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  1. chliz


  2. chliz

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    a good twist in enchantments. dragon nest feels.
  3. chliz

    Fenrir Chain

    Fenrir Chain - Divine Pride the combo with Vanargand Helm is good
  4. chliz

    Old Detachments Ring

  5. chliz

    Old Detachments Ring

    everything is OP right now. not just ranger. lol and it's a fact that items can be implemented with nerfed effects. so, why not? and if we were to look at pvp/woe/bg, 99% demihuman reduction is already basic now that we have militia gloves (not to mention the damage penalties in woe/pvp). so, I don't think this item will hurt that much. and besides, the item itself gives demihuman reduction +3%.
  6. chliz

    Old Detachments Ring
  7. added 10 more videos to my GX vs Green MvPs thread. pak rrf crash on fbh, vesper, and rsx recording. -.-

  8. chliz

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    Lol max level 190
  9. Happens to my gx as well. I think it’s because of jitterbug form’s animation delay.
  10. 1.) Armor element doesn't change to Ghost. Tested damage through Acid Demo. Acid Demo vs Consultation Robe Acid Demo vs Consultation Robe+Morrigane's Manteau Acid Demo vs Ghostring Card 2.) No bonus AGI and Flee. Didn't get +7 AGI nor +14 Flee. For some odd reason, Flee increased by 1 which shouldn't happen because LUK only increases Flee every 5 points.
  11. Haze Demon Blade seems to be on Neutral element as it's damage decreases when attacking Ghost element targets as shown on the next photo. +9 Haze Demon Blade vs Ghost If it were Ghost element, it's damage should decrease when hitting a Neutral element target: +9 Haze Demon Blade vs Neutral +9 Glory to the King Sword vs Neutral ***used +9 glory to the king sword coz i don't have a +9 scalpel (screenshot for comparison of Neutral vs Neutral. holy vs neutral is 100% anyway)