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  1. chliz

    Ignition Break Critical Chance is too High

    I think RK crit skills should be needing 200 crit rate to always proc crit hit, But not sure. 78% proc at 40 crit rate is broken.
  2. chliz

    Lets Make BG crowded

  3. chliz

    Lets Make BG crowded

    Put +10 food boxes in BG machine
  4. chliz

    Allow Elvira Card in Silk Settings

    -1 ask lai to ban dwigh, headless mule, and mavka cards instead. Then unban deviling and angeling. ❤️
  5. had my gx on 70% weight to prevent natural hp/sp regen. compared it with Death Hurt poison which recovers HP even under overweight status. Death Hurt poison replenished my HP. Toxin poison didn't replenish my SP, it replenished HP instead.
  6. chliz

    Star Stones Rebalance

    Releasing the limitro damage calculation formula would solve these kinds of scenarios.
  7. chliz

    Disable Canta and Pineberry in WOE

    15 seconds. It would ‘normally’ be difficult to tank ‘multiple’ damage sources using woe white pots only within 15 seconds, no?
  8. chliz

    Revamp Normal Woe

  9. chliz

    Revamp Normal Woe

    Of course there will be changes. 1-1=1? LMAO The main reason why silk woe is alive is because cash foods are disabled, gears are capped to +7, and OP gears are banned. normal woe is more reliant on cash foods due to the OP gears/revamps brought about by kRO updates and not everybody is willing to spend on cash foods.
  10. chliz

    Revamp Normal Woe

    -1 vip coin drop in castle is not the reason why silk is alive.
  11. It only shows 5% on @battlestats and doesn't give hit rate bonus stated on the skill description. **The 5% could be a visual bug for 50%. Or it could be meaning 5% per level. But in any case, it should either be showing 70% or 7% per level. The hit rate on status window remained on 427 instead of increasing by 10%.
  12. Item Swap doesn't interchange main shadow accessory with alternate shadow accessory. It just equips alternate shadow accessories into main shadow accessories slot. Screenshot #2: My Blitz Shadow Earring and Titan Shadow Pendant didn't go to the alternate slots.
  13. chliz

    Guild setup

    Ayy everyone calm your souls. Refrain from attacking each other and focus on adding inputs related to the main topic.
  14. chliz

    Guild setup

    1) it's almost impossible for a 24-member guild to effectively defend a castle against 3 guilds of 24 members. 36 members allows a lot more room for strategising instead, making it possible 2) Alliance is not what we're looking for - it implies that 2 established guilds should band together. Current silk woe scene has about 4 established guilds fighting each other - band them together with 2 castles open, it's basically happy ending that nobody wants where everyone has a castle to sit in and never fight. 3) You can say "your allied guild can just be an extension of your own guild" but no, it's not the same as extending the same guild to more members, because you lose out on flagging capability and have the same ecall together. And what's wrong with extending the guild cap to 36 really? Or any number for that matter