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  1. When trying to use god's hammer while having metal jacket and a crimson marked enemy, it said that a requirement was missing, and when equipping the slug shot, it worked. As for the slug shot, even with it, it didint work at all, as it said that an unknown requeriment was missing. tried to cast dragon tail while having dragon tail, the new sphere's bullets and a crimson marked enemy, and the skill failed, saying that i was not with the right ammunition, while, in fact, i was. it leads me to think that other skills from him might be with some requirements scrambled among themselves too.
  2. When trying to use heat barrel with the requirements to actually make the skill CD go lower, it goes up instead, as you can see on the timer on the screenshots i've made. i've took each screenshot immediately after casting the skill, and took another when it was near the end of the skill's CD . as you can see, with the scarfs, the CD goes to something around 102 seconds, and without it goes to something around 76, instead reducing it.
  3. Amedeo

    Rebel Scarf and heat barrel

    Actually, i've tested it today, and instead of decreasing the cooldown by 20 secs each, the scarfs are actually increasing by 20sec each
  4. in fact, it did change. Before, while DBing i could command another DB before the cooldown was over, making the skill trigger as soon as it is available. Now, there's a strange aftercast delay that make me unable to send the command before the CD is over, and even some milliseconds after the aftercast delay is over
  5. Amedeo

    Morroc (MVP) missing drops

    i tried beating it to confirm, and it did not drop anything its a kinda strange behavior, since its the "real" morroc, and is even stronger than the moc_fild22 variant
  6. Amedeo

    Dungeon Difficulty

    I second this. i've seen a lot of videos of the instances on official servers and private ones, and found out limitRO is extremely more difficult than the others. i think its a really bad feature, regarding new people that are joining the server
  7. Amedeo

    How do I get those

    how can I get those items? are those even in game? - dex complement - reinforced parts - engine - angry mouth heart wing hairband koneko hat menswear reload shadow gears -GC109 Card - Magical Moon Cat - New Wave Sunglasses - Parade Hat -pike bunker S, T thanks in advance
  8. Amedeo

    Duvidas pra começar

    as melhores classes pra começar, semprecisar de muito equip pra ser útil, são : sorcerer (suporte), AB, ranger e guns costumam ser mais faceis, bota alguns equips medianos e ja da pra jogar de boa. RG também é bom pra tankar se quiser, mas não são todas as instances q precisam de tank. RK, Algoz, Sorcerer (dano) e alquimista costumam ser beeem caros pra ficarem bons, não recomendo começar jogando por eles os hats da BIO e a FAW (sem encantamento, +0) não costumam ser muita treta pra juntar grana não. no começo, tenta dropar oq vc tiver condiçoes de dropar. de resto, faz as instâncias diariamente, pois os itens delas são caros, geram um bom lucro, principalmente Faceworm nest, Horror toy factory, OGH
  9. Amedeo

    Suporte em PT-BR

    quando voce vai pra cidade principal (asgard), no lado esquerdo, sem subir as escadas (em cima dos ferreiros) tem um NPC que troca seus votepoints, só clicar nela q ela abre a lista. eu até te falaria, mas nao lembro de cabeça abs
  10. Amedeo

    Game closing suddenly with no message

    when I'm playing, if i idle for some seconds, the game closes on its own, with no message, it just closes. sometimes, when clicking play on the patch, the green lepard logo appears, it loads and then the game doesn't even start could someone help me? thank you
  11. Amedeo

    Highness Heal capped (or a visual bug)

    thank you all for visualizing my post ! will it be fixed on next patch? thx !
  12. the number cant get higher than 32767 even when it should