough this year...

  3. Zhafrina

    Introduce yourself!

    HI!!! oh yeah! =D Yes to all those! (*except to the 3rd job equips not sure about that all I know is you've got to earn them hehe..) Play NOW!!! =) nice to meet you! see you in game! Zhafrina [AB] Amycus [Ranger] Khatnis [Gene] Whilhelmina [sorc] Catherina Sforza [RG]
  4. Zhafrina

    Can't read the Main =(

    thank you so much for taking time in answering my questions...=) really appreciate it. I think it'll be okay now.
  5. Zhafrina

    Can't read the Main =(

    hmm..haven't tried that..could you tell me how? thank you!
  6. Zhafrina

    Can't read the Main =(

    Can somebody help me with my main chat? I can post using main, but I can't read the main of others....=((( I tried the @main on and it says it's activated already, but I still can't read whenever someone's using it...
  7. so many things to do...but I'm feeling lazy to to all of them...haha

    1. JiroSan


      me also.. 2day is my super lazy day~

    2. Zhafrina


      everyday is a lazy day!! bwahaahaha!!!

  8. Zhafrina

    A Few Suggestions for Community Improvement

    good evening...hmm I hope there would be more hair styles for the characters...especially for the girls...=)
  9. Zhafrina

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone! I'm Miyuki aka Zhafrina(AB)/Amycus(Ranger) in the game... i'm an oldie in RO but a newbie in LimitRO...just started last June with my brother...=) I love the server! <3 a lot of nice people. Nice to meet you guys and gals (I hope the number of girl players will increase..haha..)