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  1. Pet List & Pet Evolution Pet Evolution How to evolve a pet? Pet has to be Loyal You need to have enough materials for the evolution. Does the evolved pet has same stat/bonus? No, the new evolved pet has different stat and bonus than previous. Does the evolved pet eat same food? Depends, some does, some doesn't. Evolutionary Pets Poring to Mastering Yggdrasil Leaf x10 Unripe Apple x3 Mastering to Angeling Yellow Potion x20 Halo x1 White Herb x50 Jellopy x200 Drops to Eggring Piece of Egg Shell x20 Old Frying Pan x10 Apple Juice x3 Eggring Card x1 Lunatic to Leaf Lunatic Huge Leaf x100 Clover x250 Four Leaf Clover x30 Leaf Lunatic Card x1 Savage Babe to Savage Pet Food x10 Sweet Milk x3 Meat x100 Feather x50 Rocker to Metaller Singing Plant x3 Grasshopper's Leg x777 Yellow Herb x200 Metaller Card x1 Peco Peco to Grand Peco Pet Food x10 Fatty Chubby Earthworm x3 PecoPeco Feather x300 Pecopeco Card x1 Mastela Fruit x10 Yoyo to Choco Tropical Banana x3 Yoyo Doll x2 Cacao x300 Yoyo Card x1 Orc Warrior to High Orc Orc Trophy x3 Orcish Sword x1 Orcish Voucher x500 Cigarette x1 Orc Warrior Card x1 Dokebi to Am Mut Old Broom x3 Violet Dyestuffs x3 Dokkaebi Horn x300 Gold x3 Isis to Little Isis Armlet of Obedience x3 3carat Diamond x6 Queen's Hair Ornament x1 Shining Scale x300 Petite to Deleter v2 Shining Stone x3 Petite's Tail x100 Aloevera x150 Earth Deleter Card x1 Deviruchi to Diabolic v2 Contract in Shadow x3 Little Evil Wing x250 Hand of God x30 Deviruchi Card x1 Bon Gun to Hyegun Hyegun Hat [1] x1 Munak Doll x100 Old Portrait x50 Yao Jun Card x1 Nine Tail to Cat o' Nine Tail Sap Jelly x3 Nine Tails x999 Punisher x1 Nine Tail Card x1 Cat o' Nine Tail to Moonlight *MvP* Furious Moonlight Flower Card x1 Nine Tail Card x10 Sohee Card x10 Munak Card x10 Gremlin to Hodremlin Unprocessed Parts x3 Damp Darkness x50 Will of the Darkness x200 Hodremlin Card x1 Mummy to Ancient Mummy Sick Bandage x3 Rune of Darkness x200 Gold x30 Ancient Mummy Card x1 Teaddy Bear to Abandoned Teddy Bear Small Doll Needle x3 Cursed Seal x300 Cursed Ruby x50 Teddy Bear Card x1 Event Related Pet Evolution Drops to Sweets Drops Sweets Festival Coin x500 Candy x50 Candy Cane x50 Drops Card x1 Scatleton to Skelion Memory of Gyo x20 Yummy Meat x100 Cookie Bat x100 Mini Guide -------> Gotta catch 'em all!
  2. Are you living in past, current or future? Your honest vote counts more than anything! Question How old are you? We are curious, no pervs <3
  3. Monthly Task 003

    Monthly Task 003 Intro Let's join together on Discord!!!! Here, we can voice chat, chit chat, drama chat, friend chat, many chat! Use it as a tool to communicate with friends, guildies, party etc, it's very useful. You can download Discord on Phone, PC, or use it on Browser. Mission In Possible Join our Discord on Add Lai as friend and Private Message on Discord with: Say Hello Char name: Comment: Wait for Lai to reply and send you the eggs! Rulex Please don't make fake discord account. 1 person / add and PM! Please be honest, ok....I trust you! <3 Reward Reward will be sent to every mission success into YOUR ingame MAIL - asap when confirmed! (You will receive a LIKE from GM Lai on your Post when it's delivered!) 3x Hopeful Egg Scroll BaoBao Cap Punkish Neko Hat Fallen Angel Valletta Baby Penguin Bubblings Hairband Limit Coin (Bronze) Transformation Scroll(Mavka) Korean Rice Cake Level 5 Fire Wall Silvervine Fruit Potion Box Tyr's Blessing Angeling Potion Angel Poring Boot Box Refine Ticket(Armor) +5 Refine Ticket(Weapon) +5 Refine Ticket(Armor) +6 Refine Ticket(Weapon) +6 Refine Ticket(Armor) +7 Refine Ticket(Weapon) +7 Deadline Ends 2018.04.30
  4. They help voluntarily. 活 雷锋 Question What do you think of our Helpers? Feel free to comment ~~ What's Helper?
  5. If you won the Lottery Question What will you do, if you win real life lottery of 1 billion USD?
  6. Gladiator vs Monster

    Week 12 Winners Fun Run Keila Fiscario Logix Mado Trooper Machi Komacine
  7. Gladiator vs Monster

    Gladiator vs Monster AboutA tournament for ultimate survival and defeat all monsters. All the vicious creatures will be released, and you need to defeat them all. The more you kill, the more points you will obtain! Participation Rules Base level 175 Re-entry costs 100m zeny Monster's spawns in arena Ranked by Gladiator Points. Schedule Tuesday to Sunday 00:10 to 00:50 15:10 to 15:50 Related NPCs Imperial Knight Location: Shows up in Major cities when the game starts. Purpose: Will let you into the Gladiator Arena as Gladiator or Spectator. Gladiator Manager You can check your points / rank here. Claim your 50/100 Glad point rewards here. You can manage your gladiator tournament music settings here. Weekly Top 5 Reward Give out Will obtain a thru Mail. Costume Box(Ruler) Crown of Ra Sir Marcus Helm Whale Head Crown General Helmet Jupiter Helm(Yellow) Jupiter Helm(White) Jupiter Helm(Blue) Ming Dragon Helm Qing Dragon Helm Song Dragon Helm Garuda God Helm Warlord Helm Sir Marcus Helm Iron Guardian Helm Luxery Turban Libra Crown Whale Scaled Helm Flyman Hat Crown of Ra Tornium Lord(Gold) Tornium Lord(Silver) Tornium_Lord(X) Glunk Folder Elven Black Ears Mercenary Scarf Soulstealer's Lantern Participation Reward *NOT ADDED YET* Claim at Gladiator Manager when you..... Reach xx Gladiator Points: Event Point Scroll(L) Reach xxx Gladiator Points: Piamette Bowtie Side Quest *NOT ADDED YET* Gather as many Green Skull, Red Skull, Blue Skull as you can ~~ Survive at all cost!
  8. Changelogs - Solar Temple

    Changelogs Many bug fixes this week, and adjustment/boosting of previous episode contents! Also the release of the first Dungeon on Limit Island. Quest Updates Improved rewards for Episode 14.1 and Episode 14.2 quests. Improved Mora Enchant NPC best enchant rates by 50% More details NPC Updates Mercenary Merchant in Limit HQ now rents Monster mercenary for zeny & LMB instead of Loyalty. Instance Sky Wave instance Now if you have unkilled monsters, they will count towards the "escaped monsters" if they are still alive when the next round starts. Doesn't affect you if you are the type to kill the monsters immediately once they spawn. Bug Fixes Fixed a minor bug in enchanting rings at Master of Relics (AB rings) where you get INT +1 instead of INT +2 enchant. Fixed Artifact Researcher enchanter NPC, it didnt give the correct max enchants. Minor bug fix of Infinity Space mvp HP. Flattery Robe combo with Survivor's mantue fixed. Mace of Judgement holy property fixed. Noble Cross holy property fixed. Fixed a bug on enchant reset where EoE could be removed. Fixed WoE map guild count bug. Reported by NinjaInPyjama on Discord. Added a level/jobcheck for Limit Academy, prevent "higher levels to use this map." Added a minor check on Wave mode instance, to prevent monster stacking up. Skill Updates Updated Banishing Buster skill behavior Updated Overheat to show more details on status icon. Reported by @rvmanzanojr Fixed Marriage skill I miss you bug. Reported by @Sephylon PvP Updates Normal Battlegrounds are NO longer 1 Boss card restricted. Death match aka BG 3 will reward 10 random badges to the winner team. (3v3) Limit Island Updates
  9. Eclage [130+]

    Wanted to be Big and Beautiful Requirements Completed previous quests. Level 130+ 1x Karvodailnirol 1x Pure Bradium 1x Rune of Darkness 1x Bloody Rune Rewards 30x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom) 1x Old Purple Box Quest Guide Talk to Wuhari in Eclage. "Of course!" "Sure." You will receive a Younger Brother Letter Head into Eclage Plaza, then head to the prison thru Eclage Guard (/navi ecl_in01 8/67) In the Prison, keep talking to Wuhuru until he responses. After giving him the letter. Talk to Wuhuru again, he will tell a story. Speak to the Prison Guard and leave this place. Now go back to Wuhari. "Do you have any complaints?" "Sure thing." Speak to Masione. "Umm...about Wuhuru.." Speak to Goatie. "I came after talking with Masione..." "I wanted to ask you about Wuhuru." "What was the piece of paper?" Speak to Svery. "I was wondering about the paper that Wuhuru..." "Wuhari asked me a favor." You will receive Stained Research Book Return to Wuhari with the research book. "They told me to give you this." He will need 5 minutes to read this thru. Wait 5 minutes. Talk to Wuhari again. "Your brother's physique was..." "Shall I look for that Laphine?" Talk to Svery. "Who is the high-level Laphine?" Talk to Goatie. "I want to hear about high-level Laphine." "Do you remember anything else?" Find Pompe and talk to him. "I want sent by Goatie" "A corpse?" Head to Eclage field 1 and speak to Giranni. "Do you know the way?" "Sure, I will hear you out." "Did you try to ask the authority?" "What's he look like?" "I'm looking for him too." On the same field search for A Laphine Corpse. You will receive Piece of Lapine Wing Take this item to Giranni. She will give you 1x Old Purple Box. Now head back to prison and speak to Wuhuru. "I saw a dead corpse of a Laphine in the field." "Did you murder him out of anger?" Go to Wuhari now and he will give you a small task. Bring him the following items: Karvodailnirol Pure Bradium Rune of Darkness Bloody Rune 1x Piece of Lapine Wing (Talk to Giranni to obtain.) 1x Firm Hair (Talk to the A Laphine Corpse to obtain.) After collecting everything go talk to Wuhari again. "I brought them all." He will reward you 30x Splendide Coin
  10. Eclage [130+]

    Eclage Eclage Entrance Requirements Completed Bifrost main quests. Rewards 1x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom) Quest Guide Warp to Eclage Field 1 or walk north of Bifrost field 2. In Eclage field 1, speak with Security Guard. "Fill out the forms." Write your ingame char name, job etc. Then submit the forms to Immigration Officer. Lastly speak to the Security Guard again, and he will grant you the access. Reward 1x Splendide Coin
  11. Back...again!

    Heya! Warm welcome back to LimitRO!
  12. R.A.G.203 [2] Doesn't accept Cards.

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Eclage [130+]

    Troublesome Fairies Requirements Completed previous quests. Level 130+ 11xGreen Herb 10xPile of Acorn 10xWorn Out Page 10xMould Powder 1xStem 2xRat Tail Hunting 20x Menblatt Rewards 40x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom) 5xSnow Flip 5xPeony Mommy 5xSlapping Herb 5xYggdrasil Dust Quest Guide All the quest NPCs are in Eclage Plaza in Eclage. Help Eirinn in the clinic room in Eclage Plaza. (/navi ecl_in02 97/16) "Sure." Give her 10x Green Herb She will reward you with 5xSnow Flip 5xPeony Mommy 5xSlapping Herb 5xYggdrasil Dust Then help Bourbon in same room as Mayor Jun Kardui. (/navi ecl_in03 174/69) "Sure!" Hunt 20x Menblatt outside Eclage in the field and return. He will reward you with 10x Splendide Coin. Help Cecilia. (/navi ecl_in01 27/87) "What are you doing?" "Fine." Get her the following items... 10x Pile of Acorn 10x Worn Out Page 10x Mould Powder She will reward you with 10x Splendide Coin. Talk to Cecilia again. Then talk to Bourbon. Then talk to Eirinn. Return and talk to Cecilia. Talk to Dominic in the plaza. (/navi ecl_in01 79/77) "Cecilia says..." Return to Cecilia and talk to her. "Tell Cecilia about Dominic" Then talk to Eirinn. "Sure." Give her 1x Stem and 1x Green Herb She will reward you with a Weeds Now plant this Weeds near a bookshelves in Eclage Plaza. (/navi ecl_in01 79/85) "Do it" Now talk to Bourbon "Sure!" Give him 2x Rat Tail You will receive a Tiny Mouse Tail Take this Tiny Mouse Tail and walk next to Dominic for a funny end. "Yes". You will be rewarded with 20x Splendide Coin
  14. Eclage [130+]

    Mysterious Robbery Requirements Completed previous quests. Level 130+ 10,000 zeny. Kill 30 Petals & 5 Menblatt. Rewards 40x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom) 2xYggdrasil Berry 1xYggdrasil Seed 3xConcentration Potion Quest Guide Walk to this spot in Eclage (/navi eclage 156/54), a dialog will appear. You will be knocked out and wake up inside a house. Walk a little a dialog will appear and you will learn that someone stole a necklace. "My head hurts so much." "Someone came out ... and" "I'll help you catch the thief." After the conversation we need to gather some intel. Speak with Daugther Luen. Speak with Father Dames. Speak with Mother Rosa. Walk around the center of the room and a dialog box will appear. You will analyze and start gathering evidence. Now examine the following object in the house. Poppy. Observe it until you find the hint, before you observe the next object! Messy Bookshelves "Examine them". Damaged Book Examine it. Soda can container Examine it. A messed up table. Examine it. A foreign substance. Examine it. Talk to Daughter Luen after examinations. Then Resident exit the building. Find and talk to Cruyan. "Where were you 10 minutes ago?" "Did anything particular happen?" "Could you confirm your alibi?" Go to the Blooming Flower Land (ecl_fild01) and hunt 30 Petals and 5 Menblatt to confirm if Cruyan's alibi is true or not. Talk to Balumin after the hunting. "I'm here regarding the robbery incident." "What did you do today?" "Have you seen a guy named Cruyan?" "Do monsters drop Concetration..." Find and talk to Wandering Merchant in Eclage. "What are you selling?" "What do you have for sale?" "Try it". "Is this some kind of fraud?" Return to Daughter Luen inside the building, and report in. "I found out who the robber was." Then you will be warped into a new room with all suspects. First speak with Daughter Luen. "Now I will track down the robber." "Cruyan" "To gain permission to date Luen" "I'm afraid that is not true" "According to Balumin's statement" "Explain it without looking." Now talk to Daughter Luen again and leave the room. You will return to the house of Luen. Now it's time to claim the rewards... speak to Daughter Luen for 40x Splendide Coin Father Dames and receive Yggdrasil Berry Talk to Mother Rosa and receive 1 Splendide Coin, Leave the house and return to Cruyan and receiveYggdrasil Seed Return to Balumin and receive a Thanks.
  15. Eclage [130+]

    Memory of Professor Worm Requirements Completed previous quests. Level 130+ 30x Star Shape Mushroom Rewards 20x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom) Quest Guide Visit the Eclage Dungeon floor 4 and talk to Professor Worm. "What's coming?" "It's a talking worm!" "Why should i!" Then REPEATING go to this spot near the book shelf until you activate a special dialog. Then show the portrait to Professor Worm. He will ask you to bring him 20 "Star Shape Mushroom". "I will bring them back for you." Enter Eclage field 1 and defeat Petals to obtain the item. Collect 20 and bring them to Professor Worm. Talk to Professor Worm, he will ask you to bring him 5 notes. Walk on each spot to activate the dialogs and "Read it". Wall note 1 Wall Note 2 Wall Note 3 Wall note 4 Wall note 5 After finding all 5 Notes, speak to Professor Worm again. He will need a moment to recover... Then speak to Professor Worm again. "Think harder!" "Show it to me." "Should I find the Diary Frog?" Now we need to find two Diary Frog. Diary Frog No.3 is at floor 3 of Eclage Dungeon. "I want to listen to Professor Worm's diary." Diary Frog No.6 is at floor 1 of Eclage Dungeon. "Please calm down and let me hear the diary." "I'll get rid of them." Now you need to kill 15 Blue Litchtern in the Eclage Dungeon. Then return to Diary Frog No.6 Defeat 15 Blue Litchtern and speak to the Diary Frog No.6 Exit the Eclage Dungeon and find Diary Frog No.30. "Please calm down and let me hear the diary." "I'll bring them for you." Now bring 10x Star Shape Mushroom to it. And speak to him. After checking on all frogs, return to Professor Worm. He will reward you with EXP and 20x Splendide Coin
  16. Eclage [130+]

    Oliver Wolf Hood Requirements Completed previous quests. Level 130+ 128xDustball 1x Pile of Acorn Rewards 20x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom) 1x Oliver Wolf Hood Quest Guide Talk to Fairy Carpenter in Eclage. "The reason for the bridge being broken" "Give help." Speak to the Fairy Carpenter again. "What if you use magic to repair it?" Then type in 002. Go out of Eclage to Eclage field 1 and speak to Golie. He will give you 2x Leaf Made Wood Return to the Fairy Carpenter He will give you new instructions to find Glaces. Talk to Glaces in Eclage. Meet with Yube. "Share Glaces story". Then return to Glaces. "Then what's Graces' age?" Find Murah in Eclage Plaza. (/navi ecl_in01 73/51) Next search for Shul in Eclage. Find Tato. "What's Tato's age?" Then go back to Yube and tell her the info you have gathered. You need to type in the age of Moreng. and then Yube will ask you to gather 128x Dustball (Drop by Cenere in Eclage Dungeon). Bring her the items. She will give you 128 x Birthday Candle Bring the candles to Glaces. A small conversation will begin, after it... Go speak with Moreng. "Yes, I am." Speak to Moreng again. Then find the Old Man in Eclage Plaza. (/navi ecl_in 60/71) "No, I don't think so." Let's go outside of Eclage and find Traveler. Now go back to Eclage Plaza to speak to Sack Merchant. (/navi ecl_in01 70/88) "Talk about the feather." Speak to Moreng in Eclage. Speak to Glaces. Then speak to Yube inside the house near Glaces. Speak to Yube again. She will give you a package. Now enter Eclage Plaza and find the Delivery Man. (/navi ecl_in01 44/53) Now head back to Yube inside the house, and speak to him. As conversation goes on, Oliver became hungry and needs 1x Pile of Acorn. Speak to Oliver in the same house. Bring him 1x Pile of Acorn After eating you will be warped out of the house. Re-enter the house and speak to Du Lian. He will reward you with Oliver Wolf Hood (Costume Headgear) 20x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom)
  17. Eclage [130+]

    Encounter in a Strange Land Requirements Completed previous Eclage entrance quest. Level 130+ 5xHorn of Hillslion 5xMystic Horn 5xHorseshoe 20xDustball 20xLeaf Bookmark 3xLuciola's Honey Jam 3xPinguicula's Fruit Jam Rewards 60x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom) 1x Fairy Wing Quest Guide Enter the Eclage Plaza in the top right of Eclage. Walk along the hall way until you by pass a group of Travelers. (/navi ecl_in01 34/51) They will ask you to join the group. "Join the group." Talk to the three travelers individually, Traveler Chiba, Traveler Fome and Traveler Litrip. After speaking to all of them, speak again to Traveler Chiba. Eclage Guard will appear. "Sure. Let's go!" He will take you to Chief of Staff. Speak to Chief of Staff. "So, I'm not the first one?" "Now that I think about it..." "What's the matter?" "Why are you trying to hide the truth..." "What?" "Yes, I promise" You will be warped to the main hall. After a 10 minute wait, talk to the Eclage Guard Manuel (ecl_in01 81/70) at the east portal again to be send to the Mayor Jun. "Yes, please." Speak to Mayor Jun Kardui. "What do you mean?" "Do I have to make a contribution?" "It's about yggdrasil!" After a long conversation..... You will receive a new task in order to gain more trust. You need to help 3 people of Eclage. Help Eclage Guard (/navi ecl_in01 81/70) "Do they have a job for me?" "Sure." You need to give him 5xHorn of Hillslion 5xMystic Horn 5xHorseshoe Return to him with the items and you will receive EXP. Help Eclage Messenger Roy in Eclage field 01 (Use a warper to get there). "What is it?" "Leave it to me!" Now go Splendide and find Contact Officer. She will give you a Mail Package Give to Eclage Messenger Roy, you will receive EXP. Help Eclage Guard Leo in Eclage. "Does he want something?" "What do you want me to do?" "You said it's something urgent!" He needs 3xLuciola's Honey Jam 3xPinguicula's Fruit Jam Now go Splendide and enter the Potion shop house, buy from Merchant of Splendide. Note: You need to wear your Ring of the Ancient Wise King. Then return to the Eclage Guard Leo and receive EXP. "You don't like the king?" Now let's go back to Eclage Plaza, and then head up to speak to Mayor Jun Kardui. (/navi ecl_in03 42/88) "Yes, thanks to you." "Unfinished story?" "Then, why?" "So it all started just because..." After the story, visit Chief of Staff. Walk far to the right in the same room and talk to Chief of Staff. (/navi ecl_in03 245/90) "I'm supposed to give you something." You will receive Fairy Wing. (Use it to warp to Eclage Plaza.) Now we need to talk to 3 more people about rumor of Kardui. The two Laphines, Working Laphine. (/navi ecl_inf03 244/57) "What is 'that?'" Talk to Traveler Fome in the Eclage Plaza floor 1. Talk to Eclage Resident, outside of Eclage Plaza. "Actually I have already heard you." Then return to Mayor Jun Kardui, up in the Eclage Plaza and ask about the rumors. "What is that?" "Tell him about the rumor." "It's interesting, but why is that important?" Talk to Mayor Jun Kardui again. She will talk about the Bifrost Tower (Eclage Dungeon). "Yes, I have." She needs you to find his brother and deliver a letter. Goto Eclage Dungeon thru any Warper NPC. Dungeon > Eclage Dungeon 1. Walk all the way up to floor 4 and speak to Hisie. "He looks the same!!" "I need to meet Karduis brother". Give the letter and.. After a 5 minute wait, talk Hisie again. "Avant?" "But he is your father?" "Experiments? Hyphothesis?" "A crybaby?" "What if you go and see him in person?" Now we need to find their dad Avant...visit Chief of Staff back in Eclage Plaza. "Sure". He will ask you to bring those drops from Eclage Dungeon. 10xDustball 10xLeaf Bookmark "Who is the scholar of magics?" "I would like to meet him." "About Avant" Now talk to Eclage Guard in first floor. "A scholar of magics sponsored by Shenime." "What do you mean?" Now let's return to Hisie up in the Eclage dungeon. She will ask you to bring here: 10xDustball 10xLeaf Bookmark She will give you new instructions to meet her hiding. Now back to Eclage and enter this spot...then Hisie will pop up. Then walk to Normal Yai. "Delivery..." Then your Dustball and Leaf Bookmark will be consumed. Let's report to Mayor Jun Kardui. "How did you get in here?" "Eh..." "You know, it doesnt meant that!" Now, go back to the Normal Yai and enter it, we need to find Avant Research Data "Go in right now." Examine the Desk. "Look at the book on the bookshelf." "Try rearrange the books." Answer : Second, Fourth, First, Third, Fifth "Look at the hinged devices on top of the desk" Input to secret number. Answer: 31425. "Look at these documents" "Just what is it?" "Let's leave..." You received Avant Research Data. Now report back to Mayor Jun Kardui. "How are Yggdrasil and the Orb related?" "Should I help protecting the Orb?" You will receive EXP. Let's go back to Eclage Dungeon (Bifrost Tower) and speak to Hisie. "About Chief of Staff." "Should I go and check on him"? Now go speak with Chief of Staff. "Are you upset?" "Did you know what he was researching?" "Why do you complain?" "What do you want to know?" Now speak to Mayor Jun Kardui. "He was more interested in the Orb..." "He is trying to get me involved" "I'm at your service." Now back to Chief of Staff... "Why are you saying all this..." "Hold his hand." You will be warped to a new place. Speak to Chief of Staff to create Eclage Interior instance. (Make sure you have a party.) Now enter Closed Shut. Inside the instance... Kill Kill Shenime will then appear, speak to him. "I fought monsters off!" He will attack you and then send you to prison. Speak to Avant. "Shenime said..." "What do you mean?" "You had a conscience?" A guard will come in and let you out. Speak to Hisie. "I fought some monsters." "Now that I think about it..." "What happened to the Orb?" After the conversation, the instance is complete and you will be sent out. Now talk to Mayor Jun Kardui. "What about the Orb?" "Tell him about Avant". "I'll go after Shenime!" Find Dead Laphine (bif_fild02 311/91) in Bifrost field 2. Report back to Mayor Jun Kardui. Receive 60x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom), Receive EXP ~~
  18. Crash when joining bg

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  19. spamming mainchat

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  20. Lowballer/Scammer

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  21. KSing + TrashTalking + RUDEPLAYER +

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  22. KSing + TrashTalking + RUDEPLAYER +

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  23. Homun AFK Farming

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  24. (Donation)Adventure Backpack bug

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  25. Magician Shadow Pendant - Not working

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