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  1. Changed Status to Closed
  2. Hi there. Your CPS.dll is infected by virus, please make a computer virus scan, delete LimitRO and - RE-Install it.
  3. Changed Status to Closed
  4. Hi, download our full installer.
  5. @nuwebe, already activated ^^
  6. Comodo Hat Festival Quests About Check out, the hottest Festival Headgear from the festival in Comodo! In order to start the festival, the hosts would like to collect some Zeny from the community Festival Activation NPC Name: Comodo Event Staff Location: Asgard (asgard 194/240) This NPC will activate the Festival Quests in a requirement of total raise of zeny. Requirements Base Level: 99 300x Firecrackers 10x Logs 10x Candy Various Skel-Bones 1x Alcohol 50x Bread 10 Grapes Zeny: 5.000.000 Quest Guide Quest Reset Feature You can reset the Comodo Festival Quest using 1x Enchant Book You can obtain the Enchant books from World Fishing in Prontera Fishing Spot. NPC: Short Comodo Man Location: Beside the Comodo Event Staff (Prontera)
  7. Cap, you need more TAGS ~~
  8. NPC Event Genie no longer sells Guild Base Ticket(Event) Server Config Server monster spawn rate back to official rate. (no longer +50% more mobs in fields/dungeon)
  9. Event Zodiac Return #7 is here ~~ Horse pins ~~ Fishing Tournament ~~ A Clockwork Hat as reward! Summer Presents are here ~~ 2017.07.03 until end of July ! ~~ Feature Sushi making ~~ create different sushi plates as bonus supply ~~ You need "Combination Kit" buy it from HQ. Has chance to "Fail". Small Sushi A = Sea Squid x4, Fire Octopus x2 Small Sushi B = Red Snapper x2,Tiny Trout x2 Medium Sushi A = Small Octopus x3,Alligator Shark x2,Large Tuna x2 Medium Sushi B = White Shark x3,River Sickleback x2,Grass Carp x2 Large Sushi = Baby Whale x4, Winged Fish x3,Flower Koi x2,Prickly Salmon x2 NPC You can socket enchant Mad Bunny Shield at Leablem (10% success chance) Items Mora Coins are not tradeable. Other Uploaded new fresh LimitRO Full Installer 2017.07.02 (1.7GB) Removed lite installer.
  10. Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Item Expedition Report Vol1, Expedition Report Vol2, Expedition Report Vol3 and Expedition Report Vol4 are now tradeable. Crimson Weapon drop rate adjusted accordingly () Crimson Shuriken is now dropped by Tengu. Updated Combination set making, you can make the following items thru Combination set from HQ. Novice Red Potion Novice Magnifier Novice Fly Wing Novice Cutter Little Unripe Apple Four Leaf Clover Banana Juice Apple Juice Carrot Juice Grape Juice Unripe Apple Feature Removing Quest Maniac NPC Monday maintenance - instance maintenance changed to 13:00 to 14:00 server time, only 1 hour close. Game Setup Global skill use delay reduced from 250ms to 150ms.
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Hi, Banned this player for 1 day for being an idiot.
  15. WoooW! This is something really exclusive
  16. Oh, yea I have that issue as well. Let me find a fix!
  17. Changed Status to Fixed
  18. Did you guys PATCHED up kRO? IF you did, this might be the issue kRO updated their maps? I use full client etc, I dont see any cluster o,o
  19. Changed Status to Fixed Hi, it will be fixed on the next item patch.
  20. Changed Status to Closed
  21. Hi there. Please check your connection to LimitRO. Make sure, firewall, anti virus etc did not block the game. Make sure you have patched up LimitRO.exe
  22. Client side issue. Fixed.
  23. Appologize for the delay!