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  1. [Poll] More ways to get Exp?

    Also u trying help leech people, dnt solo mvp, leech newbie share exp & share loots too if posible.. (biolab 3/4/5)
  2. @Storeall for Safety Chest

    -1 coz i dnt hve safety chest... lol
  3. Costume Headgear List

    Hokage hat plss.. if posible add all kage hat too.. raikage, kazekage, mizukage, tsuchikage.
  4. Robe enchants

  5. Limited Cash Shop revamp

    +1 nothing to burn who ady hve complete gemstone/starstone/decostone. If wnt burn cashpoint, bring back safeore.
  6. Golden Wings Bug

    Every 2 Refine it give +1% HP / SP, So If you got +16 Golden Wing it should give 32% HP/SP its 2 refine = 1% HP/SP So +16 = 8% HP/SP ea stat 90 U Should put screenshot showing hp bar.
  7. Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character name : God Hera FB share
  8. Bacsojin Hat

    How about this Zaha doll hat which resembles angel of Zaha. It looks great on your head.INT + 3. MDEF + 9.Increases Magic Damage versus undead by 10%When using Magic attacks or attacked by Magic jas a chance to transform the wearer into the White Lady for a short period of time.During the transformation does the following.-Increases MAtk by 30 * Refine Level (Minimum 30)-Reduces Fixed Cast Time by 80 miliseconds * Refine Level (Minimum 80)-Drains 10 sp/sec from the wearer
  9. Summoner's Race

    demihuman & brute & player is different race This damage reduction card Should only reduce if the items hve effect reduce damage from player. But i just check database all items reduce demihuman race contains script reduce player race too. RIP SUMMONER hahaha..
  10. Banquet for Heroes

    That dungeon is bijou not sky fortess.. lol
  11. Summoner's Race

    Update ScreenShot Using Skill : Silvervine Stem Spear Wearing Tharafrog and Without Tharafrog
  12. Cooldown For Room of Conciousness Bugged

    Its happening on my rk too. i ddnt finish kill bijou bcoz get disconnect.. Then now 4days its still under Cooldown.
  13. Jonin Belt ddnt increased First Wind Damage

    Still not fixed. its only add 10% bonus damage of firstwind skill. My wind blade skill is lv.10 Why not 100% bonus damage.
  14. First Wind damage Bonus ddnt Work at Lv.10 Wind Blade its should 100% Bonus Damage
  15. Summoner's Race

    update plss.. Bump...