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  1. F a i z

    Add New CE to BG boxes(both classic and war)

    lol @Ressentiment. ignore them la, they wont understand. how friends talk. what are u ashamed of anywayz? Those pussies cant beat u in Vodka drinking competition anywayz Chill nigga
  2. F a i z

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    LOL I dont even Trash Talk anymore. U see how chilled i am now and lai said most of the people are Ok with it . so who cares LOL
  3. F a i z

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    Just to be clear on this Officialcombo is Mad bunny with Garment (piamette ribbon (1)) And yet you are going ahead with mad bunny + low headgear ribbon?
  4. F a i z

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    U do realize the piamette ribbon mentioned for the set is a garment?????? Dats why I said earlier waiiii sooo smart???
  5. F a i z

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    Waiiiiiiii sooooo smarttttttt ser Lai?
  6. F a i z


    Yea tried starting BG and staying in queue for 1 Hr and then it starts after 1hr and people try to get u banned cz they cant defeat you in pvp hahahahaha And thank you for posting the last screenshot. Which shows u my reply after 4 min. So I wasn't afk any longer. And you started getting rekt after I alt tab'd back to RO and realize BG had started. Wrz the proofs from 2nd and 3rd Round? @Lai LMAO
  7. The Ball is in your Court Now ^^ Already explained above
  8. F a i z

    Hi Loves... Damn I'll miss saying that LOL XD

    @Hilmir Don't leave la plz, I'mma miss you Everyone knows you were never here for the money or fame. Cz if you were, you would have quit as soon as u started being trolled. Stay in there brah. U are stronger then this. Don't let a retards mistake break ur resolve to make limitRO better. You stuck in there with all those TT's and slurs against you. Which says enough about you being a strong individual. I dunno if anyone else cld have handled the hate which u have shrugged off with ease. So yea either stick in there or stick it in there, don't be a pussy.....
  9. F a i z

    Guardians Too Stronk

    Dear Lai, Have Some Pity on Bula and make Guardians Weaker. They Too Stronk for Bula
  10. F a i z

    Hallucination Status - Missing Effect

    +1 thankx. Do u mind if I give you the list of things bugged. So u can report it?
  11. BUGS BUGS BUGS.....


    Please Increase the reward for making official report here.....

  12. The effect of illusion drug from genetic hasn't been working since the new client.

    Can someone please go report it for free event points???


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    2. F a i z

      F a i z


      Thank for the offer but I am pretty sure it's not working.

      Still in office ..but sure will pm u when I'm free.

    3. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento
    4. Akin
  13. F a i z

    Crashing after maintance

    Yes happens to me as well, just staying out of Asgard...
  14. +1 It's lacks the -100% cast delay As well as true sight.