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  1. Easter Egg Decoration 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣 Intro Every Easter, the tradition to decorate an egg is such a classic! Eggs were symbolic of rebirth and new life, making them an appropriate part of the celebration of spring and the new life that comes after winter. It was common for eggs to be decorated in conjunction with these spring festivals, and common to see these colored eggs given as gifts to friends and family. Event Time: End at 24th April How to submit? Get some Eggs Get some colored pens Decorate/Paint your Egg with your own design Write "LimitRO" on the Egg Put egg on a white paper, on the white paper - write your Char Name Take a nice photo and upload here Reply here with your Egg Photo Also show some progress pictures of your creation Notice 1 person 1 submission, do not use dual (I will check) No limit on how many eggs you decorate As long as the Photo contains "decorated Egg(s)", "LimitRO", "Char Name" Reward Happy Easter Balloon for every qualified submission. Grand Prize 5 extra Lucky winners will receive 1x Cash Point Bag(S) GM Lai will make an Easter bideo and Lott out the winners!
  2. Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Monster Hunting Headgears About The following list is contains information of monsters custom drops different headgear in LimitRO. List Anubis - drops Anubis Hat Dokebi - drops Afro Wig Moonlight Flower - drops Moonlight Flower Hat Hyegun - drops Hyegun Hat Alarm - drops Alarm Mask Alice - drops Alice Doll Angeling - drops Angeling Hat Deviling - drops Deviling Hat Deviruchi - drops Deviruchi Hat Geographer - drops Geographer Band Knight of Abyss - drops Helm of Abyss Magnolia - drops Magnolia Hat Rideword - drops Rideword Hat Shining Plant - drops Romantic White Flower Whisper - drops Whisper Mask Bacsojin - drops Bacsojin Doll Hat
  4. So many talented! I will send out some Happy Easter Balloons, for the already submitted players ~~
  5. Attack ended.

    1. GreatestGuyYoullMeet


      Written on (Apr 4, 2017)
      My connection in LRO is smooth ever since I played in 2009 (1click, no delays) but now it's laggy after that last attack which you've mentioned.. Now it takes 2 secs for my character to move..
      I play in PH and logging in Singapore / Japan Proxies..

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      added date of writing
  6. Hi, we were attacked 4 hours ago, which caused some trouble with connection. (System auto protection were activated 4 hours ago.)


  7. Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. Download AI folder from our download page.
  10. Western Union Update New donation details Receiver First Name: WANGQIONG Receiver Last Name: MAO Receiver City: WenZhou, ZheJiang New WU VIP ratio 50 USD = 45 VIP Coins 100 USD = 90 +5 VIP Coins (95) 200 USD = 180 +20 VIP Coins (200) 300 USD = 270 +35 VIP Coins (305) 500 USD = 450 +65 VIP Coins (515)
  11. 🗡️ New Instance 🌲 Wave Mode - Forest 🐞 Bugfix: 🐱 Catnip Fruit Is A Healing Item 🔫 Shotgun Slug Is Not Consumed
  12. Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Changed Status to Closed
  14. LimitRO Silk WoE #limitro #ragnarokonline #woe
    *Max 24 members in active castle
    *No refined item
    *Fixed usable items
    *All gears rentable
    It's all about your tactics and skills.
    Literally everyone can join, can't be more balanced than this!
    I hope this update will encourage New and Mid players to rise and enter the WoE scene.
    More info: on LimitRO forums
  15. EASTA, EASTA, EASTA!!! ;D I ate like 10 eggs today!

    1. Entity 808

      Entity 808

      Poor eggs

      :P XD



    2. S e n t i m e n t a L

      S e n t i m e n t a L

      Muscle building? 

  16. NPC Easter Egg Collector Location: Asgard Exchange easter eggs into Joyful Easter Egg Shell Alien Egg Shell
  17. Easter Egg Hunting 🍢🍢🍢 Intro Easter is all about eggs, eggs, eggs and eggs xD It's time for us to HUNT 'em all! Hunting Methods Fishing for Star Easter Eggs. You are able to obtain Star Easter Eggs, from fishing. Sky dropping Happy Easter Eggs. On certain hour, the Asgard sky will drop down Happy Easter Eggs for everyone to pickup. Lovely Easter Egg baskets. On different towns, there are many easter egg baskets for you to collect! Funky Rabbits in the wilderness drops Stripe Easter Eggs. You can find Funky Rabbits, that drops those eggs. Easter Egg Collector Location: Asgard Collects Easter eggs that you hunt. Gives Alien Egg Shell and Joyful Easter Hat.
  18. The Silk gear list is complete. Added treasure info.
  19. War of Emperium Check castle owners here: Intro A war of conquering castles, a battle for honor between Guilds. This guide is the 2017 War of Emperium final setup for LimitRO. WoE Schedule (Based on Server Time) 🕕 Wednesday & Saturday (06:00 - 07:00) 🏰Bamboo Groove Hill (Payon) Normal Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🏰Gondul (Prontera) Silk Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🏰Repherion (Geffen) Silk Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🕑 Wednesday & Saturday (14:00 - 15:00) 🏰Mardol (Rachel) Normal Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🏰Himinn (Yuno) Silk Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🕕 Thursday & Sunday (06:00 - 07:00) 🏰Andlangr (Yuno) Normal Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🏰Bandis (Rachel) Silk Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🕑 Thursday & Sunday (14:00 - 15:00) 🏰Fadhgrindh (Prontera) Normal Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🏰Bright Arbour (Payon) Silk Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2 🏰Neuschwanstein (Alberta) Silk Mode Treasure 1 Treasure 2
  20. Changed Status to Fixed
  21. @Inkfish, when ever you have time, play more LimitRO It so much fun ^^ Those are the new BG maps Hmmm, Inkfish, those maps have battleground mapflag already since 27/3. Map names: conquest01 conquest02 I will disable this skill useage in BG.
  22. Event Easter Egg Collector NPC has arrived to Asgard. Bug Fix Channel chat colors updated. Feature Added A+ and A++ bounties in Class A Bounty in HQ. Item Update Old Midas, Old Rune Circle etc will be trade able. (No longer need to ask me to be middle man) All fishes are now tradeable. WoE 2017 setup New castles Schedule New Silk Mode Warning: Please use up all your Fish from the Fishing Tournaments. We will wipe them from our database in 2 weeks to reset it, together with a new Fishing method (100% Anti AFK fishing).
  23. @tsukiko22, yes this applies to BG B.
  24. Guild - Lim and the Gang Claimed: 2017.04.07
  25. Guild Package Qualification: Applies ONLY to Guilds who plays on another server and want to migrate to LimitRO. Guild Member's account created after 2017.01.01 Guild needs to reach level 50 and 15 active members. Leader must be level 175 and members 150. Guild Leader can Contact me on for details. Process Your guild from other server decided to migrate to LimitRO. Contact - before creating LimitRO account. Lai will check up and discuss everything with you to verify. You and your guild members, can start playing LimitRO. Reaching the level requirements, then contact Lai again. Lai will arrange time with you and your members, for the package delivery. Qualified Reward For members: 1x Limit Coin (Gold) 1x Event Point Scroll (Large) 200x Cash Points 200x WPS Token 3x WoE Supply Box 1x +6 Safe Refine Ticket (Weapon) 1x +6 Safe Refine Ticket (Armor) 1x +5 Safe Refine Ticket (Weapon) 1x +5 Safe Refine Ticket (Armor) 15x A Class Coin 3x Silvervine Fruit For leaders: 3x Limit Coin (Gold) 2x Event Point Scroll (Large) 300x Cash Points 300x WPS Token 5x WoE Supply Box 10x Guild Base Ticket 1x +7 Safe Refine Ticket (Weapon) 1x +7 Safe Refine Ticket (Armor) 1x +6 Safe Refine Ticket (Weapon) 1x +6 Safe Refine Ticket (Armor) 1x +5 Safe Refine Ticket (Weapon) 1x +5 Safe Refine Ticket (Armor) 30x A Class Coin 5x Silvervine Fruit