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  1. @Lai @Yuuki

    Pm me on FB for bug details...

  2. @Yuuki

    Can you Please add
    1- WPS Token for Normal WoE.
    2- Allow use of Aura for Normal WoE on Thursday and Sunday morning Castle.
    3- Add Enemies =D

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    2. Cerrafina


      22 hours ago, Resist said:

      better to removed normal woe....

      if you remove normal woe, what's the point of working hard to get better gears for woe? You much prefer a woe with limited builds, gears, etc? Why stay being mediocre if you know you could be so much better?

    3. F a i z

      F a i z

      Dat Reply <3 <3 <3

    4. Ken Ma

      Ken Ma

      so lit pin it! hahahahaha

  3. It is exactly what it is doing here ATM.
  4. Dat post is from a helper who saw ur post and went to WP to confirm it. Dayum, You didn't answer what have you been smoking???
  5. Dayum
  6. Facepalm What have you been smoking ????
  7. @Lai where is my VIP coins ??? 

  8. @Akin

    Personally you are the dumbest one alive here. As soon as something is explained about being broken. You turn it around giving bulshyt reason.

    There are more things broken out there if you are so smart and knowledgeable why don't you go and try to fix them as well. 

    Or else just let my Hatred boner penetrate your rectum while you stay calm about the bleeding it causes. 

    I don't have anything against you personally , it's just ur retarded posts which keep showing how good you are at copy pasting.

    You only see what you want to see and remain Oblivion to the fact that you keep suggesting broken shyt without even understanding. 

    As long I make use of your retarded suggestions when they are implemented I won't have any problem. Once some else uses it against us. I'll come looking for you with my Boner. Dats being selfish ;)



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    2. F a i z

      F a i z

      I never said applause wasn't broken. It is broken as fck as well. It was implemented cz sm1 suggested it.

      Most of the jRO stuffs are Over powered and broke the balance already.

    3. Akin


      Honestly, my dear kRO stuff are more or less the same now. Please go search what ridiculous stuff they've added. (How many times do I have to repeat this?) The thing is dear, the game itself has long been broken. It's been over decade and passed it's limit (hmm.. pun) as an MMO. I'm sorry but the matter have been settled, and the ring was never in the list to begin with. About all the other stuff already in-game that's "broken", you are a smart chap so figure it out yourself. You have most of em anyway.

      Kul Khoiran Au Liyasmut.


      Edited by Akin
    4. Master Orochimaru

      Master Orochimaru

      what's going on?

      Hakuna Matata

  9. LoL such a fuss over 1 VIP?? Golden Apple again?? We ady have golden apple frm earlier events, isn't tht useless? Can we have HE gum instead of that please?.
  10. Can you Please Post IP's of all the proxies we currently  at our disposal, along with the ping for that proxy to the main server?.which 1 is the main server's link at the login page?


    1. Lai


      None of the Proxy are main server, Main server IP will be secret :)

      but I will post all other proxy IP to our server info page in nearest future )

  11. Hello this is just the first report n no response
  12. It is actually true. but maybe lai should keep it customised to as it is right now. cz the Max HP we reach is Way beyond what we reach in Officials. (250k 1 shot damage is wot will be normal if we fix it ) .....
  13. 1st Used Demonic Fire Followed with Fire Expansion lvl 4 on the Right 2nd Used Demonic Fire Followed with Fire Expansion lvl 3 ont he Left. Both have the Same Colour, making it a gambling situation during woe as to which 1 is gonna give you buff and which 1 is gonna debuff you.