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  1. @Emistry is there no chance for this to be aligned with at least increase agi movespeed? -3% feels quite irrelevant, for a +15 shadow set requirement. this is really convenient for farming. plus RMS was never a reliable source for LimitRO, right? there must be some kind of mistake here.
  2. WTF, all other shadow gears that have MVP card equivalent effect (Gemstone set, Bearer set, Infinity set) provides the same effect as their MVP counterpart except Hasty? that sucks. LOL
  3. @Emistry the character you tested is wearing +10 on both shadow equipment. the test i did was just +7 and +8. could it be possible that the set bonus works only from +16 to +20 set combo? coz i tested just now, i made my main char race vs my dual char. my main wearing +15 hasty shadow set. my dual using increase agi buff. i had my main char walk first, but the dual was able to catch up and even outrun my main char. that should be good proof that the bonus isn't working at +15 total refine, shouldn't it? i can show it to you right now if you're online ingame.
  4. tested by using a timer to record the duration of moving a certain amount of cells while wearing the set vs; 1. wearing moonlight flower card vs; 2. having increase agility buff vs; 3. no movement speed altering item or buff. If it'll be such a good idea, please add movement speed bonus in @battlestats. ty!
  5. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    Exactly the reason why i’m suggesting more redux. Those 2 classes can deal enormous damage, AoE damage, you will have to worry a bit less about SC. And besides, i’m not suggesting we get retarded 98% redux in silk woe. AAW, Prontera Militia Glove, and Survival Shoes would at least allow 85%. Suras will love these redux items more than SCs would.
  6. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    i don't like bringing back 2016 salt but we can give that a try. you've been away for quite sometime and might need to catch up with everything else that has changed. we can meet at pvp room to begin with. why are we even focusing on GX alone? GX is a single-target threat. there are other classes that are OP and are doing AoE mayhem. (and why is this becoming a hate thread. LimitRO promotes non-toxic environment.) No-CD BoS invalidates cloaking. with backslide disabled in woe, cloaking is the only skill that GX can use to maneuver inside the castle. Suras can snap. RKs have their mounts and millenium shield. RGs have their mounts and AutoGuard. WL and Sorc have safety wall and energy coat. Not to mention range advantage. They can also wear shields and still do damage. GX having to wear katar in order to deal great damage already leaves GX very vulnerable. No-CD BoS is overkill. especially with all the OP AoE ground-targeted skills and Sight being one-Horong-card-away. Slow Grace+BoS would even halt a GX from getting in range to a target easily (given that the "jump" gets fixed in woe environment). and by people you mean @neora aeon and @neora aeon only. (why did you change your name Raii?) LOL have you seen shadow chasers killing enemies? they are meant to be tanky with disabling skills being their only arsenal. and there's always a way to kill SCs they are not invulnerable. SCs skills make the game interesting.
  7. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    ^up @Lai GX crit rate does get halved when using cross impact. in order to land a crit CI, you need twice your normal crit rate when doing crit auto-attacks. which means, katar = 100 crit rate (literally on status window) needed dual wield = 200 crit rate (literally on status window) needed but of course, you'll want to go over 100 and 200 because of target's crit shield and i'm still against the removal of BoS cooldown. for me, BoS-to-GX will always be like GTB-to-WL.
  8. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    Wow rabi playing again? Where the eff are you? Show yourself! Don't make me call Elk. Bahahaha
  9. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

  10. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    BG accessory includes prontera militia glove? this is working properly, the double crit rate bonus when wearing katar never really shows up in status window, but it's there.
  11. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    no, CI requires double the crit rate you need to do crit auto-attacks. for crit auto-attack, katar = 50, dual wield = 100. for CI, that's gonna be katar = 100, dual wield = 200. and of course, target's crit resistance would still come into play on deciding whether you'll land a crit hit or not not.
  12. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    +1 on this. Bumped the CI report thread but didnt get any reply yet. this is working properly atm, you would notice that there's no GX using dual wield in silk coz it's difficult to get 200 crit rate in silk without sacrificing damage stuff on the CI build. Exactly the reason why I’m suggesting that reduction items be added. I could agree to this if reduction gears are added, tho this would still kill the idea of playing GX. Sura gets to have Body Relo, Mech’s Front Slide and Back Slide, SC’s Feint Bomb/Shadow Form, RK’s Millenium Shield/Parrying, RG’s Autoguard, AB’s Safety Wall/Pneuma, WL/Sorc’s Energy Coat, Gene’s Castling/Howling/Cart Boost (and the fact that they are always on devotion), wanderer/minstrel’s Siren’s Voice/Slow Grace, Ranger’s Keen Nose/Warg Bite. but GX gets stripped of its highlight ability? Dang
  13. chliz

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    well the GX update burst the bubble, but even before that, silk doesn't feel like silk anymore, in general. we need more redux for all classes' benefit. (but nowadays, most of the time, yea GX one-shot-CI). but another thing i'm aiming at is whenever new stuff gets implemented, they get banned, i mean, are new stuff only intended for pvm purposes? and there are other updates coming like the ones for RK and WL. when that time comes, RK and WL would be OP as well, so this ain't just about GX. i agree with some of the arguments and things that were pointed out, but hey, it sucks that the silk woe scene is stuck with faceworm skins, temporal manteaus and boots, excellion gears, and other very old content. good thing summon scroll headgears were allowed, but dang. this is a great idea, i wonder if unbanning those items i mentioned plus a bit of an adjustment to damage reduction in silk woe could work while enjoying the new 17.1 contents as well. i'll be honest, i don't want gx to be nerfed, coz finally it's starting to shine, but i also don't want it to be too OP same as with other classes. and this was never just a problem with GX. just happened that the GX update made a very noticeable difference in silk woe.
  14. silk mode is becoming a one-shot fest given the recent and incoming updates (GX and 17.1 gears enchant). unlike normal mode, silk mode has less reduction gears available (woe set, cards). normal mode was able to cope with the kRO updates due to 98% reduction together with cash item reduction gears. A few suggestions below: 1. DO NOT BAN 17.1 gears. HAHA (stop the implement-new-items-then-ban-them cycle) 2. Raise refine limit to +8 (for items like temporal manteau and illusion armor) 3. Unban 16.1 and 16.2 gears. (the robe enchants aren't that OP when refine limit is +8) 4. Unban Glorious Armor and accessory set (in favor of sura? most sura became CC and Asura slaves) 5. Unban Prontera Militia Gloves, Archangel Wings, and Shoes of Survival (this would allow 85% demihuman reduction) OR 1. Remove Yggdrasil Berry and Seed cooldown. Unli-pots = extended clash time. Pots fest. P.S. Dunno if allowing ritual robe and infinite chimera card in favor of sura and RG would be OP, but yea, more hp for tanking purposes is what i have in mind. and besides if GOH is going to get messy, we can probably request for gambler seal (alone, not combo) to be unbanned too. (but that's gonna make it a GX vs Sura fest in silk woe.)