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  1. update plss.. Bump...
  2. Bump.. still not fixed
  3. People who hve bulk account still easy chnge n play in different net cafe to claim vips..
  4. Char name : God Hera & One Suntok Man Combo Name : God Suntok Love advice : Secret Love
  5. Thx chinatos, u are the real Queen.
  7. Nvmd..
  8. That catnip meteor hit miss direction do no damage at target, Even the meteor closer the target. From total 7meteor only 1-2 meteor dmage target.. and also the catnip meteor so low damage at this server..
  9. #ripbubblegum #prayforbubblegum
  10. S> 10 account for vote..
  11. +1 Update effect of items please.. thx..
  12. Hattori Haleng Cathegory Strong Pro killer, best rk. hahaha..
  13. U hve rk / gen in u prty?? Dnt use dragon breath / lava flow Burning status killed mvp not count.
  14. how many days cool down? I hve 1 week complete instance. That niddhog npc still say report to commander At iro 23hours cool down
  15. Theme: Cute. SS: IGN: VenZ Dragon