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  1. This, i do not know. But, it doesn’t make sense. I mean, it’s counterproductive. Making an announcement that you’re gonna hide hahahaha.
  2. tested it just now. it works fine, thanks.
  3. yes, tested it with dual. here, dual POV: tested it with friends also, so it's not grf-related either if that can even be edited in grf.
  4. Please remove the skill "shout" for these invisibility skills. It beats the logic of using invisibility skills. They never used to have "shouts" in the past anyway.
  5. I checked this on all elements, none of them gets applied. sample of correct element enchant on thanos weapon:
  6. Divine Pride - KRO cash items enchant
  7. chliz

    Sonic Blow CD

    kRO mass skills balance LimitRO changelog There currently aren't any card, gear, or shadow gear that reduces Sonic Blow cooldown.
  8. chliz

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    Dang you already closed it gm lai. I was planning to toy with this guy’s potato arguments. But, ok. Hahaha
  9. chliz

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    You guys all wasted your time posting here coz all of this was based on imagination. No proper proof. Just a screenshot of an RK who is just buffing outside the castle. to me, that looks like Enchant Blade/Aura Blade animation. those two corpses are stars members. Why would we allow ourselves to “allegedly” be bombed by our comrade? (Just like how your imagination tells you. Delusions, delusions.) The accused need not explain. There’s nothing to take defense of. It’s just imagination. bottomline here is, stop wasting GM Lai’s time with accusations based on imagination. He’s got more realistic stuff to focus on. Your imagination has taken you as far as thinking our guild leader is GM Meteoric. Stop this pathetic act bro. Don’t make yourself and your guild look like fools who are a pet to another guild. This is toxic. GM Lai hates toxic. You wanna be relevant in the woe scene? Prove it by conquering a main castle and defending it. Stop whining with accusations based on imagination. Stars would not resort to childish ploys such as bombrings. P.S. Notice how many times i mentioned the word “imagination”. Take time to ponder on it.
  10. The said enchant adds after-cast delay instead of reducing it: sample of a correct after-cast delay reduction bonus: reference: Limitless Island Options
  11. chliz

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    i did some testing: and none of them shows an 80% increase in physical attack. barely 50% at most. what's happening here? can somebody give us the damage formula/damage computation being used by the server?
  12. chliz

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    Oh has this taken effect already? Gotta test later