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  1. it's only giving 15% increase damage for counter slash when it should be 20%
  2. chliz

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    err, if that needs new client, then we'll just wait for the new client. let's just fix the important ones.
  3. chliz

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    The screenshot of CI with the brown crit bubble is included in this post.
  4. There is nothing under "Damage Increment" category in @battlestats
  5. most of the new poison effects don't work, magic mushroom being the only one working but the bonus is abnormal. should only be giving -10% after-cast delay bonus.
  6. > failed update #1: Cross Impact doesn't jump to the target. > failed update #2: Cross Impact is considered a long-range attack when it should still be melee. > failed update #3: Critical hit Cross Impact doesn't have the crit bubble. > failed update #4: Cross Impact animation still does 7 attack motions instead of 1.
  7. Thanos Katar = 220 atk ; +8 refine on lv4 weapon bonus = 56 atk +8 thanos katar = 276 atk Ruff Officer = 15 atk per 2 upgrade; 30 atk at +7 +7 Ruff Officer = 75 atk Combo Effect: "When equipped with Tarnos Katar, Atk + 20 per 2 refine rate of weapon." +8 Thanos = 80 atk from combo effect Total ATK should be 276+75+80 = 431, but i'm only getting 351.
  8. chliz

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    Bwahahaha don’t stress yourself @GoFress they got a hold of a good loophole. just farm as you normally would. this kind of farming will end soon. we just gotta wait for the update.
  9. chliz

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    dang loopholes. good thing an update is coming disabling autocasts being triggered by reflect. just let them enjoy the loophole while it lasts. @GoFress
  10. Guild Master: PooPoomm Guild Name: Pukimak Lim >>>> harassing Lim using an indecent guild name
  11. and so i checked my other weapon and it's also not getting the correct bonus: it's quite consistent with my jdr, instead of getting +48 from high upgrade (+15 > +16), it only gets +12.
  12. i just hope that Over Upgrade bonuses aren't bugged as well. can't check coz Over Upgrade bonus doesn't show on the status window.
  13. +10 JDR getting correct bonus which is 70 +16 JDR not getting the correct bonus which should be 160
  14. chliz

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    To be honest i don’t understand the damage calculations now. Modifiers all over the place. I dunno how atk%, weapon atk%, and physical damage% differ from one another. Or if they’re just one and the same. Do they stack additively or multiplicatively. Very confusing really.