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  1. F a i z

    inappropriate char name

    LMAO Sorry haven't logged in forums for a while hence the Necro post.
  2. F a i z

    Make a Video

    Char Name - F a i z Description - PvP Youtube Link - Facebook Link -
  3. F a i z

    Catnip Meteor has been completely disabled?

    Aww that Wall of text , I crai. Dayum man u so pro u can go 100% immune to doram's. I give up.....
  4. F a i z

    Catnip Meteor has been completely disabled?

    Lai disabled it midwoe until next maintainance probably. And yep the damage formula was bugged that's why I asked u earlier in the other thread that if u sure the current catnip is normal. Since u were being so clever about elemental enchants about it. Apart from the damage formula there were other bugs as well. Scar of tarou was reduced to 5% as different servers use different settings to balance things out. I'd suggest you to look into physical dorams. Pretty sure thts bugged as well. I might me wrong but I haven't seen dorams being so powerful in other official servers in pvp/woe. And no Lai doesn't necessarily listen to everything I have to say. I was against allowing Ninja's and doram's max lvl to 175. But it's already done so meh whatever.
  5. F a i z

    Catnip Meteor CAN BE ENDOWED

    Calm ur tits mate. I asked a simple question do u think k it's normal catnip behaviour? Which we see atm?? Ohcmon if u knew about the bugs why don't u report it?? @Lai can u plz appoint this guy as a bug tester or w/e. Since he is smart and knows so much about all the bugs that exist...
  6. F a i z

    Catnip Meteor CAN BE ENDOWED

    So u have done ur full research and according to you the behaviour of catnip was normal earlier and it is still normal now?
  7. Yuuki never stops surprising me.... /Heh
  8. F a i z

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

  9. F a i z

    Add New CE to BG boxes(both classic and war)

    lol @Ressentiment. ignore them la, they wont understand. how friends talk. what are u ashamed of anywayz? Those pussies cant beat u in Vodka drinking competition anywayz Chill nigga
  10. F a i z

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    LOL I dont even Trash Talk anymore. U see how chilled i am now and lai said most of the people are Ok with it . so who cares LOL
  11. F a i z

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    Just to be clear on this Officialcombo is Mad bunny with Garment (piamette ribbon (1)) And yet you are going ahead with mad bunny + low headgear ribbon?
  12. F a i z

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    U do realize the piamette ribbon mentioned for the set is a garment?????? Dats why I said earlier waiiii sooo smart???
  13. F a i z

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    Waiiiiiiii sooooo smarttttttt ser Lai?
  14. F a i z


    Yea tried starting BG and staying in queue for 1 Hr and then it starts after 1hr and people try to get u banned cz they cant defeat you in pvp hahahahaha And thank you for posting the last screenshot. Which shows u my reply after 4 min. So I wasn't afk any longer. And you started getting rekt after I alt tab'd back to RO and realize BG had started. Wrz the proofs from 2nd and 3rd Round? @Lai LMAO