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  1. Cooldown For Room of Conciousness Bugged

    Its happening on my rk too. i ddnt finish kill bijou bcoz get disconnect.. Then now 4days its still under Cooldown.
  2. Jonin Belt ddnt increased First Wind Damage

    Still not fixed. its only add 10% bonus damage of firstwind skill. My wind blade skill is lv.10 Why not 100% bonus damage.
  3. First Wind damage Bonus ddnt Work at Lv.10 Wind Blade its should 100% Bonus Damage
  4. Summoner's Race

    update plss.. Bump...
  5. Summoner's Race/Size and Job lvl bonus

    Bump.. still not fixed
  6. Special One Week Daily Gift

    People who hve bulk account still easy chnge n play in different net cafe to claim vips..
  7. Couple's Memory

    Char name : God Hera & One Suntok Man Combo Name : God Suntok Love advice : Secret Love
  8. Harassment by KS Queen

    Thx chinatos, u are the real Queen.
  9. FQL drop rate
  10. KS LORD

  11. doram's Catnip meteor skill

    That catnip meteor hit miss direction do no damage at target, Even the meteor closer the target. From total 7meteor only 1-2 meteor dmage target.. and also the catnip meteor so low damage at this server..
  12. BubbleGum (Snowman Calendar)

    #ripbubblegum #prayforbubblegum
  13. 2016 Fashion Contest #1 Poll

    S> 10 account for vote..
  14. Deepsea City Treasures

    +1 Update effect of items please.. thx..
  15. [Nomination] Player of the Month 1

    Hattori Haleng Cathegory Strong Pro killer, best rk. hahaha..